Sunday, 20 August 2017


John had his regular session with Marios this morning and so I took the opportunity to have a little wander around Polis before we returned to the painting of the Sistine Chapel.  I usually only nip into Paps and then go straight home so it was nice to see what is occurring in our local town.  I came across an eatery John and I have yet to sample.  It is clearly simply al-fresco Kelftiko but hey John and I have tried street food all around the world and never had an problem!

Next to the eatery there is a new shop being fitted out which is going to be a Russian Market - it seems to be a rather large shop so I am not sure how much caviar and bliny they intend to sell!  It will be interesting to go in and have a look and it demonstrates the increasing Russian population in this neck of the woods.  There has always been a large Russian presence on the island but it was centred around the larger towns previously.

I went and had a mooch around Festival Shoes which is an Aladdin's cave of all things for the feet but sadly in Cyprus the fashion seems to be dead flat flip flops or break your ankles sky-scrapers like the ones in the picture which do not even have a heel!  The poor fashion victims which wear these sorts of things totter around looking like some sort of half person half faun.  We saw a few of these when we were at the wedding reception the other week.

John's session was a shorter one this week because Marios had upped the weights he had to lift and so therefore he wasn't expected to do so many reps. We returned to Sistine and got on with it.  I seriously doubt that Michaelangelo had so many issues with cutting in and patchy walls!!  The wall we are tackling is the biggest and highest so is blooming hard work and as it was previously painted in a sort of mocha colour will take several coats.   I did what I could but being a short arse that isn't too much and with John's dodgy knee he has to be careful going up and down the ladder.

I had received a phonecall earlier in the week from the Paphos General Hospital explaining that they were desperate for my blood group and telling me that they would be attending the new community office in Droushia this evening so I was ore than happy to go and persuaded John to come with me.  He has given blood when requested when he was in the navy but never as a 'blood donor' like this.

Last year I gave blood in the village but it was held in the old Doctors rooms next to the school and I remember that Lola came and held my hand along with all the other kids in the village who were fascinated by the whole process.  Holding the sessions in the new community building is a much nicer experience all round and I hope that the village supported it - although as usual we had such little notice!

We rewarded ourselves with a beer in Cafe Vrisi sitting with Andri and her yiayia who is 90 and a very sprightly 90 at that for someone who has probably had a very hard life.  Between us we managed a little conversation and she told Andri that we were delightful company.  It is times like this when I really really wish I could speak more than I do.  Once home we took our evening meal outside - it was cool and lovely and we really should do it more often the trouble is when you can you don't!!

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