Thursday, 29 March 2018

Not a red letter day...

Today was not a good day because I stupidly hit Kenny on the corner of the wall outside Mum's house and I could kick myself because (a) I don't normally park on the house side of the drive because of the sodding wall - I normally park on the garden side and avoid it easily and (b) as I was reversing back it crossed my mind that I was a bit close but couldn't see it in the mirror until it was too late.  My concentration is not at its best at the moment.  John was good about it, he had guessed where it happened as he nearly did it himself the other day but that didn't really help as I was so cross with myself.

The day had started out well enough and I had set off for Paphos with some errands to run and to deliver the cushion covers I had made for Karen.  On the way down through Kathikas I passed one of the ubiquitous white Japanese saloon cars, beloved of elderly Cypriot men and Syrian workers, parked up at a jaunty angle on the side of the road which is not unusual.  The driver was a Cypriot man in his 60s or 70s who was having a wee into the hedge - this again is not unusual but what was somewhat out of the ordinary was that he was having a conversation on his mobile phone at the same time - now there is a man with talent!  I beeped but he could not wave having both his hands fully occupied.

The cushions went down well and fitted and actually looked really good.  Karen has really transformed their apartment with a mix of new stuff and junk shop/charity shop finds.  We are disappointed that we haven't been able to spend more time with her but we will no doubt do so in the future.

I managed to get all my bits and pieces done but am disappointed that the lovely big Endless Shop at the top of the Mesoghi Avenue seems to have closed - I was after some of the wipe clean fabric they sold on a roll so had to go to the sister shop in Lemba which sells the same stuff but is housed in a ramshackle building so the shopping experience is not so pleasant.  I got the material and asked the girl if the other shop had closed and she said she thought it had.

Mum and I went to pickleball, it is good that she is getting back into her normal routine, it was setting off for pickleball when I rearranged the plastic trim on Kenny.  Annoyed - that's all I can say.

After pickleball we went off to the opticians so that Mum could check whether or not she needs a new prescription now that her eye specialist has signed her off from her cataract operation.  I have persuaded her to have new frames whilst she is at it as the ones she has were once mine and have the 'feet' which sit on your nose and can irritate in the heat.  She wont thank me for spending nearly 400 euros of her money but she will when her new bins arrive which will be later this week.

On returning home John surveyed the damage to Kenny and told me not to worry he would be able to tidy it up - as he says, in the grand scheme of things at the moment it really isn't important.  Phew but it doesn't stop me feeling peeved with myself.

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