Monday, 14 August 2017

Cyprus Beer Festival

Well we have got both cars back now thank goodness - the Pug is back in the bosom of the family and thankfully did not have to have the head gasket sorted - it was something like a flange (well it wasn't but I have always wanted to try and incorporate that word into my blog!!!).  Whatever it was is fixed - we are €200 lighter thanks to the two cars but we can safely lend John's family the Pug and we can bomb around in Kenny without either of them behaving like a pressure cooker.  John thinks it might be time to say goodbye to one or other or both - I love Kenny but his parts are soooooo expensive and there seems to be more and more items that are wearing out and needing replacing.

When we had a minute we managed to do some 'stuff' around the house which included making a new sign for the entrance to the estate because no-one can ever find us and it is difficult to try and talk them in particularly if you aren't speaking the same language!  John used up some offcuts from when we had the aluminium fencing done and he did the stenciling whilst I added the olive design.  It is a temporary solution but looks quite good - or it did look good until someone decided to dump a mattress right next door to it.  I have notified Marianna so hopefully it will get taken away and soon.

This evening we were going to the annual Paphos Beer Festival - it is really a boys' night out when I drive and Di comes along to keep me company!  It is, in true Cypriot fashion, a slightly haphazard affair but last year we really enjoyed ourselves and the band but realised we got there far too early so today we were going to be sensible and mooch on down to Paphos and have something to eat before finding somewhere to park and then getting to the venue which was at the end of the harbour.  We chose to eat at To Tavernaki by the traffic lights on the Mesoghi Avenue because it is incredibly good value.  You chose your main course and then they bring a table full of starters - we had salad and dips and halloumi and massive prawns.  After the main course (which includes a drink) they brought cake and icecream and then pineapple drenched in alcohol which was alight. We were then offered a liquer on the house.  We had a couple of extra drinks and some coffees and our bill was €45!!!

We had struggled to get advanced tickets which were only €7 but having contacted the organisers our tickets (at that price) were waiting for us at the gate for which many thanks Katerina Anastasiou.  We also managed to find somewhere to sit which was a bonus as it was an exceptionally hot and sticky night.

The boys had a great evening - a real 'You're my best mate you are' type evening as they frequented Athos's beer stand from the Beer Sellar in Geroskipou which is their favourite shop on the island.  There was some pretty awesome entertainment - the jet-boarders were there again although from where we were sitting it was pretty difficult to see exactly what was going on and the first musical act was a guy playing an electric violin-thing which was really good although his arrangement of songs made it really difficult to place the original.

John got well into the swing of the evening - it is good to see him enjoying himself - I told him this was the build up to his big birthday which is in a month's time!  He did a 'deal' with the stall selling glowing glasses and necklaces.  He wanted the red and black glasses ready for the start of the footie season tomorrow which sees his beloved Blades back in the Championship - didn't like to tell him they look rather more orange than red!

The headline act this evening was The Decoys - John had seen them on YouTube and was keen to see them in person.  The singer, keyboard player and guitarist was Kirsty Dewar and she was excellent.  In fact the whole band and set was great fun - even got us up dancing, even got Rob and Di up dancing!!

The event was still chaotic like last year and there was only one toilet for the gents and one for the ladies but apparently this was because the organisers got let down at the last minute and only just managed to get hold of them from Nicosia that day.  Even so we had a brilliant time, got away reasonably quickly, indulged in some community singing and then missed the Veasey's turning!!

By the time we said our goodbyes, got home, did a headcount of the cats and fed them it was Saturday - the start of the football season and John wanted to mark the occasion by using his newly acquired Shepherd's Neame glass (the one without the flaw in it) and celebrating in the moonlight up on the roof.

So Saturday's from now on will be dominated by the Mighty Blades.  John has traded in his season ticket at the local team ENAD for an i-follow pass to watch SUFC at home.  In fact this was my gift to him for his forthcoming birthday - he is excited by the prospect of being able to see his team regularly and in high quality and legally as this is being promoted by the English Football League.  First match tomorrow but actually looking at the clock it is later today!

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