Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Changeable Weather...

We woke to rumbles of thunder - well two rumbles and no lightning but some rain.  It is February and this is normally our most diverse month for weather - it started well but is quite unsettled.  We take it all on our chin in Droushia - Winter is Winter!!  We just hope for Jane and John that the weather will be kind to them whilst they are here.

We are having a clear out.  I have a whole load of cookery books which previously I would have given to Elena who collected them but now she is now longer here I have decided to sell them or, if no-one wants them, donate them to charity.  It is a bit irritating that collectively these six probably cost me the best part of £150 when I bought them and they have hardly been opened - in fact I don't think I have ever used three of them!

John's knee is playing him up again so he decided to stay at home today to rest it and I wanted to get down to Emba to check on Dad so I left early taking the back road from Droushia which, once you have passed the tip (official or unofficial I never have quite worked out) is a pretty run.

Dad looked quite poorly today after having his unwelcome visitor removed.  Not surprising really as it would appear he has had a large section removed from his pate with about 8-10 stitches in place.  I was glad I had gone down early and it meant that Mum and I could go out and get a few errands sorted.  Mum wanted to pay their water bill and I wanted to go and have a look at what the main Sklaventis shop had to sell and John wanted some wine gums and pain au raisin from Lidl.

I spent time with Mum and Dad and had lunch with them before going to pickleball.  I have heard from Jeff at last and he will be returning to play next week after his cruise in the New Year when he returned with a knee problem.  This is good as we were struggling to make up numbers on a Thursday.  We had six today and a good fun session.  When I left I decided to go home via Peyia because it is by far a prettier route and I stopped at SeaYou's to take some photographs of the sea.

This is a beautiful part of the island where they are planning on building a marina - I have no idea whether this is a good thing or not - until they do we will take advantage of this particular piece of untamed coastline.

I returned home reasonably early - it is definitely much cooler than it has been of late and John had the fire lit in readiness and I was rather glad that he did!

We had a quiet night in - the fire that John had lit was hotter than a hot thing and I had to push the sofas right back as I was getting far too hot!!!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - not something we normally celebrate but we will be at home and we will be getting ready for having John and Susan and Di and Rob over for a meal on Thursday and then Nicky and Mark for the weekend.

On the subject of friends Wendy and Bill (No1 Stalkers) have been in touch and we are thrilled that we will see them soon as we have missed them although Leicester play Sheffield United on Friday in the FA Cup on Friday - we may not be speaking!!!

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