Tuesday, 11 July 2017

John did the night shift for Boris's last night of captivity.  To be fair Boris was pretty good only waking a couple of times but his early morning latrine visit proved a step to far for John and so he let him into bed with me and dealt with the litter tray and then Boris was hungry - obviously he had made sufficient room for his breakfast.  The other cats still view him with deep suspicion despite John rubbing one then the other to transfer the smells.  We have taken a good look at his ear - the wound is clean and healing well - looks to be two or possibly three stitches and these are now due to be removed on Monday giving it more than enough time to heal.  When we opened the doors he did not make an immediate bid for freedom - he sniffed the air and then took his time to wander around the garden avoiding a less than friendly and growling Charlie.  Boris seemed so happy to be outside, we breathed a sigh of relief - we wont stop worrying about him, of course we wont, particularly because we found a scorpion dead in the pool today but there are all sorts of dangers out there for them to face every day - we never stop worrying about them.

John was at home today to referee any spats between the cats and I went down to visit Mum and Dad before a very warm session of pickleball - the fans are good but they still don't stop us dripping!  Mum kindly moved from Tuesday to Thursday so we could retain that session.  It has been difficult keeping it going with the various absences and injuries - our new player wants Tuesday so we are still short on Thursdays - we are really going to have to find some new blood and soon or hope that Angela returns which looks unlikely.

Before settling down for the evening John and I went up to Bassam's to check the house, fridge and chickens.  All are ok although the chickens were getting low on water so we rectified that and I was rewarded with a fresh egg and we helped oursleves to some of the beautiful plums before they rot or get bug infested or fall.  I am not entirely sure when Bassam is due to return - soon I think - we will probably end up scaring the shit out of one another when I go to check the chickens and find him unexpectedly in the hen house!

Looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight with no captive cat we decided to celebrate up on the roof terrace where there was a pleasant breeze and John finished up a bottle of wine which had been opened for Sunday when Mum and Dad came and I had a can of ginger beer as I had spotted the Old Jamaica brand which is the only one I really like - it is crisp and spicy and really hits the spot.

We stayed to watch the sun disappear down below the houses - it looks like the weather is going to remain as is for the foreseeable future - maybe this is global warming after all.  We may regret turning down the opportunity to have air conditioning!!!  Normally there is just a very short period of time when we would have wanted it but this year the intense heat has started so much earlier than normal.  I don't know if it is the weather conditions or the new solar panels but I now cant seem to get any cold water at all no matter where I set the tap!

Boris and Charlie kept their respective distances tonight.  Boris came and joined us up on the roof, really he hasn't ventured very far at all today which is good - although you can bet that when we need to collect him up and put him in the basket on Monday he will be conspicuous by his absence.  Charlie chose to keep his eye on us from Wendy and Bill corner but again he hasn't been far today so I think given time (and possibly a smearing of tuna on their heads) he and Boris will sort out their differences and return to being the mates they used to be.

We have a few weeks lull before visitors in August, I have decided to email John's mum to see if she would consider spending all her time with us when she comes as the bed is here ready and waiting and I think John would appreciate being able to spend some quality time with her.   We aren't entirely sure how big the villa is that Janice and Mick are renting but if she based herself with us she could go down and stay with them as and when she felt like it.  We will see.

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