Saturday, 26 May 2018

Another catch up post...

More stormy weather last night but nothing like as bad as the night before but we were still up in the early hours switching things off to ensure we didn't have and surge issues.  This morning everything was damp and it would appear that my water feature has become an impromptu refuge for the local snail population.

We had a visitor in the kitchen found clinging to one of the units, it too may have been sheltering from the elements or may have been brought in by one of the cats.  Either way it was tired and allowed John to move it from the kitchen outside.  You cannot see from the photograph but the underside of the wings is coral pink so I think this was an elephant's hawkmoth or Deilephila elpenor.  These hawkmoths are magnificent creatures and come in all sorts of colours.

This afternoon we took a trip over to Pissouri to return Wendy and Bill's car which we have been looking after in their absence but they are returning on Sunday.  We parked up the car and checked out their house which seemed unscathed after the storms and then made our way to Emba on the old coast road stopping at one of the viewing points at the Rocks of Aphrodite.

This is still the most amazing stretch of coastline.  The sun was beginning to drop as we headed towards the main rocks so they can be seen in silhouette.  There were loads of people at the rocks although not too many doing the 'swim round three times' malarkey to ensure they had eternal youth or found their love or whatever it is supposed to do.

We slowly made our way back towards Paphos and stopped at the picnic site just further on from the Rocks.  John and I went there years ago and walked down to the beach below for an afternoon.  It is all much tidier and more official looking than in those days - I remember that the public toilets were dreadful and I wasn't in any rush to check them out today!  The beach below looked beautiful and there was a car down there so nowadays you must be able to drive down easily or more easily than when we last visited!

This evening we were meeting up with Mum, Nicky and Mark, Nicky's Mum Liz and Liz's partner Bill for supper at Thanasi in Emba.  It is a nice taverna and one which Mum and Dad used to frequent regularly.  The family always makes us feel very welcome, in fact Dino managed to get time off work to attend Dad's funeral.

We haven't seen Bill for ages - he recently had a very nasty accident on his quadbike (not recommended when you are the wrong side of 70) but he looks to be making steady progress even though it may not be quick enough for his liking.  It was a lovely evening and we all seemed to have a lot to chat about.  We have decided to do this on a regular basis - maybe once every couple of months.

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