Sunday, 18 June 2017

Day one...

Jordan and Abi have arrived safe and sound.  The red eye flight from Stanstead due in at 11.40pm arrived at 11.17pm and although about five flights came in around the same time they were quick to get their luggage and emerge through the arrivals doors.  Jordan has not changed although we are struggling to work out when we last saw one another.  It is a fair few years that's for sure.  That being the case the journey back to Drouseia was filled with conversation catching up on the intervening period.

Inevitably once we reached Villa 10b we sat outside in the cool of the garden chatting with a welcome beer so didn't get to bed until the wee small hours which is not bad for someone who often turns in by 9.30pm!

Abi is in love with our home - she says it is everything she would choose so I see a trip to Jumbos coming on!  It is tremendously satisfying to look at your home through the eyes of a stranger and to remember how incredibly lucky we are to live the lives we do.

We had decided upon a quiet first day, or what was to remain of it once they emerged from some sleep so it was a leisurely breakfast under the gazebo in the company of all the pesky little vine flies followed by a laze around the pool or they took themselves up onto the roof terrace and onto John's newly appointed sun deck for the remainder of the day.

There was much hilarity when Jordan declared he couldn't float - Abi and I didn't believe him but even after wrapping him in four noodles he still seemed to manage to nosedive to the bottom.  Abi is determined she will get him floating - not entirely sure his lungs will take it!!!  Abi reminds me very much of my friend Laura - they have huge similarities and mannerisms (in my book anyway) so it will be interesting to see if John picks up on that when he returns.  Normally when I say that someone really reminds me of someone else he looks at me incredulously as if I am an alien!

We had all our meals outside as we didn't want the vine flies to feel lonely and Charlie came too as he has reckoned on Abi being a soft touch and has spent the day grooming her to become his next feeder. Abi loves cats which is a bonus as we found Mini had snuck into their room and made herself at home on someone's pillow.  Jordan doesn't eat meat but eats fish, Abi doesn't eat fish but eats meat - so it is a bit of a challenge for me - at home they settle on Quorn but I could just see John's face it I offered him that!!!!  Tonight it was salad and prawns for Jordan whilst Abi and I had chicken - it seemed to go down well!

We finished the day by wandering into the village to seek out a cocktail at the Droushia Heights which they loved and were tickled by the fact that Charlie walked part way into the village to find us and walk back with us - it is sweet but I wish he wouldn't as he has no car sense whatsoever.

I left Abi and Jordan using the new sun deck for star gazing and retired to bed - it was another late night for me!

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