Saturday, 10 June 2017


Our house is full of lurgy.  John's cold rose up in the night, slapped me around the face and crawled up my nose.  My illness is in no way anything like as serious as his man-flu but it is bad enough particularly as the weather has hotted up and a head cold when it is like this is horrible.  I had planned to go down to Polis and do some shopping as we have Mum and Dad here for lunch tomorrow but they are going to have to tolerate fridge surprise as I just couldn't face the supermarket on a bank holiday weekend.  I checked the fridge and the food cupboards and found I had some pickled onions, the remains of a bottle of red Jack Duggan and some chicken thighs so that was the makings of a coq au vin and there was some yoghurt, lemon curd, eggs and apricots which were going to make up my pudding of lemon curd and yoghurt filled chewy meringues with some poached apricots and ginger served with vanilla ice-cream.

We spent a quiet day as we wanted to be well enough to meet up with Di and Rob and have a meze in Finikas's taverna in the village.  They had wanted us to get together before John goes back to see his mum.  Conserving our energy was a good idea as we were ok to go out - just about although by the end of the evening I really began to suffer as I think I had hayfever as well.  I am hopeful that I will be well enough to go to Art on Monday as I will miss the following week so I needed to find a new picture.   I had enjoyed doing the glass vases in my previous two pictures so I thought I would stretch myself with something that had a lot of glass in it and came across the picture above.

We walked down into the village - it is the Saturday of a bank holiday weekend not that you would know because it was really quiet - having said that we had chosen to eat early so maybe the locals and any visitors would be about later and as it happens they were because as we were finishing our meze several other tables were taken which is good to see.

We appeared to have a welcoming committee as we approached Finikas.  Got to love seeing the generations of men and boys sitting out on the roadside enjoying the last of the evening sunshine.  Not sure who the guy on the far left was but he greeted us cheerily as we walked by and made our way into Finikas's courtyard.

It was a superb meze - I think we were all up for it and hungry and it tasted great - at least the bits that I could taste tasted great!!!  We always have a good evening with Di and Rob and although we see quite a bit of them we never run out of things to talk about.  Football is the common denominator for the boys and the closed season is going to provoke some debate that is for sure.

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