Monday, 19 June 2017

Day Two of Holibobs

I don't know if it was as a result of staying up half the night star-gazing on John's new deck or whether it was just a combination of life and work in general but my guests did not make an appearance until mid-day today which, to be fair, is only 10.00am if they are still on UK time and I am guessing that when I was their age I did exactly the same thing!  Not that it makes any difference because the weather is settled and so today was going to be hot whenever they put in an appearance.

They had wanted to go snorkeling somewhere today and the loose plan on the Wiseman tour itinerary was to head for Pomos but I decided instead to drive to Takkas with Jordan following so I could leave them there to top up their tans and stay as long as they wanted - Jordan's tape-worm would need feeding at some point and there is a nice little taverna there overlooking the beach so he wouldn't starve.  I also suggested they returned via the marina at Latchi and maybe treat themselves to a nice romantic evening meal there together without me, the dowager dutchess, looking on.  This idea was met with approval so we loaded up the tape-worm with some toast and some of Diana's delicious home-made marmalade and set off - that was once we had found Jordan's missing wallet which was safely in the bedroom but which had evaded his man-look.

It was a glorious day and as we tootled down to Latchi I was mindful that Jordan was following in Kenny who would be unfamiliar to him and, that as tourists, they would probably be taking time to take in their surroundings.  We parked up by Psarapoulis and walked into the marina so that they could get their bearings - I have deliberately left Yialos out of the equation as I hope John and I will take them there for lunch on their last day.  We stopped for the obligatory photograph next to the decaying boat which has become something of a landmark now!

We then continued our journey to Takkas which looked breathtakingly beautiful even to me and I know what it looks like.  The young-ones seemed suitably impressed and we walked through the taverna saying Hi to the guy with the trendy haircut who works in the Droushia Heights in the winter before showing them the steps down to the beach and the best place to swim if they want to see anything whilst snorkeling.  I hope they are lucky and get to see plenty of fish - I remember going there with Laura and Mark and John and Mark had to swim through a soup of tiny pink jelly fish one afternoon.  Even if they do not it will be a great place to while away a couple of hours - just hope they are sensible about the sun as there was a lovely cooling breeze which can be fatal.

I had noticed on my way to Takkas that there is an ice-cream palour now at Yialos which is the same as the one in Prodromi which we frequent periodically - I am not a great lover of ice-cream but this is exceptionally good.  I decided to treat myself and parked up and went for a wander.  The choice was limited and they didn't have my favourite Mandarin so I decided not to stay and continued on my way back home.  There is a second ice-cream parlour by the same company at Porto Latchi and unfortunately there was a parking space with my name on it directly outside so the car just swung itself in and parked itself up.

Again, sadly, no mandarin but I plumped for a delicious combo of white chocolate and lemoncello.  The lemoncello is a sharp tangy sorbet and the white chocolate an oh so smooth icecream - an eclectic mix that went together soooooooo well - note to self though, next time have the lemoncello on top as sorbet in the cone isn't as nice as icecream in the cone.  Anyway I sat down like a tourist on the sofas at Waves and enjoyed my 15 minutes acting like a tourist - all the time I could hear a little voice saying Ain't We Lucky?

So whilst the kids are away the cats and I are having a lovely quiet at-home day - well Charlie and I are, the others are no-where to be seen having eaten their lunch and scarpered.

Good news - Mum's op to remove the 'sun damage' from her forehead seems to have gone well today - a few stitches but that was the same for the bit removed from her cheek previously.  The offending bit has gone away for a biopsy which is standard practice and she has declared herself fit to play pickleball tomorrow - she may not feel so positive tomorrow when it will no doubt feel a little sore.

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