Friday, 25 May 2018

Just another manic monday...

At long last our neighbours will begin to see some progress with the renovations they are having done to their property as we could see an Elephant's Trunk pouring concrete.  Apparently it arrived at 7.00am and it will be creating their patio.  I know the whole project is causing them sleepless nights so hopefully after today they will see some real progress and be able to envisage the project complete and whilst they are still here to enjoy it.  Bloody marvelous those Elephant's Trunks the way they can articulate to get access to confined spaces.

John shot off down to Polis this morning to have is hair cut leaving me to walk to Sheila's for Art.  It was a lovely morning although you could see cloud bubbling over the hills in Lysos and there has been talk of rain possibly tomorrow.  The island needs it but as we have friends arriving whose trip so very nearly got cancelled due to ill health we have our fingers crossed that it will be nothing more than a passing shower.  Anyway back to today and I noticed that we have a horse back with us in the field opposite the entrance to our estate.  This isn't BigFoot - we guess it is Andreas's horse back again and this time in foal by the looks of it.

The fields nearby which were planted up with grain are looking fabulous but you can see how far behind the one next to Mum's house they are - they will take a while to ripen but it is lovely to see them swaying in the breeze it makes for a very pleasant walk through the village.  I was surprised to see the gates of the Australian's house open but no-one around.  On closer inspection it looks like they must be back as the garden has been partially cleared of weeds - either that or they have had a strange intruder who fancied doing a bit of gardening whilst there!

We have some holiday apartments in Droushia which are seemingly cheap and cheerful and have an arrangement with the Droushia Heights Hotel for breakfast (and probably other meals).  Karen and Dip stayed there when it was John's 50th and they said it was ok.  This morning the outside was looking fabulous as they have an early bougainvillea in full flower.  The man who looks after the front does a first class job.

In a departure from normal Art Mondays I took my water colours with me.  I will be missing two weeks so didn't want to start a new project and then have to leave it.  I had bought some cheap canvasses from Jumbos and decided I would try my hand at some flamingos and, if I finished it, would give the picture to my sister for whom flamingos have a special significance.  It was a lovely morning and quite excitingly Sheila had a phone call about a viewing for their house this afternoon.  I managed to get almost half of the picture completed and was really pleased with my progress.

Once home and once having got some meals cooked for the freezer for John for next week I decided to try and finish the picture and this is the end result - I am pleased with it - I hope Kaye likes it - I shall pack it away in the suitcase once it is fully dry.

Kim and Steve are on their way to the island for three months, leaving today and staying in Polemi.  It was touch and go as to whether or not Steve would be well enough to make it but I saw that they were air-side at Gatwick so fingers crossed they will arrive safe and sound and that their accommodation is as they hoped - it looked fabulous on the internet.

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