Sunday, 16 July 2017

So I am going to bore you with some more photographs of our trip to the Anassa yesterday.  It was a lovely place to visit, not sure that I would want to stay there myself even if I could afford to because it did remind me of The Village in the 1960s series about Prisoner No 6 but for an evening out it was very very pleasant indeed if not a little expensive and John and I really have to thank Rob for inviting us to spend Di's birthday with them and for kindly paying for our cocktails.

The architecture and the general ambiance of the place gave it an 'Italian' feel.  I coul have asked Kelly and she could have told me if they were full - I am guessing at this time of the season they are - but they certainly didn't skimp on the staff to client ratio and all the staff were delightfully polite and helpful without any kind of obsequiousness (great word that).

The setting sun cast a golden glow over the terrace as we tucked in to our second round of cocktails created by the resident mixologist (got to love that as a job description).

Every tipple we chose was greeted with the comment 'excellent choice sir' or 'excellent choice madam' but then they aren't likely to whisper in your ear ' I wouldn't chose that if I were you Sir because it tastes like SHITE!!'

An experience like this is all the more special because it is a real treat for us - you cannot beat a bargain meal at Fitos but just occasionally it is really nice to dress up and sample the high life.

I am guessing that the Anassa has changes somewhat from when Mum and Dad stayed there for their Golden Wedding Anniversary courtesy of Jane and John.  That was 12 years ago and they weren't overly impressed because they weren't made to feel special unlike when they stayed at the Elysium for Mum's 80th.

So for once we had a nice photograph taken of John and I - for which I have to thank Di. Personally I prefer to be on the other side of the camera but this is a nice shot of the two of us.  I am glad I made the effort to put on a frock - I have only worn this once before because it isn't my usual 'thing'  I don't normally do shoe-string straps but this looked ok.

John reckoned that an alien spaceship had come down in the night and whisked me away and replaced me with some sort of avatar because I spend several hours this morning ironing even though it was hot and as a result John has all his t-shirts and polo shirts and some of his short sleeved shirts all washed and ironed - hence we did not look like the Clampetts or disgrace the establishment looking like the Hicks from the Sticks.  We hadn't realised that there was going to be entertainment so that was a bonus and the duo were very good but then I like to hear live performances irrespective of the type of music.

I would certainly like to go again at some point for a special occasion - John and I will just have to save up first!!

So just a short report on today.  Art at Sheila's and I am still challenging myself with the glass fishing floats at the bottom of the picture.  Sheila finished her special commission which she is pleased with, and rightly so, and will be able to deliver it for scrutiny to the commissioner later this week - hopefully they will be pleased with it too.  Sheila has started her next picture using acrylics this time so it will be interesting to see how that progresses.  I said today that I hope they don't suddenly sell their house as I can see my picture keeping me busy for the foreseeable future.

Finally Boris can put a line under his traumatic encounter with the Tarantula.  We were able to take him down to Polis this afternoon for the stitches to be taken out of his ear.  I have to say that Dr Inna's sidekick did a fabulous job as you cannot see any evidence of the nasty necrotic hole that was there previously.  Boris has been completely unphased by it all save for being confined to barracks and having to use cat litter.

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