Friday, 28 July 2017

a day of haircuts or not as the case may be...

Not too much to report on today because we had decided that we both needed haircuts so our activities were scheduled around a trip to Paphos.   Opening hours for businesses and offices in Cyprus are idiosyncratic - safe to say that up here in the Hills your can right off Wednesday afternoons, Saturday afternoons and Sunday (except for the Supermarket and kiosks) and Tuesday afternoons the petrol stations are generally not manned at the till so you have to use a machine or pay the person working who does so through the machine and Thursdays hairdressers and barbers close.  The rules seem more relaxed in the bigger towns and cities and tourist areas and the Malls.  Just to make sure John had phone his barber Stelios to ensure he would be open on Thursday and Stelios said yes.

Before setting off for Paphos we made a very sad trip down the hill to John and Susan's.  Susan had been stocking up with food for Millie so we would have plenty for her whilst they were away and this would now no longer be needed and I think Susan was keen to have it gone from the house.  She would not let me pay for the boxes of catfood, biscuits and flea/tick/worming treatment.  It was very sad not to see little Millie's harlequin face peering through the window at us and John and Susan's dog Zak was busy looking for her to play with.  Susan has said they do not plan to have another cat, in fact they didn't plan to have one in the first place but over here these things sort of happen.  It makes us even more protective of our four - if that is at all possible.  Chivers pitched up today with a small wound on the top of his head - we need to keep an eye on it - we thought the small wound on Boris's ear was nothing until all the skin round it started to die.  We have a headcount everytime we return home and cannot rest until they have all been accounted for.

So we tootled off down to Paphos good an early because John was anticipating a wait at Stelios's and then we thought we would do a bit of shopping in the Mall and have a snack before my hair appointment which was at 2.00pm.  Needless to say we pitched up at Stelios's to find that it was CLOSED.

Oh well there was nothing for it but to have a look around Paphos to see if we could find a replacement larder fridge as one of ours is not working properly - in fact the side of it was so hot the other day that you could have cooked on it and you hear all these horror stories about house fires being started by faulty electrical appliances.  We have switched it off.  No joy with a larder fridge - no where had one and so we will have to look further afield.

We decided to grab a coffee in the Mall and in homage to the Bobster went to Costa and decided to sit outside looking at the world going by.  We were sat there minding our own business only to be gate crashed by the Veaseys who were also in Paphos doing some shopping and who had decided to have a cuppa in Costa as well!!!

It was quite fortuitous really because it meant I could leave John chatting to them whilst I went off to the hairdressers.  I had to persuade Lumi to cut my hair really really short - it has been so hot and I can't bear the sticky out bits around my neck.

So the style remained the same but shorter round my ears and my neck and for a bit of fun she added some stripes of colour to the fringe.  It wont last too long - it washes out but for a while it is fun and funky.   Poor John had to kick his heels for nearly two hours but he was ok about it.  He still needs to get his hair cut but is going to tackle that problem another day.

We returned home and John headed straight for the pool - only to realise that we had forgotten to get some suction hooks from Jumbos!!!  He wants to put a couple on the patio doors so that we can hang a pool towel there so we dont drip all over the conservatory floor trying to reach one.

I bought John a new doormat for his anniversary present!  not quite the right colours for our cats but it's nice and cheerful.

We had planned a quiet evening but that wasn't to be - our Cypriot neighbours invited us to have supper with them at Fitos.  It turned out to be a very pleasant evening.  We all chose sea bream and it was absolutely delicious - just the right choice as both John and I are trying to keep our ever expanding waistlines under control!

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