Wednesday, 21 June 2017

It was to be a quiet day at home today followed by a little local sightseeing before our evening meal which was to be at Fitos tonight and which was, very kindly, paid for by Jordan and Abi.  It had been another late night last night by the time John was home and unpacked and unwound and got the drinks in!

We had had plenty of sun at the beach yesterday so our guests chose to relax around the pool and up on the sun terrace whilst I did some washing for them so they could return home with a suitcase of clean clothes.  We started by having our breakfast outside.  Fresh free-range eggs from Tanja in the village and my dozen turned out to be 15 which was a result.

John was relaxing in the shade, happy to be home and with Mr Boo happy that he was home too.  Chivers has taken umbrage at John's disappearance and has been conspicuous by his absence and now that it is hot takes himself off somewhere and resolutely refuses to come home to call - he is making John pay for going away.

Quiet days are good but we only seem to have quiet days when we have visitors so it is good that they make us take stock and enjoy our surroundings.  Yes we have jobs that need doing but we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave at the moment so during the day it is really a bit too hot to be working too much (take note Bobster!!!).

So this was our Thursday, in and out of the pool, a light lunch and nothing else too taxing.  John wanted to take Abi and Jordan to see a couple of local places of interest so we showered and changed ready for our evening meal and took ourselves off down the road to Kritou Terra so that we could show them the waterfalls.  The ride is beautiful even though things are now beginning to get very dry and dusty and the noise from the cicadas was deafening in places.  Kritou Terra is a very pretty traditional village with some lovely old houses and both Abi and Jordan like a bit of culture and nature so they were up for a bit of exploring.

We love the waterfalls and are amazed that we only discovered they were there last year - they have clearly been there for a long time!  We were lucky that no-one else was there at the same time and we spent ages trying to find the bullfrog that we could hear almost speaking to us and also saw crabs and some goldfish.  We stayed long enough for me to get bitten on my leg and my arm by the resident mosquitoes!

We then took them down to the church in the cave which is little bit spooky with its wax dolls and dolls heads.  This little place of worship has clearly been in use fairly recently as it was full of fresh flowers - I am guessing it was for Kataclysmos which was the other week.

We ate our evening meal at Fitos.  Fitos has broken his wrist - he blames Joanna - not sure if he was joking or not and there was some confusion between Joanna and Andri over the booking of our normal table, table 1, so we sat at a different table and had a different view!  The food was excellent.  Jordan tackled the swordfish (being a fish eater) and Abi tackled the village chicken (not being a fish eater) and John had a massive pork chop and I had the stifado.  We were treated to fridge cake tonight and Jordan insisted we took home what we couldn't eat has he had earmarked that for another occasion.

On our return they wanted to play UNO and we were up for that.  Apparently Jordan hates losing and he was absolutely clobbered to death every time a penalty card was played.  It didn't help that Abi was well into her second bottle of rose at this point so found it all highly amusing!

It was an unusually balmy evening in Droushia with no chill and no condensation so Abi was desperate for a midnight swim - the water actually felt like a bath and she cajoled poor Jordan into joining her.  John and I played the responsible adults because late nights, alcohol and swimming pools can be a dangerous combination.  No problems though and we eventually got the children to bed in the early hours - I am going to need to sleep for a week to get over the exuberance of youth!

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