Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Good friends...

Sorry this is late - visitors are disrupting the flow!!

We had a letter in the post today with the unmistakable handwriting of our lovely friend Sally Allan on the outside.  I thought it might have been an early birthday card for John because she never forgets our birthdays.

On opening she had sent me some advertising blurb for her business Sally's Fish Camp.  All the years we have known her she always had a dream to own her own business and now eventually she has fulfilled her dream and I am sure that it will be a fabulous success if I know anything about her!

I had to nip into the village this morning to see Philippos at the post office because he had asked me to help him getting information across to the non-Cypriot residents and holiday makers in the village. Fortunately there is a local lady on the organising committee who speaks really good English so I collected the paperwork from Philippos and then rang make sure I knew what was what.  There is going to be a Greek night up at the school and apparently they are planning a load of other things to try and get the people of the village together.  I have been given some raffle tickets to try and sell so I shall be tapping up all the people I know!  Anyway I am more than happy to try and help.

We were going down to Polis to do our shopping as it is my turn to cook tomorrow and called into John and Susan's to do the watering and today we had an encounter with a bit of wildlife which was much nicer than the viper we encountered the other week.  John went off to do check the pool and shouted for me to come and have a look.

Under their barbeque was a large Chameleon which was dark brown until John moved him out to put him in a safer place when he began to turn green.  I love to see the Chameleons they are like mini little dinosaurs and move so slowly with their big funny feet.  John managed to get it onto a stick and then placed him up in a tree.  I bet the poor little bugger was well pe'ed off - it had probably taken him a lifetime to get to the barbeque and now he had been taken away from it!!

We did the shopping and I got the ingredients to make Bobby some lemon pickle but I was well miffed that it didn't fill the pot - it isn't the best of times for lemons at the moment - when they are in season people can't give them away but that is later in the year.  Poor Bobby had eked out his pickle until there was nothing left and he does like a bit of pickle on his cheese!

John was watching his beloved Blades on the TV this evening so his choice was to have spicy pasta for tea which was a bit of fridge surprise as I used up some chorizo and pastourma which had been knocking about for a while.  That turned out to be the best bit of the evening as the Mighty Blades were robbed of a point when their additional time equaliser was ruled as being offside when it wasn't.  John was not impressed.

I quite like football but I can't bear watching John watching the Blades because he gets so worked up and screams at the screen so I used the opportunity to go and rescue my handbag which I had left at Philippos's earlier in the day and Andri had phoned to let me know it was safe.  It was also an opportunity to go down to the amphitheatre because they were screening a film made in the village and featuring Nicos who sadly died recently.  In English it is called Beloved Days.  As I walked through the village to get my bag I bumped into Nicos's sister Chrysoula who was so pleased I had made the effort to go.  It was lovely to see the amphitheatre being used although it was a tad chilly and there was the obligatory rolling mist!

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