My Craftwork

Elena's Birthday Card

Driftwood and Pebble Fish

Beach Scene
Driftwood Fish
Vicki's Sculpture Present

Birthday Present Doorstop
Frank's Birthday Card

Helen's Birthday Card

Picture No 4 with Pastel Pencils

Vicki's Birthday Card

Helen's Sculpture Present

Picture No 5 in Pastel Pencils

Elaine and Paul's Wedding Gift

Val's 70th Birthday Card

Fish and Driftwood Sculpture

Father's Day Card

Lynn's Birthday Card
Elena's Get Well Card
Driftwood Bathroom Sign
Heart Pebble Sculpture

Mother's Day Card

Baby Beaded Geckos

Wire Gecko

Wedding Card for Xaroula

No 1 Pastel Pencil Picture

Mosaic Gecko

No 2 Pastel Pencil Picture

Hand painted Christmas Cards

Pebble on Pebble Gecko

Origami Flower Wreath - started by Vix

More hand painted Christmas Cards

No 3 Pastel Pencil Picture