Thursday, 1 February 2018

Muffa Morning...

Our day started with a trip down to Polis to get some more Muffa mould attacking solution from George's and to grab a few bits in Paps before going to Polis so that John could have the filing replaced in his front tooth.

We are currently investigating some places for John's Mum to stay later in the year when she hopes to come over with friends Stan and Jackie.  We have been tapping up people we know who might be able to provide us with a lead for some reasonable but nice accommodation and we were put in touch with someone called Kim who looks after several places in the area.  We did not realise it at the time but Kim is the wife of Alan our Mr, Mr Plumber Man and funnily enough we bumped into him outside George's this morning.

We are confident having been in touch with Kim and having talked to Alan this morning that we will be able to find some suitable accommodation for our visitors once they have booked their flights which should be soon.

There is a great community spirit with people helping one another which is fantastic so thanks to Gillian for putting us in contact with Kim.

We have been going to a dentist in Polis but John is not overly keen on the dentist at the best of times  and found something a bit lacking in the 'bedside' or rather 'chairside' manner at the surgery so we had heard good things about the Perfect Smile clinic in Peyia and decided to give it a try.  First impressions on the phone were good and reinforced when we got to the reception.  All very clean, modern and friendly - they were at least expecting him and called him by name.

I was rather impressed by some of the decor and in particular a large canvas which was in the reception area.  It is a bit difficult to tell from the photograph but the picture is three dimensional and textured - a little like the artwork that Claire produces.

Anyway after a short time John emerged with a newly filled front tooth and an appointment for a second filling (which he knew about) next week.  The cost for the consultation and the filling was 50 euros and John was pleased with the finish and the dentist and his manner.

It was a little chilly but the sun was shining and we went for a wander down to the area in Peyia where the municipal weddings take place.  It is very pretty and although the wedding services are only a few minutes long the gazebo gets dressed and the garden provides a fabulous place for taking photographs.

I know because I took the photographs when Elaine married Paul here - it was a few years ago in April and a hot and sunny day and Elaine looked fabulous in a wedding dress that was a family heirloom.  The wedding party went from there to the Elysium for tea and cake and then on to the Greenhills for a wedding breakfast before retiring to Elaine's beautiful garden in Akourdaleia for bubbles and cake - all captured by my fair hand so all a bit sad really that Elaine and Paul are no longer together but such is life.

I took some other photographs of a wedding there a couple of years' later when I took photographs of Rebecca's (ex Blue Olive restaurant) son and now daughter in law - again a hot day but this time in November and happily they are still together!  I did it as a favour and they were very happy with the result so that was good.

We got home and cracked on with the job in hand which was to take down all the voiles that we use on the roof of the conservatory to filter out the sunlight and to wash and clean the glass and use the muffa to remove any mould that might be lurking.  We get some but it wasn't as bad this year as we thought it could have been.

We will have to spend a few days with the voiles down as they have been put in the wash but the weather has not be settled enough for me to get them washed and dried.

The cats were a bit put out by the exercise as we had to take up the rugs and I washed the floor and then we were left with rather a strong smell of chlorine which they didn't like too much.  Still it was a job well done and once done we sat down for a bit of a rest as we were going out quite early for a meal at John and Susan's.

It is John's birthday today so we had bought a nice chocolate cake courtesy of Paps to mark the occasion.  It wont be a late night which is just as well as we have a Droushian Day out tomorrow and we are due to pick Rob and Di up at 8.45am!

So we picked Di and Rob up at just after 6.00pm for our evening with the Read's.  For various reasons we didn't get to see them much last year but we plan to rectify that this year.

If you are a regular reader you will know that their little dog Zak was unfortunately knocked over last week and suffered a fracture of his leg but more seriously a head injury.  He is making slow progress but in the right direction and although it initially affected his personality Susan says that in the last couple of days he has perked up and become more like his old self.  Talking of old selves it was John's 64th birthday - he too has been in the wars when last year he was hit in the eye by a shuttlecock which was smashed at pace - he nearly lost the sight in his right eye but it has been saved although it is limited to what it was.

We had a lovely evening - the food was brilliant as was the company and it was nearing 11.00pm when we left - way past Susan's normal bedtime of 9.30pm.  I shall return the favour next month and hopefully we will be able to pencil in a regular monthly get together.  Fingers crossed for the weather to be good tomorrow when we have a trip to see the flamingos in Limassol penciled in.

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