Sunday, 30 July 2017

no kidding...

We have seen some unusual things on our way home of an evening but nothing more so than last night when a very large black rabbit with bit ears crossed our path - John said that he, Di and Rob had seen rabbits the other evening or more specifically they thought they had seen hares.  We have seen a hare before in Kathikas - in fact the Kathikas hare was quite a legend and I believe there is a mural of it at the Vasilikon winery!  No idea where the bunny invasion has come from - guess they must have escaped from somewhere - lots of people keep rabbits over here and not as pets unfortunately.

We are about to embark on a really busy time with visitors so we are taking full advantage of any down-time to recharge our batteries.  We only have a few more games of pickleball before we have a break for the Summer which is not a bad thing as it is getting exceptionally hot in the room where we play.

Today we had a visitor coming to try Pickleball for the first time but only as a visitor not a prospective newbie.  Liselotte and John have their friends Morton and Lena staying - Lena is apparently a sun worshiper whilst Morton loves racquet sports.  Morton must be about 10 feet tall so it was a question of little and large when he partnered most of us.  He was a natural and with his height and reach it was very very hard to get a ball past him.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself and will return next week when we play our final game of the season, looking forward to the challenge already!!!  We must all have been about three stone lighter the amount we sweated this afternoon!!!

Mum and I nipped to the Mall after PB - I am surprised we didn't clear it if my armpits were anything to go by!!!  I needed to pick up the sandals I had dropped off to be stretched.

I got these sandals from Next in the old town and as my feet have swelled in the heat I was having trouble getting my toes in - in fact it felt like their circulation was being cut off.

The key cutting/shoe menders in the Mall took them in to be stretched and charged me €5 which is a darn site cheaper than buying a new pair, plus white sandals don't seem to be very popular unless they have sky-scraper heels.  My feet currently resemble trotters -  I have short and wide feet at the best of times but in this heat they seem to double in size.

We also had a quick whip around Jumbos to pick up a couple of things before returning to John and Dad who were mid furniture removal when we arrived.  Mum wanted to remove the carpet in the lounge because it had some irremovable marks on them left by a ladder when they came to see whether or not ceiling fans could be fitted.  She then wanted to take the carpet from the dining room to replace it and will look for something for the dining room in due course.

Our lovely quiet evening started with sundowners up on the roof terrace with our new favourite tipple of gin and ginger beer with a dash of lime.

We were joined by Chivers and Charlie and knew where Minnie was, only Boris was AWOL - a bit worrying because our neighbour seemed to be taking pot shots off of his verandah even though it isn't shooting season.  I have a feeling that maybe big black bunny has gone to meet his maker.

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