Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A great start to the week...

The new week starts with my regular Monday morning art at Sheila and Klaus's and I am making good progress on my 'glass' challenge as I have completed two of the glass fishing floats and am now on the final element.  I am enjoying this and have chosen something similar for my next project if no-one comes up with something they would like me to do.  Sheila's commission was received enthusiastically which is great news and well deserved as she worked hard on it.  Sheila has now moved on to a painting in acrylics for a change.  I like my Monday mornings and am grateful to Sheila for allowing me use of her materials and for Klaus for feeding me.  I am hoping that when they sell their house they will relocate somewhere nearby otherwise I am really going to miss them.  Still we will cross that bridge when we come to it - maybe I should just hold them both hostage?   I am not sure how many years I have been going to their house on a Monday - I could count it in pieces of artwork as I have kept a record of everything I have done so far!!

We were having a special treat tonight for our impending 26th Wedding Anniversary - can't believe it was almost a year ago that we had our Silver Wedding celebration tea party in our garden - tonight Diana and Rob had very kindly bought us tickets to join them at the Jersey Boys concert at Chlorakas Amphitheatre and we had arranged to eat at Thanasi Taverna in Emba with Mum and Dad and then park up at theirs before Mum dropped us off to walk to the Amphitheatre and then pick us back up.

We had a lovely meal - it is great that this place is open early because it gave us time to eat before getting to the show - this is also useful for anyone going to Stage One at Emba because you can eat there and then wander down to the Theatre for the performance.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal and after a quick 'comfort break' at Mum and Dad's when we nearly forgot to pack our cushions and cool boxes we were off...

Chlorakas amphitheatre is small and beautifully located with a view out to sea and, if you enlarged the photograph enough you can actually see the old wreck bobbing about just left of the right-hand set of spotlights.  It was packed - thank goodness we had cushions because the concrete steps are not the most comfortable.

We were all a bit uncertain about the evening when the pre-show slot was filled by a rather dodgy 'hypnotist' but he was short lived thank goodness and when the 'Boys' did come on they were excellent, actually outstanding.  They could all sing and dance and looked to be having great fun and got the crowd up and dancing from the first number.  It was sooooo hot for them to be performing in the iconic red jackets but they did.  Three guys from Carlisle and one from Essex did good, did very good in fact!

John was keen to mark our anniversary with a photograph down by the stage and some nice girl in the audience obliged by taking two or three shots to capture the mood.  Really have to thank Di and Rob for this gift - John and I thought it was one of the most entertaining shows we had been to anywhere and certainly the best we have attended on the island and we would definitely look out for something happening there again - it was much more intimate than a half-filled Tala amphitheatre (which I dont like anyway).  Also have to thank Mum for being our taxi service as it meant we didn't have to struggle to find somewhere to park.  All in all a very good day and big big thanks to everyone concerned but extra special thanks to Di and Rob for the lovely gift x

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