Sunday, 6 August 2017

Fire and BBQs

John went off down to Polis for his physio session this morning leaving me home alone.  I spent my time wisely - starting with a little tidying in the garden which looks tired and washed out this time of year but the weeds continue to grow and things die so there is always something to do to make it look as good as it can and then I followed this with a little crafting as we have been invited to a village wedding on Saturday - Marianna's daughter is getting married and I thought I would make a card for the happy couple - I doubt that they will even get to see the card - the envelope will be ripped open and the money inside put with all the rest of the contributions but it is the thought that counts.  This is going to be a big village style wedding as I see they have taken out an advertisement inviting the world and its wife to the reception which is being held at Evgenious Hills down the road - this can probably accommodate several thousand attendees.  We are taking Rob and Di as they have never experienced this sort of celebration before and they, along with everyone else in the village, have been invited.  I guess Elena and Savvas will be pretty well set up once the content of all the envelopes has totted up - 5,000 attendees all giving €10 gives you €50K and I am guessing that people will be much more generous than that - this doesn't include the money with the family will pin on the bride.  We have never managed to stay at one of these weddings long enough to see this happen.  If there are lots and lots of people attending the not-so-poor 'happy' couple will stand at the entrance shaking hands for as long as it takes before they start to dance.

This afternoon I thought I could hear the sound of helicopters and went outside to investigate.  There was the familiar palour in the sky, a sort of orange grey, which indicated a fire nearby and there was the smell of smoke in the air and then the drone of water carrying helicopters going back and forwards.  It looked to be over towards Kathikas from where I was standing and it transpired that it was in the Giolou valley near where the terrible fire was previously - that one took days to get under control and the landscape was only just recovering.  Fortunately this one appeared to settle reasonably quickly compared to the last time.  Fingers crossed that this time all livestock, animals and wildlife escaped unharmed.

We were invited for a swim and barbeque at Rob and Di's this evening which was lovely.

John decided his knee wasn't up to a swim but I went in with Di and it was a very pleasant 30 degrees and as it was cooler this evening that felt very nice indeed - if you got out and let the breeze cool you down and then went back in it felt like a bath.   There's is a proper sized pool that you can actually swim in unlike our little dip pool and I had to remember that unlike ours they have deep bits where I would be out of my depth.

Di was Chef-on-Show tonight and Rob was Drinks Master and DJ.

John clearly felt Di needed a SAMCO on the use of BBQ tongs which she took in good part and conferred with John during the cooking process and produced a very, very nice meal.

We had a starter of Thai flavoured prawns which were absolutely delicious and this was followed by some pretty damn fine rib-eye steak from Mr Kolios served with a cous-cous salad which I had never had before and which was lovely.

Di and Rob have moved their outside dining table from under the bandstand to by the lounge which means it is nearer the kitchen and having done so they now use it more often which is good - the table looked lovely and the loungy furniture that had been there has been moved to the bandstand and this was all lit with little fairy lights and candles (when Rob managed to locate them!).

Before we knew it it was midnight.  We had had a lovely evening - lovely swim, lovely food, lovely company but it was time to make our way back up Cardiac Hill and wend our way back home.  We took the shortest route via the Clampetts - there is a lot of uphill before the road evens out by the Australians.  It is normally about here that we encounter one or two of our cats who have come in search of us.  Tonight there were none - we are pleased about this as they have no road sense.

When we got home all bar Chivers were in with knife and fork in paws and napkins around their necks waiting for their supper.  Chivers strolled in nonchalantly a couple of minutes later.

Much much cooler tonight generally so high hopes of a better night's sleep than last night.  Big big thanks to the Veaseys for such a lovely evening and such lovely food.  I can thoroughly recommend this eating establishment.

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