Friday, 23 June 2017

Last Day...

So we have come to the end of our guests holiday and they are more than a little bit sad to be leaving.  They had to be at the airport mid-morning round about the time they have been rising to greet the day so today it was an alarm call and an early breakfast before they tackled the conundrum of getting their suitcase to weigh just 15 kilos!

Even though they had brought out some presents for us, including my absolute, absolute favourite large sized Asda Fruit and Nut chocolate bars and hadn't bought anything much to take back everything they had seemed to have relaxed and put on weight in the intervening few days and so the initial weigh-in was over 20 kilos which was cause for a re-pack.  Although the airport staff here at this end seem to be a little less rigid even they might have baulked at allowing an extra 5 kilos without charging.

Eventually, and just in time they managed to reorganise their case and their hand luggage until they were happy that they would conform to the restrictions.

We set off calling into Paps at the traffic lights so we could Abi to one last minute Cyprus specialty - a Chino!  They are probably available in the UK to be fair but she said she hadn't ever seen any.  This is a sort of coffee/caramel slush puppy and they are lush - probably horrendously calorific but just occasionally it is the only thing that hits the spot.

We often stop at the Paps bakery at the traffic lights on the Mesoghi Avenue after playing sport either for a Chino or an ice-cream and now they have doubled the size of the store and will be selling rotisserie chickens we will be calling in there even more often.

We got them to the airport without issue except for the guy at the traffic lights who didn't want to stop and could have ended up embedded in the side of the car but that was par for the course when travelling around Paphos!!! I went in with them to make sure that the flight was on time and as long as the luggage didn't pose a problem all would be good and they text to let us know that it was shortly afterwards.  We had decided to return to Droushia via Alpha Mega to get a few bits and pieces which is right up John's street as he likes grocery shopping although he was kicking himself on the way home that he forgot to pick up some of the chilli peanuts that he had when he goes around to the Bobsters.  Actually it is a nice supermarket to go to for a change and it stocks quite a lot of Tesco products (not that that really makes a huge difference to us) the fruit and veg was wonderful and we managed to get everything we wanted and a few more things besides.

So this last picture is me for the remainder of the day - checking my eyelids for pin-holes.  Having two 20 somethings staying has confirmed the fact that I am really getting old!!!

Because of the heat of the day (and the cats) we do tend to get up early and do things in the cooler hours then rest and miss out the heat and then do things again in the remaining cooler hours so a week of staying up way beyond midnight has taken its toll.  Fun but tiring!!!

We have mum and dad coming for lunch tomorrow, initially we had arranged to go to The Farmyard for lunch as it will be Father's Day but the wound on mum's face has become infected and she has needed to go to the hospital today to get it sorted.  I don't blame her not wanting to be seen in public until it looks a little better.

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