Saturday, 23 September 2017

Getting ready for the big 5-0

We are trying to get ready for John's birthday without giving too much of the game away which isn't easy when you have a house guest.  I am sure John's mum thinks I have the hump with her but in truth I am disappearing to the laptop to try and get things sorted.  The celebration is not a surprise for John as it is what he wanted to do, but it is a surprise to most of our guests and we want to keep it that way for as long as possible.  Plus we have a bit of a surprise for Sunday when we are planning to celebrate Dad's birthday, albeit a day late.

I have sent out emails telling people to come dressed in what they feel comfortable wearing but have still received multiple emails and calls asking me what they should wear - I so want to say something flippant but refrain from doing so!!

I put out an APB earlier this week looking for some old postcards which are something to do with the celebration and was chuffed to bits when Andri from Finikas sorted me out some rather vintage dusty ones which Philippos would no longer be able to sell.  They are IDEAL and John and I spend quite a while sifting through them marveling at how much the island has changed since these were produced.  In some cases a good 20+ years have passed by!

Anyone that knows John will know that we do not leave anything to chance so to accompany the postcards we have to create a 'postage' stamp and some table numbers.

We never agree on anything so the process is fraught and we stop short of issuing divorce proceedings because at the end of the day this is something that, like a fish and chip wrapper, will get discarded and forgotten.  John says that shouldn't make a difference and whitters on about attention to detail and pride in your work etc etc until I threaten to throw the towel in.  I am tired, he is tired and we both want to make sure that our guests have the best time that they can.  Some will say that we cannot be responsible for this but it is our 'do' and we will 'do' the best that we can.

I escape to Emba for pickleball and am delighted that we have managed to attract a couple of new players to fill the empty Thursday slots.  Kyle and his mum Tracy come along to give it a go.  They are both clearly racquet sport people so think it will not be too long before they have the measure of the game.  I am relieved as filling the slots and covering our costs has been something of a nightmare and with an aging playing population the arrival of Kyle and Tracy has lowered the average playing age considerably.

I am not feeling my normal perky self when we go out to dinner at Fitos this evening with Pam and George.  I felt ok on arrival but shortly after eating felt rather under the weather - it has been hot and I am tired and worried about the weekend so put it down to that.  Shame really as tonight was George's treat - we hadn't expected it.  Everyone else seemed to enjoy their meal so that was good.

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