Thursday, 19 October 2017

Bye Bye...

Today we said goodbye to my sister, her daughter Ellie, son-in-law Andy and their son Jack having left at the weekend.  Kaye was an ex-Monarch, flight only, non ATOL protected, traveler but she was repatriated on the same day and at the same time as her original booking but the flight was covered by British Airways instead.

Despite not being able to check in beforehand she said the flight was fabulous as she had a row of seats to herself and it being the red-eye flight which arrived in Birmingham in the wee small hours she was grateful for the opportunity to be able to lie-down (there are benefits in only being a short-arse) and she was even more grateful that the flight arrived super early so she was home and tucked up in bed quicker than she had anticipated.

I cannot begin to imagine what a difficult visit this must have been for her returning on her own having spent many holidays here with her husband Richard and it being here where she realised that something was seriously wrong with him.  It is nearly three years since we lost Richard to a brain tumour, he didn't get to meet his wonderful grandson Jack of whom he would have been very proud.   So if you are reading this Kaye I know that Mum and Dad were really appreciative of your visit and the opportunity to meet Jack and we thoroughly enjoyed having you and the Cockerill's here with us and then you on your own and you and your family are always welcome to come and stay even if it is a bit of a squash!!

It would be wonderful if the family return next year, who knows how fascinating Jack will have become a year older but as we know only too well a year is a very long time and anything could happen but we have our fingers crossed that it wont be too long before we are all back in one another's company once again.

A short post today - things returning to normal slowly, we just have Aunty Joyce and Uncle David staying at the weekend, then they return to the UK and then.... visitors that we are aware of!

And for those of you who are interested we are still having an early morning dip/wake up call in the pool - we have revised the cut off point downwards and are thinking that 60 degrees F/15.5 degrees C will be the limit and that is fast approaching!!  Charlie clearly thinks we are nutters!!

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