Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Sunday - one step closer to it coming home!!

So today was chapter 3 of the brolly saga - it would appear that my repairs are holding fast it is just the rest of the material that is disintegrating so I have visions that we will come home one day and that just my repairs will remain intact!!!

Yesterday the material around the top of the cover ripped so I needed to reinforce it and used up some of the material I had in my craft box - all very pretty and all very practical - whilst the sewing machine was out I took the opportunity to reinforce everything I could think of but this isn't easy as the cover is large and difficult to manouevre around the foot and needle.

Job completed we are only wanting the thing to survive whilst Hazel is here because it provides some very welcome shade outside the kitchen door and who knows we might even eat outside whilst she is here.  Even though we can we never do - we always eat at the dining table!!!

John took the opportunity to clean the PV and solar panels - it was about 8.30am and the skies were blue and it was undoubtedly going to be a very hot day today.  Today is quarter finals day in the World Cup today for the England team.  They are playing this afternoon at 5.00pm and we have decided to make a bit of a thing of the occasion and go out to watch the game and then have something to eat afterwards.

We toyed with the idea of watching the game in the village at O Stathmos but couldn't be sure whether the commentary would be in English so decided to go wild in the aisles and venture to the next village of Kathikas and go to the Village Square bar which is run by Savvas and Rachel that have the Farmyard Restaurant.  There is a large area to sit in and multiple screens. Initially John thought he would go with John from Arodes but Liselotte was keen to watch even though she is Danish and that team had been eliminated so it was decided we would all go and I would drive.

Blimey you can meet some dodgy people in these kinds of bars - when we arrived we were greeted by Mina and Claire and their visitor who were well up for the game!

As it turned out it was a good result even though the game was not that exciting.  I know nothing about football but really Sterling should not have a place on the pitch - I firmly believe he is going to be in the next series of Strictly Come Dancing as this can be the only explanation for his fannying around footwork in the six yard box - he is a bloody liability!!!

The semi final is on Wednesday and we are out with Nicky and Mark, Mum, Liz and Bill.  I said to Nicky I would start fainting around 8.00pm so that we could get away to watch - she misread and thought I said farting - on reflection this would probably be a better way to clear the restaurant and be asked to leave - actually we have nothing to worry about as the game doesn't start till 9.00pm.

I had the great pleasure of sitting next to a really nice guy for the England game and at the end he shouted 'well done England'.  It transpired that he was a Russian who had lived on the island for about 10 years but was originally from Moscow and his name was Igor!  He had come to watch the next game which was Russia v Croatia and sadly Russia lost on penalties.  He really was a smashing guy and we had such a nice chat.  He was completely right when he said that Russia hosting the World Cup had changed lots of peoples opinion of the country and the people.  Sport is a great leveler.

We went for something to eat somewhere we haven't been for about three years and that was To Stekki Tou Panai in Kathikas (aka Marias).  It was such a warm evening we sat outside on the balcony - not right on the road as others did and by the time we left the whole place was packed.  We had a lovely meal - I had something I haven't eaten in years and that was calimari and it was absolutely fabulous.

Such a lovely evening all round - in fact a good day.

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