Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Although the early morning was a bit hazy and overcast the sun soon burned it off and so our plans for the day didn't have to change.  I woke Jordan and Abi with a cuppa so that we could get ourselves organised and off to Pomos for a bit of sun worshiping and snorkeling.

Our first stop was to feed Millie and for Abi to have a little bit of love with her.  Millie was there ready and waiting to be fed - this is good as I hate it when I go and she isn't there.

Next stop was to sample the ice-cream from the place where they make it in Prodromi.  This was a hit although I reckon the sugar-rush from the extra extra dark that Jordan had must have been massive - he said it was pure melted chocolate.  Anyway he didn't seem to have too much trouble completing his tub whilst Abi and I enjoyed our cones.  No Mandarin again today and, good job John wasn't with us, no pistachio!  This would have been a disaster.

We then made our way slowly along the coast to Pomos and parked down by the harbour.  Since we were there the other week they have started to build a permanent bar on the beach although this is nowhere near completed and they have put up brollies and sun-beds.  Big result was that we weren't charged for the beds - no-one came to ask for any money which was a bonus - I did (as a true resident) have my trusty deckchairs in the car but they are no good if you want to get your back tanned!!!

We were lucky that when we arrived there were only two other couples on the beach so it was lovely and quiet.  This was not the case as the day wore on when we were joined by an eclectic mix of tourists - some rather gobby Brummy family who had clearly seen too much sun previously but were intent on pushing through the pain barrier in the name of a good holiday (which is clearly measured by the depth of your tan even if you are a milky skinned redhead).  There was also a foreign family with four kids under the age of about six.  We couldn't make out anything that they were saying and wondered if they were possibly Middle Eastern although three out of the four kids were very fair.  We decided that they had kept on producing children until they had got a little girl!  The two middle children were left scampering over the rocks which are high, sharp and slippy and at any moment we were waiting for some sort of accident to happen.  Finally another English family arrived with fat-mum, tattooed Dad and three kids of vary ages and sizes who made a right old fuss about getting in the water and then declared it to be lovely.

Abi and Jordan snorkeled - this is normally a good place for snorkeling and today was no exception as they got to see all sorts of fish although sadly no turtles as it is too early in the season.  John and I were lucky enough to swim with a turtle here at Pomos.  How spooky that whilst I was sitting on the beach I got a call from Diana who had picked up some parcels for me, obviously I wasn't at home for them to drop them off but they were on their way to Pomos with their neighbours so we arranged for a handover there!!!

After a hard day's graft sun-worshiping we made our way up to the restaurant at Pomos so that Jordan could have some real fish.  He chose sea bream whilst Abi indulged in some chicken - they are both making the most of not having to accommodate one another with their meals!  I went for good old halloumi, egg and chips!

Although John's flight took off late it made up the time en route so by the time we had got back from Pomos and showered and changed it was time to make our way down to the airport.  Being Wednesday it was a busy time but eventually John made it through.  Another late night as we sat outside chatting - the sunshine had given me a bit of a headache so I retired to bed first - knowing I would be up first in the morning as the cats wouldn't take into account what time we went to bed.  It is a day at home tomorrow so time to catch up a bit on things like the blog and washing and a bit of ironing.

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