Saturday, 9 December 2017

December 1st

OMG we are on a countdown to Christmas - how did that happen???

First of all we must thank the lovely Mina and Claire for our advent calendars which we have been looking at and relishing the moment when we open the doors and that moment happens today - wooo hooo chocolate here we come!

Christmas is most definitely for children so each year for us it becomes more difficult to get into the spirit.  Last year was a difficult time as we lost our great friend Elena on 23rd December and we have the sad reminder of my brother in law's passing on Boxing Day and many years ago my grandfather passed on Christmas Eve.  Not that we would ever forget but when this happens at such a significant time it is impossible to do so.

Last year we marked Christmas Eve with Mum and Dad, Jane and John and Klaus and Sheila - prompting John to find a solution to seating 8 at our house for a meal.  He made a temporary table top - which we still use today if we need.  This year there will be no Jane and John although they will be back on the island in the spring and there will be no Sheila and Klaus but we have roped in Diana and Rob and this year we will have a lunch rather than an evening meal.

November has been very changeable and the last few days have been chilly but what a difference a day makes and today was beautiful with clear blue skies and long periods of sunshine.  I could almost be tempted to go back into the pool - the temperature hasn't changed from the 50 degree milestone we reached last week.

We were down to pickleball this afternoon so I took the opportunity to spend a little time in the garden this morning trying to get on top of the weeks.  I know that my neighbour George prizes the Lysteria that grows without any hesitation and which he includes in salads but I don't want it growing in my garden - nor do I want the wild Asparagus!

There was no Liselotte at pickleball - she is still recovering from whatever she did at badminton earlier in the week that caused her back to go into spasm.  She needs to get sorted and is apparently a very impatient patient!  We made up the numbers with newbie Kyle who is young and enthusiastic and will make a great addition to a Friday when we are short of players.

We had a good natured session - I know that Mum enjoys Friday games and the challenges bring out the best in her game - she did an absolutely wicked round the net shot today which was an absolute winner - what she might lack in speed she makes up for in skill and dogged determination - watching the rallies where Arodes John picks on her is classic and she can often fox him with her dinky shots!

As we returned to Droushia the sun was setting - casting beautiful shards of colour over our estate - this is as good a sunset as we can experience being the wrong side of the mountains to catch it slipping into the sea.

This is not a good photograph but our lounge looked so cozy tonight with the lights down, candles lit and the gas fire flickering away.  We had a bit of a catch up on some programmes we have missed, a nice supper of chili and that lovely feeling that comes when you know that there is nothing specific you have to get up for the next day.  

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