Thursday, 20 July 2017

Bad night...

Our idea to sleep in the guest bedroom which generally seems cooler and which we hoped would afford us a better night's sleep because it is easier to ignore the cats from there didn't work and so I was up and feeding Charlie, Minnie and Boo at around 5.30am (Chivers is much more civilised and doesn't put in an appearance for at least another hour or so).   The sunrise was beautiful and heralded another hot hot day.

It is amazing how the threat of visitors can galvanize you into action even in this hot weather!!!  Today we had a massive clean and tidy because Wendy and Bill said they may call in with their visitors Alison, Dave and son Thomas who are out here on holiday.  The heat has been my excuse to do even less housework than usual and John would tell you that isn't much in the first place (it really ain't my thing!!).   We finally tackled the sofas which are usually swathed in great big throws because the fabric really wasn't the best choice when it came to cats and dirt.  The cat hairs seem to harpoon themselves to the seats and stubbornly refuse to be removed and any bit of grease or dirt seems to stick to the microfibre like shit to a blanket.  We decided to use some of the Turtle Wax cleaner that Rob had used on his car to great effect and given the remainder to John and this has actually made a great difference.  Conscious that we didn't want to sit on the sofas when damp from the pool or sweaty we have still covered them with some light and easily washable throws that I already had and they will do for the time being.  The other throws got a blow and a beating and are currently residing in George and Pam's until I can make room for them.

I must admit I love it when the house is clean and tidy but am so disappointed that it lasts for such a short time, the with doors open and the cats it is only a matter of seconds before there is crap on the floors.  Still everywhere got a clean and tidy today and we did as much defurring as was humanly possible and we were exhausted and dripping in sweat by the end of it.

Not content with just cleaning I decided to go the whole hog and make a cake - choosing to try a Gin and Tonic drizzle cake rather than just a plain old lemon one and blow me we forgot to sample it when we had our visitors!  Hope it is nice because it was an easy recipe and John is partial to both a bit of cake and gin and tonic!!

As the evening went on we didn't expect to see Wendy and Co particularly as they had to return to Pissouri via Paphos but they did eventually arrive having taken a wrong turning en route.  Bill you are useless, you have been coming here for six years and you go wrong every time!  They stayed long enough to have the Wiseman tour of the property and then to have a drink up on the roof terrace and watched the sun go down before making their way home.  We assume Bill will have managed to navigate his way out of the estate and the village but knowing him they will be lost out on the Akamas somewhere!

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