Thursday, 27 July 2017

It was our 26th Wedding anniversary today - where has that time gone? it certainly doesn't seem that long although to be fair John was away for most of the first 20 years.  It was a blustery day in Scotland when we tied the knot in Gretna Green - it was a blustery day here in Droushia 26 years later, a blustery day and a rather chilly evening compared to how it has been over the last few weeks.

We were having a quiet day at home - last year for our 25th we hosted an afternoon tea party with catering by Ooo La La Louise Rance and music by Louise Vreony.  It was a lovely day but it is sad that if we were to do the same today there are a number of people who would not, for a number of reasons, be sat around our table.

 We were further saddened by a message from Susan and John to tell us that their lovely little cat Millie had been bitten by a snake again and this time had not survived.  We had nursed her so carefully when they were away and had thought she had managed to pull through but Susan said she was never the same afterwards.  We were due to look after her again on Monday so we are somewhat relieved that this did not happen on our watch.  Run free little Millie-Mou we are going to miss you.

We decided yesterday that we would mooch down to the Hotel in the evening for a drinkie and John wanted to repay Rob's generosity when he funded the extra special cocktails that we had at the Anassa for Di's Birthday.  It was nice to scrub up a bit and go out but we hadn't anticipated quite how cool the evening was going to turn out!!!  There was a huge bank of cloud bubbling up from the direction of Lara which is always a bit of a bad sign and Di and I let our guard down and forgot to arm ourselves with a statutory cardi!!!

It was nice at the hotel - they had a little two piece combo providing some live music which, whilst all Cypriot music was rather more melodic than we expected and the girl had a really nice voice.  We braved it and sat outside on one of the sofas which had that unmistakable damp feeling due to the heavy condensation.  There wasn't much of a sunset because of the rising cloud and as the sun went down it became chillier and chillier!!

There was nothing for it but to fortify ourselves with some cocktails.  The first one I chose was a Pink Lady, gin based and very nice - John thought it was too sweet.  The second Mai Thai sat heavily on my stomach so I am thinking I will give that one a miss another time.

Kleopa from the post office was on duty and on hearing it was our anniversary busied himself away and returned at one point with cake and a carefully chosen romantic song to be sung to us which was so sweet of him.  We only wish we knew what she was singing but apparently it was a nice song and then we had all sorts of random people come and give us their best wishes.  Thank you Droushia Heights Hotel we love you for that, thank you Mum and Dad for the money which funded our cocktail evening, thank you Di and Rob for your company and thank you everyone else who sent us their love and best wishes.

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