Friday, 2 June 2017

More about our day out...

We almost reluctantly left the sanctuary of our lunchtime eatery - Grape by the Sea - to continue to make our way slowly back home to Droushia.  Rob and Di scored an absolute winner with that place it was right up our street.  I must admit I really don't care to be given a menu the size of the landing papers of Dunkirk because inevitably you can detect the ping of a microwave somewhere along the line.  I like to be told that I can have a salad and when it comes it is the freshest tastiest salad with the loveliest chips I have had in a long time.  So a big up to the Veaseys for that one - we shall most definitely return at some point with visitors who will appreciate it in the same way that we did.

Our next stop was not too far - a look at the harbour at Kato Pyrgos which is very pretty and reminiscent of Pomos about 20 years ago!  Bizarrely Kato Pyrgos seems not to be aware that the holiday season is upon us - nearly everywhere was closed and not looking like that was a temporary situation - that corner of the island really is the land that time forgot.  In some ways that brings with it a certain charm but in other ways it seems a little sad.  How on earth do people there survive???

We moved down to Omega Beach where the cafe overlooking the sea was seemingly abandoned and where normally you might expect to see the sunbeds in orderly fashion set out on the sand ready for tourists but today, 25th May, there were two broken ones and some local youths having a swim but apart form that nothing.

The hotel which commands prime position overlooking this bay was empty, empty and unlocked which afforded Rob a much more salubrious toilet experience than I had when I used the ancient whitewashed ones in the car park!

It was a beautiful afternoon and although we didn't go into the sea the local lad told me that it wasn't cold.  It looked quite inviting but time was going on so we didn't take a dip.  On this beach there is a cordoned off area where they are preserving the rare beach morning glory which didn't seem to realise it should be confined to a particular area and was making a bid for freedom outside of the boundaries.

We stopped on the way back to take a look at the bridge which was part of the old road to Kato Pyrgos which Di and Rob can remember having to negotiate - it was only one vehicle width wide.  It is still there but is now a bridge to nowhere but very pretty.

We stopped at Pomos, all feeling a bit thirsty and sat on the terrace overlooking the harbour.  Di and John thought it would be rude not to have a bit of afternoon sticky so shared what was supposed to be Baclava - not sure that it was but whatever it was they deemed it to be delicious.

Our final stop on an absolutely fabulous day was to have an ice-cream from Prodromi where they make the stuff.

This would have been absolutely the best way to finish off the day had it not been for the swarm of annoying fruit flies (or in this case ice-cream flies) who annoyed the shit out of us and bit my scalp to within an inch of its life!!!

We returned home to four little ginger whingers waiting patiently for their supper.  Actually they aren't eating so much now that it has turned warmer again but it is always a relief to get in and find all four of them there.

Will finish with a big big big big thank you to Di and Rob for a wonderful day.

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