Wednesday, 5 July 2017

a medical day...

So today was overtaken by all things medical - first of all John had to test that his knee was up to driving Dad to Limassol and back for his check-up after his recent cataract operation.  He said he would be ok so I was going to sit in with Mum and keep an eye on the decorators, and ensure Fred didn't make a bid for freedom whilst waiting on tenterhooks for a call from the vets about poor Boris.  John declared himself fit after I had managed to persuade him to make an appointment for someone to look at his knee.  I understand his reticence to undergo surgery BUT he cannot keep self-diagnosing, resting a minute and then declaring himself to be ok and then doing more damage playing sport.  He started by ringing the popular and highly recommended Dr Marios who is a physio and treats the footballers at ENAD - he recommended another doctor who had a diagnostic ultra-sound machine rather than his treatment ultra-sound machine so John has an appointment with Dr Athanasthiou tomorrow morning.  We aren't entirely sure how much this will cost - normally an initial private consultation like this is around €25-30 but with the ultra-sound could be more - we could try queuing up at the hospital in Polis but there may not be a relevant doctor on duty that day and having got John to concede I want to strike whilst the iron is hot.

It was another stiflingly hot day so thank goodness that there are plenty of fans at Mum and Dad's in the sunroom.  The decorators were hard at it and incredibly clean, tidy and conscientious for a change - mind you with Effi breathing down their necks at every opportunity they had little choice.  We were pleased when we had a message from John to say that Dad had had all his checkups today and was given a clean bill of health with one last appointment made for December so they were on their way back via KFC where they would pick up a bargain bucket for our lunch.  It was John's idea because he knows that Mum is vary partial to a bit of KFC and we know that in the hot weather her appetite lessens and she doesn't eat a huge amount in the first place - hopefully a tub of KFC coleslaw will be the deal clincher!

I couldn't wait to hear from Dr Inna, seen here with my friend June Griffiths treating some of the kittens which June has rescued, so phoned just before the surgery closed.  It isn't open on a Wednesday afternoon - I think that is when the majority of the operations takes place.  The receptionist told me that Boris had been operated on but was not fully awake from the anaesthetic - his ear had been deep cleaned and stitched up but it was too early to say whether or not there would have been any lasting damage or it his ear had been saved.  They would know more once he was fully round but wanted to keep him in again overnight and would ring tomorrow.  Poor little man - he will have a collar and will have to be kept indoors which will be a nightmare but we have managed to get a dog cage on loan so we can keep him in that for a while.  Fingers crossed they will let him come home tomorrow.

We came home and chilled, John spent the afternoon keeping his knee cool and rested and alternating between Paracetemol and Ibuprofen for the pain and the inflammation and said the pain had become more bearable.  Let's hope tomorrow is positive and that he really hasn't done lasting damage.  Whilst I was out watering the garden the Australian Cypriot lady (in the photograph above) called round with some produce from the garden.  She has the most incomprehensible accent when she speak English, probably when she speaks everything - it reminds me of the police officer in 'ello 'ello!!  She and her husband come for three to four months every summer to live in their very basic family home with outside privy - they clear the garden, grow vegetables and then return to Australia.  She is disappointed that Charlie has not been down to visit - that is because George isn't here yet, when he is Charlie will follow him into the village as far as the Australians and then wait there to follow George back, whilst he does so, Mrs Strange-Accent feeds him - he ain't stupid!

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