Sunday, 7 January 2018

The calm before the storm

The calm before the storm in so many ways today.  It is 30th December and we are slobbing out for the day and in between showers and thunderstorms doing a bit of cleaning and washing.  Tomorrow we have been invited to see the New Year in with Di and Rob and we are looking forward to that very much.  Rob did call in this afternoon with some post that he had picked up and managed to catch us during a period of sunshine so that coffee in the conservatory was very pleasant save for the fact that I had my slightly damp washing drying off on the airer!  How is it that the Veaseys always manage to catch us when we are being Clampetts?!!

Not too much to report on today because we had planned to do nothing and ended up doing nothing which was a result but we did enjoy a roaring fire and a massive and tasty pasty-pie for supper (many many thanks Mum and Dad) which was washed down with a very palatable Ruby Cabernet and then we savoured every last minute of our TV selection...

We caught the last two episodes of the current series of Peaky Blinders.  We have loved this series although on occasions we have struggled to understand some of the dialogue!!!!  Who could not love a programme that has both Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy in the same scenes??  It was full of the usual violence, intrigue, twists and turns and I am delighted to see that IMDB have a series 5 down in their list so fingers crossed there will be.  It will now take us ages to find a replacement series that we get hooked on in the same way - we started Jamestown but the jury is still out...

I am going to leave this blog with a little video clip my sister sent of her grandson Jack encountering Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.  I am biased because he is my great-nephew but he is delightful and has been such a treasured addition to our family.  This year, in particular, he has bridged the gap between young and old - his visit was the highlight of the year for Mum and Dad and the photographs and videos which my sister sends continue to brighten their days - long may it continue.

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