Thursday, 7 December 2017

Food glorious food...

A day at home today before going out this evening to meet up with Jackie and Costas (Tea for Two).

I had planned a tidy up in the garden and some weeding but as John went out to put some stuff into the bin we decided to tackle the wall which we had had plastered a couple of years ago but which had blown - it had blown in a small area seemingly but when we started picking at it, it appeared that the plaster was only hanging on by a wing and a prayer and having disturbed it most of it ended up on the path.  Bugger, pay peanuts and you get monkeys apparently.  However having removed 90% of the plaster it didn't look much different then it had before so we will probably just paint it the next time whilst we decide what to do with it - we aren't really sure whether that wall belongs to us or the house next door or if we one one side of it.

I have suggested that I do some sort of mural on it - John isn't convinced but as an entrance way to our property it is all a bit ramshackle.

As you can see it has been wet - we have had a lot of rain over the last couple of days and it is cold - relatively cold obviously - not cold like it is currently in the UK.

We have Bassam coming again next week - we want some tiles put up on the top of the kitchen where there is a flat roof and where the rain seems to pour off and leaves it looking all mucky.

We needed to take the clock-vine down - I had removed some of it previously as it had grown right the way along the railings but now we have cut it right down to the ground - it is amazing to see it grow the way it does when it gets going in around May.  It has just about stopped flowering so now is a good time to chop it down but that particular corner of the garden now looks bare!

It was nice to be able to get out and do some weeding but I have to be careful because at the moment it is pretty difficult to tell the difference between an unwanted weed and a seedling!

We thought we had a problem with the water flow out of the water butt so we needed to empty it and then blast the hose down the orifices to make sure that they were all clear.

It took a while but eventually John managed to evacuate all the snails that had made their homes in the pipework.  We don't need to worry now that the next time it rains the butt will overflow.

We got quite a few jobs sorted outside before retiring indoors and chilling before we went off out to Paphos for dinner with Mum and Dad and Jackie and Costas.

We had decided to go to Tavernaki (not Acropolis nearby which is where Jackie and Costas pitched up originally).  Amazingly Costas had never eating in Tavernaki nor did he know the owner which is normally the case when we go out together.  We had been lucky to get an evening when we could all get together as they are so busy and with the run up to Christmas guess they will have a lot to do with the three Tea for Two restaurants that they own.

Tavernaki was busy and it was lovely and warm inside.  We had a lovely evening - we always do with that company - we have all known one another now for nearly 30 years!  Amazingly Jackie and Costas' daughter was 24 last week - blimey that makes me feel old!

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