Wednesday, 2 August 2017


It's a fair cop - I have been found guilty by the Blog Police of forgetting to publish my post on Sunday and I have no defence save to say it was a senior moment and I forgot when we returned from Dinner at Mum and Dad's to do the necessary.  Apparently there are some who cannot rest until they have had their daily fix of local news and gossip even though they are often featured within it! So there I am, guilty as charged m'lud!

Actually I blame the heat - the temperatures are on the rise again and I am increasingly drowsy due to fitful sleep at night as I am disturbed by the sounds of (a) the fan (b) the cicadas (c) the errant mozzie buzzing around my ear - to name but a few.

There is a lot going on at the moment as we prepare for family visitors mid-August and John's forthcoming 50th birthday - actually come to think of it that maybe what is causing me to lose sleep as I want to make it special for him.  We are pleased that our friends Jane and John have decided to come and visit for his birthday and will be able to join us for the celebration - we had invited them hoping they would come but not expecting they would be able to do so and they have proved us wrong which is good news.

Now that our anniversary is out of the way I need to get my party head on and get things boxed off.  I don't think I will be able to top what we did for John's 40th when we held a free to invitees 'Village Fete' with Jazz Band and running bar and barbeque, sports day games and camping but then it was so much easier to organise something like this back in the UK and we were working so budget was not an issue.  We have something in mind though and hopefully those who join us will have a lovely afternoon.

I am pleased to say that Dad appears to be a bit more like himself which is good - this hot weather takes its toll all round.  We rang the changes with our card games this evening playing our regular Noms before dinner and then reverted back to good old Cribbage afterwards when I partnered Mum - we lost but put up a valiant fight!  Mum did a nice light tea with salmon fillets and salad and potatoes.  Just right for a very warm evening.

Mum and Dad have an unexpected night out tomorrow when they will be meeting up with David and Claire.  David is the son of mum's long term friend Eileen who recently returned to the UK after 25 years living here - the first few of which she was next door neighbour but one to Mum and Dad when they lived in Med Valley.  Our great friend Hilary is Eileen's daughter and we meet her and her husband Keith as a result of our respective mums' great friendship.  Hilary can be seen in the picture front left playing in the BBO (Bucks, Berks and Oxon) Big Band and husband Keith is on trumpet in the centre at the back.  They have played on many occasions over here as part of Barrie Rowe's Big Band.  Barrie is friends with Big David the saxophonist who lives here in Droushia and we bumped into them earlier this year hatching some sort of musical plan in Fitos's over a kebab!

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