Saturday, 17 June 2017

thanks for my cold John ...

Yesterday was probably the worst I have felt with this cold and to make matters worse last night was the night that the village school broke up for the Summer and put on it's annual leavers' play and this year Elena's son Rabia was a leaver and I had promised I would go and see him and I left it as long as I could but in the end had to ring him and wish him good luck.  He is a smashing boy - Elena would be so proud of him because he was exceptionally close to her and she worried about how he was going to cope when she was no longer around.  He is growing into a fabulous young man and she would have been so proud - I fell I let him down last night but will make it up to him somehow.

My streaming cold began to abate and was replaced by a tickle in my throat followed by massive coughing fits - it kept me awake all night as I had to suck on a sweetie and worried I might end up choking so slept propped up and in between snoozes kept a watchful eye on the results from the UK's general election which ended up not being the result people had anticipated - not least the Tories.  It seems nothing was learned from the will of the people who voted for Brexit and the government might well rue not anticipating the youth vote after years of apathy in that direction.

I didn't rush to rise today - I was going to pickleball and I hoped the session would help me to sweat the bugs out of my system - I certainly sweated that's for sure and hopefully those little buggers will have been expunged (that's a good word!).

VA (visitor arrival) day fast approaches - just the final bits and pieces to do tomorrow including some food shopping for a guy who eats fish and no meat and a girl who eats meat and no fish - glad Hazel clarified that as my menu has now been rearranged to cater for these idiosyncrasies - halloumi it is then!  John has left me in charge of the pool and I am doing my best to make sure it looks as he would like it to look.  I am removing the cover in the morning and fishing out any unwanted items - be they dead or alive and am kept company by the resident dragon flies on patrol - some of which seem to be up to naughtiness mid flight!

I took mum and dad to Tala Monastery Cafe this afternoon which was a cool and peaceful haven on what has been a sultry muggy and hot day.  We sat under the canopy of the trees with our cuppas.  There were only a handful of people there unlike last Saturday when there was the Monastery Cats Fete and Mum helped out on the stall from What's New Pussycat.

It was such a beautiful afternoon when I came to leave that I did a slight detour on my way home simply to go and have a look at the coastline down that end of the island.  We rarely venture to Coral Bay or Corallia or beyond nowadays - they were favourite haunts in years gone by when they were much less populated or built up.  There are now vast villages that have sprung up out of nowhere - some of which are really nice developments and others not so.  This is presumably progress although I am not entirely sure if it doesn't end soon that it will be impossible to see where one bit starts and the other bit finishes but if you know where to look there are still some beautiful, wild and rugged bits of the coastline that remain untouched.

It is full moon tonight - apparently this is called a Strawberry Moon and you can see why.  It is full and bright and shining above the house at the moment.  The cats are fed, I am fed and I can begin to feel that I have broken the back of this cold.  I am looking forward to a good night's sleep.  John on the other hand is having a little school reunion back in the UK meeting up with classmates some of whom he will not have seen for more years than he cares to remember.  I hope he has a fabulous time and doesn't get too messy.

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