Sunday, 4 June 2017

Clean up Day...

Today was one of our regular clean up days only today we were a little thin on the ground as Klaus had a bad back and Lynda was occupied with visitors and Malcolm and Norma were moving house.

It was a lovely day for a clean-up - not too hot but bright and sunny and we started out at 9.00am so we would miss the heat of the day.

Today John and I had the advantage of our new grabber sticks which made cleaning up soooooo much easier because (a) you don't need to bend down, (b) they were professional grabbers so could pick up the smallest item and (c) you don't have to get up close and personal with all the tissues that seem to accompany the dodgy dirty DVDs!!!  (although this time there were very few DVD's in evidence).

Anyway we paired up with Di and I covering the left hand side of the road and John and Rob covering the right hand, and the left hand where there wasn't anything on their side.

We are getting well known it would appear as almost every car that past us beeped and waved and generally gave us some encouragement.  This is good - what was even better was that when we drove  back up the hill no-one had thrown anything out or apparently not.

It seemed to take forever to get down to the museum - we clearly missed the cleaning talents of Klaus who normally strides ahead and tackles the litter with gusto!  We hope his bad back gets better soon not just for the clean-ups but because it isn't nice to see him in discomfort.

Anyway we completed the job and made our way back up to the village where we decided to stop for coffee at Despina's coffee shop where we were treated to some pretty good Madeira type cake and a frappe.  It was lovely sitting in the shade watching the world go by.

I took the opportunity to take a look at the newly refurbished barbers in the village.  Wow what a transformation - modern but with a traditional twist - John is in two minds as to whether he will use it in the future - he is concerned that there might be a language barrier and he ends up with the ubiquitous Cypriot mullet though.

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