Thursday, 13 July 2017

Drouseian's Day Out Part 2

The 1st coffee and comfort break on our magical mystery tour was at the Yiallos Beach Bar which we used to frequent on our Boxing Day walk when it was nothing more than a shack and I seem to remember our coffees being prepared over a single gas burner ring - some were scalding, some were hot some merely tepid but it was the only place open.  Like everything else it would see Yiallos has grown - it commands a wonderful position right next to the sea but it is now the size of a small wedding venue and has clean and functioning toilets which are clearly a new addition.  It is a popular spot for those who seek the sunset accompanied by a sundowner.  Di and Rob had not been there before so enjoyed the ambiance as first-timers.

It was here that John got to grips with his newly acquired self-stick and ensured that I appeared in some of the photographs today.  Time was when you could navigate your way all along the coast here and end up where the Oniros bar is but this has now been stopped although we are not exactly sure why - possibly Yiallos got fed up of people just passing by taking photographs en route to Oniros (whose popularity must have adversely affected Yiallos) or maybe there is something similar here to the right of access being established if something is used continuously for a number of years or maybe the land in between is about to be developed - don't know but you now have to go back up to the main road and back down the side roads - we know because we tried not to and failed!

We made our way along to Oniros - simply for the photo opportunities rather than to have a drink plus it was too early for it to be open.  It is unusual to see the wreck of the Edro III from the back view and as such it is rather less attractive than it appears from Oniros where it can look quite romantic with the sun setting behind it.

I learned some new words here when Diana decided to try some break dancing - from Lady Di to Potty Mouth all in the slip of a flip-flop!!!

This area has changed too since we were last here and that wasn't so long ago either.  You can no longer drive across the front of the bar from Yiallos which is no great shakes and now they have build a massive car park before you get to the bar so you do not drive along the front and into the car park.  Oniros has had a refurb too and we may go and try it out when we have visitors but it was not on the itinerary today!

From Oniros we made our way along the inner coast road following the signs for the new Cap St Georges Luxury Beach resort which I have heard so much about and located the other week.  Before reaching that destination I had one more stop to show Di and Rob and this was the Sea Caves Bar which is a lovely setting with a large garden area overlooking the sea and is next door to where I went for a lovely sea shore massage the other year which was a gift from Mum (Erk the Masseur is still there if anyone fancies giving it a go - I could thoroughly recommend it).  The bar is a nice place for a drink but I have heard indifferent reports about the food.

Cap St Georges was next and this was somewhere that only I had been too and then only to recce for today's day out.  This is a very new Luxury development which clearly has cost a fortune and looking at one of the villas there is the playground of the rich (and probably famous) as we spotted two boats, a jet-ski, two Porches and a Lamborghini at just one dwelling!  We drove around being nosy and then took a side road and parked up so we could see the development from the coast and look at the beach area.

Again this is a spectacular stretch of the coast and anyone staying there must pinch themselves and think they have died and gone to heaven but the whole area didn't really stand up to scrutiny.  It is clearly unfinished and there is typical builders mess and detritus all around.  The fabulous villas are only a fag paper apart and one has an exceptional view of the car-park!!  There is obviously an issue with the drains as they had them all dug up and covers were missing.  I guess you probably don't take a lot of notice of these details on a 2 week holiday!  Wouldn't mind sampling a cocktail there though or having a meal if someone else was paying!!!  Can't find the food prices but it would appear that a room there at this time (minimum stay 3 nights) starts at around €200.

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