Friday, 29 September 2017

Golden years...

Party guests are coming to the end of the holidays - today was Jane and John and Janet's last full day before returning to the UK and my John will be escorting his mum back then returning at the weekend.

Jane and John celebrate their golden wedding anniversary at the weekend although Mum and Dad and John and I have already given them their gift which was a two night stay in the Shepherd's Hut at the Masons Arms in Lower Odcombe together with a gourmet meal at the pub.  They have already been and had that stay when friends of theirs were able to join them and of course the weather was better (it would seem that the weather at the moment in the UK is very hit and miss to say the least).  Glad to report that they enjoyed it although Jane's overnight stay in the Yurt at Lyssos the previous year for her special birthday will have taken some beating!

Anyway we have to thank them for inviting us all to join them at Gabors for a celebratory meal.  Hard to think that they have been married just one week less than John has actually been alive!!!

For many years Gabors has been our 'go-to' place for a meal that was a bit special.  Sadly recently they have lost some of their more established staff and I think they really miss Michelle who had her eye very firmly on the ball.  Somehow the new staff just lack a bit of her finesse so the 'voila' moment when they remove the cloches from your main course is not so well choreographed - in fact John, Dad and John didn't get the 'voila' bit at all tonight as there were insufficient staff to deal with all our plates and cloches at the same time.

Having said that the food was lovely and I had been eating my duck salad starter all day in anticipation!!!  I am not quite so convinced about being served mash - lovely though it was they used to do some cracking boulangere potatoes but maybe they are just ringing the changes.

The restaurant marked the celebration with one of their signature puddings and brought out a plate with the words Happy Anniversary created in chocolate - Mum had been a bit disappointed last week when they went with Nick and Cheryl for a belated 50th birthday meal for Cheryl that they hadn't done something special on that occasion.

We had a lovely evening but if you are planning on going be warned the air conditioning works almost too well and poor mum got quite chilly so I was pleased I had taken a wrap with me so she was able to cover her bare arms!

A lovely night, great food and company rounded off with a nicely warmed brandy before wending our way back to Droushia.  All cats accounted for on our return and I am pleased to report that Mr Boo seems none the worse for his trip to the vets to sort out the wound he collected from Fluffer.  The antibiotic 'paste' is keeping dirt out of the ulcer and the drugs dont seem to have upset him.

A lie-in is planned for the morning before final goodbyes and last minute packing - we intend to get down to the airport good and early and have a bit to eat at Bona Mare providing it isn't too busy.  

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