Wednesday, 7 June 2017

At home day...

Thank goodness John and I no longer look like Ken Dodd (John's description not mine) and the bloke from The Flock of Seagulls because we have both managed to get our hair cut AT LAST!!!!  In desperation John camped out at Stelios's while I shot down to the Mall to see Lumi and I have to say, not before time!!!!  I am at least 10 pounds lighter and have got my money's worth for the summer as I will not be needing a haircut any time soon - I really don't mind because I like my hair really short when the hot weather comes although when that is going to be I have no idea - the weather is still seemingly unsettled and it had better buck its ideas up PDQ because Jordan and Abi arrive soon.

We were having a bit of an at home day, come gardening day, come admin day, which is what our Wednesday's are generally about.  Nothing too taxing of course otherwise the whole retirement ethos goes out of the window but we set ourselves a few little tasks to tick off of our never-to-be-completed ToDo list and when done sit back with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.  We can't really embark on too much because John is going back for a few days to see his Mum and catch up with some old school friends (not that they are aged but they are friends of long standing!).  As a result he will miss the beginning of Jordan and Abi's holiday but will be here for the end.  It will give Jordan time to come to terms with the fact that the last time John saw him was probably when John had to cart him unceremoniously into his bedroom and shut the door on him - I jest of course, John has seen him since although he did, on that occasion do exactly that!  I am guessing about 25 years have passed since then and that Jordan will have no recollection as he was only a very small boy!  I am excited to be having him and his girlfriend stay here because his mum Hazel was my VBFF in Yeovil and I miss her dreadfully.  We shared so much together, good times and bad but the good times were hilarious - the pink and purple ra-ra skirt always springs to mind and that mint-green strapless dress that I had no trouble keeping up but which caused Hazel serious grief and a lot of cellotape!  Anyway I hope that if I do go back for my school reunion next year we can get together and failing that she will be over at some point so we can relive those memories once again.  Haze if you are reading this and you have any old photographs from those days can you dig them out please????

Anyway I digress.  Having got our chores sorted for the day we decided that we ought to catch up with Bassam - we have been round on several occasions but he has been out so we were pleased to catch him in today.  He is currently observing Ramadan but was happy to make us coffee and sit with us to catch up with what is going on.  Elena if you are reading this from upstairs or downstairs (because I know you couldn't go a day without reading the blog and would contact me if I had failed to post) you can sleep easy knowing that he seems to be ok.  You will be pleased to know he is keeping the house immaculately tidy and has fixed the dining table and polished it so the crumbs don't get lodged in the splits anymore.

Lola and Rabia greeted us as they returned from School.  It will be a big week for Rabia next week as he finishes at the village school and will join Amoura in Polis next September.  It will be the school play one day next week - that is guaranteed to be a freezing evening because for the past three years we have ended up wrapped in blankets before it finishes.  Elena's Mum will be with us and it will be good to see her.  The photographs above were taken in and around Orexi Garden - Bassam has got some more chickens having lost them all one evening to something or someone - there they were - GONE and no sign of them so whether someone rounded them up and had them away we have no idea.

On our return from seeing Bassam we decided to sit up on the roof terrace and have a drink but it was a rolling mist evening so I didn't stay up there too long.  I am pleased to see that my cactus is flowering.  My Neighbour Galatia gave it to me one Easter and it has survived and thrives with little to no care whatsoever - this is clearly the conditions that it relishes - oh that more of my plants adopted that attitude!!!

I had a new tipple tonight - a pear and lychee cider which was on offer in Paps - it was ok but a little sweet for my tastebuds and to be fair if you come from Somerset then cider HAS to be made from apples - anything else is simply a perry!!!

Bad news both John and I have the beginnings of a sore throat although mine of course will be nothing compared to what John will experience.  We may need to sever his head if he is ever going to survive.

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