Sunday, 2 July 2017

Scorching Sunday...

OMG it was scorchio today - even here in Droushia where at mid-day the weather station recorded a temperature outside in the shade just short of 38 degrees!!  Apparently it is set to become even hotter next week and we are melting at the thought.  It was not a day to over exert ourselves and so we had a quiet time mainly in and around the house before going down to Mum and Dad's for our Sunday Supper.

We are currently Keepers of the Keys for a number of people who are away - that is the downside of being good neighbours and friends!!  Today though is our last day for looking after Millie-Mou who was patiently waiting for us when we went down.  After some initial hesitation she allowed us to brush her and we eventually got her to eat and drink so we were happy with that.  I am concerned about her leg which is still double the size and clearly causing her considerable discomfort and on the inside the appearance is really odd and leathery - we hope it is just a combination of the strange blue spray the vet gave them and her fur.  I wont be sorry to relinquish responsibility for her and am pleased that she will now have regular company as she clearly wanted cuddles.

There are benefits in being Key Keepers because today when we went to check on Bassam's chickens they rewarded us with three freshly laid eggs.  This time he has the chickens under lock and key because previously when allowed to run free they mysteriously disappeared without trace.  No rabbits to contend with either which is good news as they were a nightmare to keep tabs on.

We also benefited from some beautiful fresh plums which were only going to go to waste.  As these are organic you have to be careful that they don't come 'with benefits' so I washed them and cut them all in half to check for squatters before boxing them up and taking them down for Mum as I know she likes a good plum!

Not much more to report on today as it really was a slobbing one except to say that John was still going on about his raffle prize win from last night.

He was the recipient of a litre bottle of Russian Standard Gold Vodka in a presentation case.

He got me to look it up on-line where we learned that it is:

Crafted according to the strict requirement of Dmitri Mendeleev's classic 1894 recipe, Russian Standard Gold continues our fine tradition in producing vodka of the highest quality, employing innovative technologies to perfect the production process. Carefully selected ginseng extracts provide added benefits of vigor and vitality, making Russian Standard Gold a unique vodka to be shared with friends and family throughout the year. With remarkable clarity and exceptional taste, Russian Standard Gold embodies the vibrant spirit of Russian generosity.

He is more than happy with the return on his €5 investment!

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