Monday, 26 June 2017

A new week...

A new week begins and we are back to normal - woo hoo that mean's art which is a great start to my week thanks to Sheila and Klaus, Sheila for her patience and materials and Klaus for his culinary skills.  I am pleased to report both are back on top form, Sheila after a minor op on her face the other week and Klaus after having done something to his back.

The photograph is of Sheila and Klaus's home which they currently have up for sale in a number of places but if anyone reading this is interested then full details can be found here:  Sheila and Klaus's House

I started my new picture two weeks ago but missed last week because we had Jordan and Abi staying.  It was chosen to challenge me as the bird is carved out of wood and is standing by three glass fishing floats some of which have string knotted around them.  I am looking forward to this bit - I moaned at Sheila today that the plain background is boring!!!  Sheila has finished her study of roses and is moving on to a commission which she has to keep under wraps until it is completed so I am sworn to secrecy.  Watch this space is all I can say!

This evening we had belly dancing for the first time in weeks and although there was only Di and I there our teacher Sofi did not mind - she says that this particular lesson is the one time she can let herself go and relax because there is no syllabus and no exams just women of a certain age wiggling and giggling.

Sofi is an extraordinary woman in many ways.  She manages to make the moves in belly dancing look smooth and seamless and sexy - I on the other hand bear quite a striking resemblance to Max Wall particularly when we are doing belly rolls!!!

Last night Sofi had her two daughters there with us casting their experienced eyes over our failings and rolling them when we made mistakes.

It transpires that Sofi adopted both her girls, the eldest from new-born and the second as a small child in a Easter European orphanage.  Sofi says they are her gifts from god and has named the younger one Theodora which means exactly that.  They are lucky girls but they clearly mean much joy and meaning to Sofi's life and she adores them.

The weather forecast here in Cyprus for the next few days is unsettled, it seems as though Jordan and Abi took the sun back with them!

Temperatures in the UK are unseasonably hot, hotter even than here.  Last night there were dark clouds bubbling up in the direction of Lara and as the sun was setting it looked as though the sky was on fire.  It has looked like it was going to rain on a couple of occasions so it just might tonight.

The colours in the sky made me think of those poor poor people who were caught in that terrible fire in London.  What a terrible thing to have happened.

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