Monday, 11 September 2017

Staying at the Spa...

Our friends Laura and Mark are staying in the Akamas Spa just down the road from us.  This place has been something of an enigma - it could and should be full of people but somehow it has never quite taken off.  This is in the Pamment's favour as the place is far from full and they got their week's stay at a very good price.

From their penthouse apartment they have a spectacular view over the swimming pool and across the mountains on one side and down to the sea on the other.  They are more than happy although they would have been even happier had the hot tub on the veranda been in action.  I am guessing the establishment have shut all these off as a cost cutting exercise.  We called by this morning en route to Pickleball to see how they had settled in - very well it would appear as they were just emerging into the daylight at 11.30am!

It is official - winter is on it's way now that we have resumed pickleball.  John and I went down early to lay the tape for the court and give it a bit of a tidy and we were joined by Mum, Di, Liselotte and John.  Mum shows no sign of her sciatica when she is playing!  It was warm in there - very warm and we were all a bit rusty but soon got back into the swing.

We were a little delayed getting home - trying to sort out the unstable internet that Dad has at home - I am going to have to try and get this sorted once and for all so that they have the computers they want/need working and the tv boxes they want/need working.  I shall get on to this.

We picked Mark and Laura up from the Spa so they wouldn't have to walk up the long hill into the village and we started our evening with a drink up on the roof terrace before venturing down into the village where we had booked for a meze - this is ideal for Laura as she is vegetarian and, like Alicia, doesn't eat mushrooms.

We have such a laugh with them - I cannot believe it is three years' since we were last together and although we keep in contact it is sketchy but that doesn't seem to matter.  I guess that is the measure of true friendship - you just pick up where you left off!  It is a shame they are only here for a week - that will just fly by.

We walked down through the village looking in on Ktima 1937 which is an option for people wanting to stay in the village and poking our noses over the garden wall of the Simeon Estate - and then bumping into the owner as we entered into Finikas.

Marina has some new kittens - they are real cuties - pretty but a bit skittish.  Marina makes a show of shoo-ing them away and then goes and gives them a big old plate of food when no-one is looking.

As always we had a great meal - Mark was amazed but the quality and the quantity of the dishes that kept on coming.  Laura enjoyed it too and she will admit to being fussy.  There was only the grilled meat she couldn't tackle and the plate of mushrooms but I had them instead!

The weather had warmed up considerably since last week and it was warm in under the grapevines - no need of a Droushia Cardi this evening!  It was a lovely meal and we decided we would walk back with them as far as the Droushia Heights where they would then continue on down the hill and we would make our way back home.  This of course necessitated a little visit inside the Hotel for a nightcap before saying our goodnights.

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