Saturday, 23 July 2011

Day 82...

Well the weather blew up really strangely last night here in Droushia - in fact at one point we thought it might even rain had the clouds not been racing by so quickly.  I put washing out late afternoon and when we went to get it off the line it was wetter than when it went out because there was so much moisture in the air.  No wonder things grow up here without any regular watering!

As a result we battened down the hatches and watched both the DVD's I mentioned in last night's blog.  The Cameron Diaz film "In her Shoes" turned out not to be such a mindless chick flick afterall and both John and I enjoyed the story of two sisters who really didnt understand one another - quite amusing in places and quite sad in others - anyway one I would recommend if you are ever at a loose end. 

We also thoroughly enjoyed Tristan and Isolde which was a completely different kettle of fish - a bit more of a bloke's film with regard to the battles but still a love story and beautifully shot (mostly in Ireland) although to my mind Tristan didnt really do it for me and Rufus Sewell as Marke (even missing one of his hands) was much better looking!

So it was a late night for us and as a result I slept in until 8.30 - waking to find John in the pool for his early morning swim.  Again we weren't sure whether we would have powercuts this morning so I embarked on my Wii fit regime but this time using Mum's Wii Fit Plus which has opened up a whole new world of exercises and tasks!!!!

We decided to just do a few little DIY jobs today starting with installing the radiator in the guest bedroom so that should we have any visitors in the Winter they wont freeze to death!!!

Mum and Dad very kindly gave us two of these electric storage radiators which they dont use at their house in Emba and which will provide some (hopefully not too expensive) heating in the bedrooms when we need it.  If this year is anything like last year then it will be the Spring that is the time when we will need it most.  Time will tell!!!

Second job of the day was to finish the water butt - this involved John crawling inside to fit a tap - not the most flattering photograph and apparently "I had to get a move on as it was bloody hot with his head in there!!!"

Anyway the water butt was completed and put into its place with the guttering - we know it works because it was temporarily in place when the solar panel pipe burst and spewed water from the roof and it all got collected in the butt - so this will be a bonus when it rains because when it does it really does and it used to just pour off the roof like one big wet curtain just outside the bedroom door.

The last job was to put together the 'privacy' panels for the outside shower and it was my job to varnish them - and yes we know that the slats are far enough apart not to provide that much privacy (for some!!) so we will be putting some waterproof fabric on one side to ensure that nothing can be seen and that we are not frightening the neighbours (if and when we get some)!!

We had hoped to get them up this afternoon but we were missing some bits and pieces but unfortunately (or is it crazily?) DIY shops here dont open on a Saturday afternoon!!  We had to go down to Polis this afternoon to get some nibbles for our guests who are coming tomorrow evening and hoped that at least one of the DIY shops might be open but no joy.

No power cuts today so far (fingers crossed) but this wont be a problem for us tonight as I had a cook-fest yesterday afternoon and made a meatloaf and some austrian potato salad which we can have cold.  We are thinking about wandering into the village later for a drink or maybe taking the bike a little further afield.

Another action packed day is coming to a close!!

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