Friday, 9 February 2018

pinch punch...

So pinch punch it is the first of the month and I have to admit that I woke with ever such a slightly baggy head this morning!  We had had a lovely evening last night with Gillian and David and I had probably had one too many little glasses of wine!!!

I had arranged to help Judi from the village with her tablet this morning and she lives a few door down from Rob and Diana so John took me down and called in for coffee with the Bobster and Diana whilst I did my IT stuff.  The view from the Veaseys was absolutely fabulous today - clear blue skies and genuinely warm temperatures.

Mum and Dad gave Di and Rob some garden bulbs as a present last year and they are now beginning to put on quite a show.  The crocuses and tulips are beginning to push up little shoots of green and the white narcissi are in full flower giving a beautiful show and they are a great addition to the garden where they already have some little daffodils in flower.

It is a lovely time of year.  A day like today is such a bonus and the gardens are now so full of promise.  We need to be careful because February can quite often have a real sting in its tail and we have, so far, managed to avoid any snow up here in Droushia and if we do then it will be the first year we have done so since we moved here.

I managed to sort Judi out and collected John and we went down to Paphos - I was making up numbers for pickleball and our game tomorrow has had to be cancelled anyway so it was good to go and get some exercise.  As tomorrow was cancelled John decided he would come with me and take Mum and Dad out to lunch at the Tala Amphitheatre Cafe Bar which he did and which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

Beforehand Mum and I had a 'quick' trip down to Alpha Bank in order for me to order a bank card on their account.  Our quick trip turned out to be a bit of a marathon session as all my details held on their joint account were very out of date and so (a) for money laundering reasons all my details had to be made up to date and to do so I needed forms of identity I didn't have and (b) my address was out of date and my bank card was going to be sent to the house Mum and Dad used to live in.  Fortunately we were being dealt with by a guy called Yiorgos who was more than helpful even though he probably wished he had never clapped eyes on us - needless to say we have to return next week to complete the exercise.

We never come home empty handed and today was no exception as we were given a bag of homemade keftedes (meatballs) made by Mum and Dad's neighbour Effie.  We like them and we really enjoyed them once I had made a barbeque sauce and boiled up some linguine for them to nestle on.  After last night's socialising it was an early night for us tonight!!

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