Sunday, 27 August 2017

ch ch ch changes...

Today we were ringing the changes and going down to see Mum and Dad instead of yesterday when everything was closed, having said that there were still things closed today including the Hair and Beauty shop which we particularly wanted to go into as we had a shopping list from John's sister for particular products for her and Alicia whilst they are here.  We managed to get most of the things in Ikoagora (Cycleband) but have had to admit defeat with the Pantene BB Creme which I am sure I could have got. Still never mind if that is all they have to bring it wont be too bad.

We went with Mum and Dad down to Choccos for a spot of lunch - it was a bit of a bargain and good too.  They had an offer on so we went for it.  A bacon and halloumi baguette with a frappe or other drink of your choice was €3.95 and the baguettes came with a fairly decent sized salad.  It was quite busy in there which was good because at €3.95 for all that you have to sell a fair few of them to make a profit!  We had fun and games with Mum and Dad's android TV box which has come back from the Computer shop and deemed to be ok only for it not to be working - the HDMI port seems to have died now.  The delivery of television over here is frustrating unless you want the local channels everything comes via the internet which can be hit and miss at the best of times.

On our return we had some jobs we wanted to do before cooling down and having a swim.  The mornings and evenings are now much cooler and it is noticeable how much later the sun rises.  This should make for easier sleeping but for some reason over the last few nights John and I have both slept very fitfully guess we must have things on our mind.

John wanted to get the panels washed as they were looking very dusty and I couldn't resist but to take a photograph of him standing on the roof Rambo-like looking like he was having a giant wee!!!  Actually he was up against it as it suddenly got quite windy and the water pressure from the hose up there is not so good.

I wanted to get the Conservatory clean and tidy - the floor is difficult to keep clean because all sorts blow in from the garden when the doors are open and then water gets on the tiles from people getting in and out of the pool and then the cats walk through it and we get nice little dusty paw prints all through the house.  It all looks lovely for about five minutes!  We are more or less ready for our visitors - just some last minute shopping to do on Sunday.

We brought some cuttings with us from a grapevine we used to have growing along our fence in the married quarters - we don't really grow it for the fruit more for the green and the shade but this year it started to grow quite a few bunches of grapes.  The last year we were in Yeovil we had a bumper crop and I remember them to be sweet with a distinctive Muscat dessert flavour.

The embryonic bunches started well and then faltered - we don't use any sort of pesticide because of the cats but apparently it was more likely to be due to lack of or sporadic watering so I have been giving the vine regular drinks and the bunches have benefited.  The grapes are big and juicy and actually taste delicious.  Next year I shall make sure I don't make the same mistake again and try and produce some better looking specimens.

John found some grapes the other day - and loads of figs which are now ready up here - we shall put a bowl into George and Pam's fridge ready for their arrival.  When George is here he goes out early every morning to pick figs and always brings a bowl back for me.  John's mum likes figs so that is something we can give her.  I think I may have done baked figs for her in the past.  John doesn't like the 'bitty' texture.

This weather my hair grows like mad and I am about due to have a trim at least.  The pink and blue colour at the front has faded nicely and I am happy with it at the moment but I know that in a couple of days it will have gone just too far.

I am thinking I will go sometime whilst John's mum is here and she can have a manicure at the same time as she usually likes to have her nails done whilst she is out here.  I know it is going to be very different, and difficult for her this time so we are going to leave what we do and where we go entirely up to here.

John managed to get to skype his sister this evening - she is looking forward to being here but not to getting here as she doesn't relish the journey.  We hope they like the villa we found down in Latchi - it will be a very different holiday to the one they had four years ago when they stayed in Arodes and liked to watch the morning mists rise up the valley.  We think Nathan and Alicia as teenagers will like the proximity of the life in Latchi to the solitude of Arodes although Alicia has never been abroad and never flown so it is all going to be one big aventure for her.

We finished our evening as we have begun to do recently by sitting up on the roof enjoying the last of the sunshine and the cooling breeze along with the cats for company and a little gin and tonic, or in my case tonight bitter lemon.  John's mum likes to have her gin with bitter lemon and we managed to find some today so grabbed a slab of it because she is with us for a month and who knows how many little drinkies we might partake in that time.

Silly season for visitors starts tomorrow with the arrival of George and Pam providing they don't miss their flight like they did one year!

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