Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Being nice neighbours we spent time this morning tidying and cleaning George and Pam's villa in readiness for their holiday - they arrive next week and although I know Pam will spend day's giving it a 'good bottoming' and swilling out in true Cypriot style we like to make sure it looks reasonably clean and tidy when they arrive.  Hopefully they won't get waylaid at the airport and miss their flight as they did one year!

I need to tackle the weeds where the sunbeds are - these are awful and sticky when you pull them up and are best left to get a reasonable length because it makes them easier to deal with.  We work through and are kept company by Charlie who is running around almost beside himself with excitement - he moves out when Pam and George are here.  He is confused as to why we are here and they are not so like a fool I sit him down and try and explain that they arrive next week and we are merely there cleaning up - like he understands!

We did not clock the fact that we shut him in when we left.  In fact it was some time afterwards when John realised that Charlie was absent - it didn't take much working out where to find him and as I put the key into the look I could hear his distinctive cry coming from indoors - not a cry of indignation for having been locked in, a cry to say that he was hungry.

After all our decorating we decided that we, and in particular John's poorly knee, should have a rest so we spent a quiet afternoon chilling out before getting ready as we were unexpectedly going to the Winery to watch the sun go down with our neighbours who have been there to purchase wine but not ventured any further than the reception.  They were mega impressed because although it was a slightly cloudy night the sun went down beautifully and they couldn't get over what a fabulous place the winery is although they are well familiar with the quality of the wines.

Initially there were only three wines produced by the Vasilikon winery but now they have added two heavyweight reds and a new white.  These are more expensive and produced in fewer numbers so are not available to sample.  I have to say that I am not normally a white wine drinker because the acidity gives me chronic heartburn but the latest offering of the standard white Vasilikon is 2016 and so smooth I could be tempted to have some.  We stuck with the red - you cannot go wrong with the Agios Onoufrios - some years are better than others but those better years are exceptional.

The initial chill when the rolling mist was passing through soon dissipated and whilst cool was very pleasant the sunset was stunning and the halloumi and lounza pittas with a cheese and charcuterie board to accompany the wine were perfect.

It was good to see several other tables filled with people enjoying the wonderful surroundings.  We want the place to survive but we like it when it is pretty empty - it feels like our place and we were sat at our table.  In fact I think I prefer it in the winter when the log fire is burning and we sit in the sofas.

We were saying last night that, whilst we don't decry anyone who takes their holiday in one of the all inclusive hotels in Paphos and sees only that tiny part of the island, there are so many beautiful hidden treasures that many holidaymakers simply never get the chance to experience.

Ain't we lucky? you bet your bottom dollar we are and I am happy that every week we seem to uncover something or somewhere new on the island to experience.  It may only be small but there is still so much more for us to see - from the ultra modern to the traditional and we intend to try and find it all and sample it just because we can!

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