Friday, 21 July 2017

Flaming Friday...

No pickleball today so we were having a day at home - except we didn't!  We had invited Di and Rob to come for a swim and a bit of a BBQ this evening - we have to do this to ensure we eat outside every once in a while!!!  So as a result I wanted to go down to Paps to do some shopping for tonight and for Sunday when we are having a Wimbledon Afternoon Tea.

We have been looking after Bassam's chickens whilst he and the children have been to the Lebanon visiting family and they returned yesterday so I wanted to call round to make sure everything we ok.  To say the kids were pleased to see us was an understatement - even Amoura who is now an oh-so-cool teenager but not averse to a cuddle now and again.  They had a brilliant time and wanted to share breakfast and their stories with us.  It is so good to see them animated and happy and when they showed us a book which some photographer friends had sent them of an Orexi Supper Club filled with photographs of them and Bassam and the 'star of the show' Elena we wondered how they would react but they were so proud of it and so happy to show it to us.  Elena if by some weird and wonderful means you are able to read this you should be so proud of the children.  They all seem so well adjusted and never make it difficult to visit - your presence is everywhere, never more so than in my kitchen when I try and recreate some of your recipes!  Lovely lovely Bassam brought me a box of the fabulous Lebanese sweeties that he first started giving us when he came to build our wall - they will come out for special occasions only.

Shopping was a brief affair as it was just soooooo hot in Polis.  We were chatted to by a man in there who clearly knew us from sometime in the past but neither John nor I could recall him and we both felt rather rude that our conversation with him was so stilted, John thought I knew who he was and I thought John knew who he was!!

Back home we got everything ready for our evening. The pool was looking absolutely sparkling although the difference in temperature from that of the Veasey's and ours is probably 5-6 degrees, theirs like a warm bath ours not so - Di wasn't sure the Robster would come in but he did, fair play to him.

We had drinkies up on the roof terrace before our evening meal.  We were having lemon yoghurt marinaded chicken skewers, village halloumi, honey and mustard grilled sausages with Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank potatoes, pittas, salad and a selection of olives and dips - I had even made caramelised onion humus and lemon and coriander humus like I used to buy in the UK.

It was a lovely evening topped off by the fact that John could watch his beloved Sheffield United on TV as the friendly against Malaga was televised and they won!  Rob and Di got home safely and without any of the cats in tow so that is a result.  It would appear from a text I had from Persephone at 1b that Charlie likes to go visit her in the evenings.  I can foresee a tug of love when George and Pam are over!

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