Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Ladies Lunch

There was great excitement at Lordos 1 this morning as we had an unexpected visitor in the shape of a fire engine which came complete with Kelly's husband Demitri for its spring wash - they come periodically to use the stand pipe outside Lakis and Argy's house.  We had just been there for coffee.  Coffee and glyko to be exact and to make arrangements about the weekend.  If I am able to stay awake I have agreed to go with them down to the village for the midnight service to celebrate Easter.  I have meant to do this every year but never managed it.  I would like to go.  I found the Christmas Eve service quite comforting as we felt we had been made part of the village family even though we didn't have a clue what was going on.  The church in the village has taken on a bit more significance for me with Dad being laid to rest in the churchyard.  In fact when Mum and I went there this morning before going to Ladies Lunch and met another Demetri - this time the man who oversaw the digging of Dad's grave.  What a lovely man, so kind and gentle and he told us that Dad's laying to rest was just the beginning of his new life freed from the fetters of the human frame we carry.  Put in that way it sounded rather lovely even though I am not normally myself a particularly religious person.

The hotel is all ready for the Easter celebrations and there were about thirteen of us who assembled for lunch today.  I have to say that the ladies were all lovely to Mum and I have to thank Sheila for making sure that they were aware of our situation.  Last month's lunch took place the day after Dad's funeral.

It was a beautiful day and you could not fail but to be impressed by the view from the hotel terrace.  Mum and I spent a very pleasant couple of hours there and it is good for Mum to have different people to talk to.

John had gone to Fitos for Lunch - he would normally have done so with Dad but today he had asked Liselotte's John if he fancied a pie and a pint as he is on his own whilst Liselotte is in Denmark.  John had driven there and I had arranged that Mum would drop me off so that I could drive the two John's home.  As it happened Mum and I sat with them in the sun for a good hour chatting.  Mum is pleased that Liselotte's John is going to be custodian of Dad's book about Fred Trueman - who knew that he was a hero of John's so the book is going to a good home rather than collecting dust on a bookshelf somewhere.

On our return home we took the opportunity to make the most of the remaining sunshine by taking a drink up onto the roof terrace as we have finally unpacked the furniture now that we think the heavy winds have been finished with.

If we were ever in any doubt as to what is systematically destroying the cover that John has put over one of the gazebos we need look no further than to our cats.  They love to follow us up onto the terrace but not before they have used the roof of the gazebo as a scratching post.  Both Boris and Charlie had a good go.

Our visiting colt has been removed today and is nowhere to be seen.  It had been separated from its mum recently as was quite noisy - not that we minded, it was nice to see it in the mornings and John had been taking it over an apple as a treat although it didn't really know what a treat was and had to be encouraged to eat it.

It looks like we are going to go straight from Winter into Summer because once the clocks changed the weather got so much warmer.  We have been making around 18KW of electricity a day this week which is amazing.  The beautiful weather is good for us as it makes us feel better and stood on the terrace looking out across to the bay I count my blessings that Dad found us our home here.

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