Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Small steps towards normality...

It was with a great sense of relief that I went to bed last night and slept, for the first time in days, reasonably well for me, well for me and my bladder.  The whole car affair had been bothering me so much and I just wanted to get it sorted for Mum so she could get herself around without worrying.  It got resolved, god knows how, maybe divine intervention, I don't know but all I do know is that this is one massive big tick off of my list of things to do for Dad and thereby for Mum.

Although we now all acknowledge that we need to get ourselves back into some sort of routine today was slightly unusual in that I was not going to pickleball, had I not got the things done yesterday that were on my list I had set aside today to complete them.  We had been approached by a holidaymaker coming to the island this week to see if she could join our pickleball group for a game and so with both Mum and I out and with Di still recovering from her bronchitis there was plenty of room to accommodate her and I have received a very nice email this evening thanking me for organising it for her and thanking the group for welcoming her.

We started our day by visiting Dad.  I cannot believe that it was a week ago that we laid him to rest.  I don't ever want his grave to look neglected (which is very unlikely with Sheila and Klaus living nearby I have to say) so I wanted to go and remove any of the floral tributes which may have seen better days.  I was pleased to see that his spot remains looking tidy and many of the flowers have survived the week.  Klaus and/or Sheila have clearly been as the candle in the lantern had been lit.  Once again the sun was shining and as we stood to pay our respects the man who we refer to as Papou was there tending what I assume is his late wife's grave.  It is a serene spot and I take comfort in the fact that this is where Dad will remain.  We plan to go there on Sunday when Mum is coming up for lunch.

We went down to Universal thereafter to catch up with Karen and Dip who have been here over a week and we only saw them briefly last Tuesday when they came to pay their respects - we had not expected them to come but as Karen said we are family and that is what families do and for that I thank her.  They are both fine in their apartment in spite of the water issue caused by a flat roof leak.  This will be resolved in due course when there has been a period of dry weather, as Dad would have said, no shipwrecks nobody drownded.

We dropped in to see Mum who had swung by Lidl to stock up on John's favourite pain au raisin or swirls as we call them.  She too slept better last night with car-gate resolved.  Bless her she had been out and run her errands with greater enthusiasm knowing that the car was all hers and that at least one half of her pension had been sorted.

We have been a little concerned about Fred (the cat) because on returning from Dad's funeral Fred appeared with a mark under his chin.  Whatever it is it has not healed and looked a little painful.  Mum's lovely local vet had agreed to come to the house to take a look as Mum would not have been able to get Fred to the vets, he ways a ton for a start and she doesn't have a basket anyway.  We were so pleased to hear that the mark is nothing suspicious, it would appear that Fred, like Minnie-Mou is a sufferer of feline acne so hopefully a dose of antibiotics will get him sorted out.

John picked up the Pug today, hopefully now the overheating issue which began last Summer, seemed to be resolved and then reappeared again last Tuesday, has now been put to bed.  It will have to go back Friday for some belt tightening or some other thing but fingers crossed.

Finally we slipped into the local garden centre near mum's to look for some pots and some plants.  Di and Rob had bought me a Pot Notch (like the one in the picture but mine is blue) for my birthday and I wanted to get two nice pots and some plants to go in it.

The woman from the nursery was absolutely fascinated by the wooden construction and we found two lovely unusual pots and two plants and I will post a photograph of the completed ensemble when I have done it.  Although the Pot Notch is marked as being waterproof we didn't want to take any chances so decided to boat varnish it so it lasts as long as possible - the sun will probably do as much damage as any rain.  It is currently outside hanging outside drying and I will pot up the plants tomorrow and then we can decide where best to hang it.  I have to thank the Veaseys for such a thoughtful and unusual present - they know how much I love my garden and like to have different things within it.

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