December 2019
1st blustery with rain forecast - quite indifferent.  2nd brighter drier and warmer.  3rd dry and bright. 4th dry and bright - 4.5 duvet went on last night - no real reason!  5th another fabulous day - walking along Latchi harbour in shorts and tshirt!!  6th another great day but rain forecast for next week.  7th after a surprise delivery of logs courtesy of Mum we light the fire tonight although it has been a lovely day.  8th what is supposed to be the last sunny day for a while.  9th - thunder and lightning overnight, torrents of rain this morning and then sunshine.  10th rain overnight and this morning early but dried up for the remainder of the day.  11th rain most of the day.

November 2019
1st indifferent weather.  2nd overnight rain but sunshine most of the day - warm during the day but temperature dropping once the sun has gone down. 3rd slow start but nice day.  4th a really beautiful day. 5th absolutely glorious.  6th another glorious day.  7th absolutely fabulous.  8th another glorious day.  9th another fabulous day - really incredibly warm.  10th another fabulous day.  11th - still fabulous.  12th yep - still great!!  13th - cloufier than of late and very windy on the coast which isn't good as there were lots of big fires around.  14th - rain forecast - no rain but overcast, windy and muggy.  15th - rain overnight and thunderstorm this morning but warm and muggy.  Black as your hat tonight but not sure Droushia has had much rain.  16th - lovely start to the morning and a glorious day - successful village clean completed.  17th - another glorious day and John helps Philippos with olive picking.  18th still shorts and t-shirts during the day but much cooler at night.  19th scorchio during the day - chilly in the evening now.  20th another day like yesterday.  21st fine and dry but cloudier and cooler than yesterday - still shorts and t-shirt during the day - fleece on tonight watching tv.  22nd the days are cooling - we may have to have some supplementary heating in the conservatory tonight!!  23rd hazy sunshine but much cooler, grey clouds over Lysos but no rain.  24th a cool start but another lovely day with some real warmth in the sun.  25th much cooler, sand storm so hazy sunshine and windy this evening - rain forecast for tomorrow.  26th a better day and we avoided the rain which was forecast until 4.00pm.  27th - yuk yuk yuk - thunder lightning and rain rain rain.  28th brighter today with some sun and no rain. 29th bright and breezy but a shower this evening. 30th lots of rain in the night - bright start to the day but then heavy rain lunchtime and grey and miserable in the afternoon.

October 2019
1st  - seems to me that it is hotter today than it has been for a week or so!  2nd - cool evening and early morning, nice day, clouded over a bit late afternoon.  3rd windy and sunny - a terrible combination for sunburn Nicky Kirby!! 4th lovely day 5th another lovely day - temperatures due to change tomorrow.  6th cooler - overcast and looking like rain this morning but brigher later.  7th windy and fresh.  8th less windy but still quite fresh - rain forecast but none came.  9th temperatures up again today.  10th not as hot as yesterday but still a nice day.  11th overcast at times warm and sticky - back to having the fan on at night. 12th very hot today - in the 30s even in Droushia.  13th another warm day.  14th hot and muggy.  15th thunderstorms and light rain - grey and muggy.  16th back to a beautiful day.  17th - another fine and bright day.  18th - looked like rain today and quite indifferent in Droushia - warmer and muggier in Paphos.  19th a beautiful sunrise this morning and another fine warm day - we are forecast rain for most of next week so we need to make the most of it.  20th a slow start which turned into a fine bright and warm day but this is aplparently the calm before the storm - we are forecast a lot of rain next week.  21st bright and warm but cloudier than yesterday.  22nd slightly more cloudly than of late but still warm.  Bad weather over towards Troodos.  23rd thunder rumbling around and spots of rain.  24th mega storm last night knocked out our electricity which didn't return until 1.30 this afternoon.  The weather today though was bright and sunny but with black clouds around and about.  25th - warm and muggy in Paphos but raining in Droushia.  26th lovely day.  27th Clocks changed 2.00am this morning - lovely start to the day - storm in the afternoon - thunder and lightning. 28th bright start but then rain and miserable afternoon.  29th a fine day - slightly cloudy during the afternoon.

September 2019
1st a lovely hot day. 2nd - heavy condensation overnight but a lovely day - fresher than of late - we are in Autumn.  3rd much cooler and more pleasant. 4th muggy and cooler.  5th and 6th changeable weather.  7th cool up here in the hills, hot down on the coast.  8th back to being a hot day.  9th hot.  10th hot I think but I was inside all day decorating!!  11th, warm and sticky.  12th - the same.  13th still very warm.  14th - very hot and sticky down in Tala and on the coast, pouring with rain in Polis and overcast with rumbles of thunder in Droushia.  15th very warm and very windy - is the coptic early??  Rain down Paphos way!.  16th a lovely day with a warm breeze.  17th a super hot day.   18th yet another fabulous day.  19th more of the same.  20th more of the same.  21st cloudier today and rather muggy down on the coast.  22nd getting a little cooler now - pool down to 26 degrees today.  23rd a bright and beautiful day. 24th and 25th slightly more cloudy than of late.  26th a grey and misty start to the day and very cloudy but quite warm.  27th and 28th day sun taking its time to break through the cloud and mist and then a nice warm day.  29th another grey start but lovely day thereafter.  30th hot start, cloudy middle, rolling mist finish!

August 2019
Much cooler last night with heavy condensation so August 1st was fresher but still fine bright and warm. 2nd - hazy windy sultry.  3rd a nice breeze in Droushia but pretty smoggy down towards Paphos. 4th lovely day and super balmy evening.  5th cloudy start, lovely day and warm evening. 6th overcast and muggy.  7th - sunshine and clouds. 8th - hot and sticky.  9th hot and sticky. 10th another heatwave is upon us. 11th and 12th still in the grips of a heatwave.  13th - the hottest day of the year apparently.  14th cloudier and cooler. 15th - some rain last night I think and infinitely cloudier and much cooler. 16th and 17th cool and breezy - escaped rain thankfully.  18th very grey start but warm and breezy. 19th rain around although not in Droushia.  20th fresh and sunny. 21st fresh and sunny again. 22nd another fine and sunny day with a warm mild and condensation free evening.  23rd more of the same.  24th more of the same.  25th another hot day. 26th - the heatwave continues... 27th more of the same... 28th blooming hot down in Paphos.  Cooler in Droushia and a rolling mist tonight brought the temperature down to a more manageable level.  29th another hot and sticky day.  30th another fine dry day.  31st August finishes with a hot sticky day.

July 2019
1st - no sign of this super hot weather changing anytime soon.  2nd another hot day. 3rd another hot day but more breeze thankfully.  4th not so much breeze today - bloomin' hot.  5th more of the same wall to wall sunshine. 6th and 7th super hot. 8th and 9th even hotter. 10th too hot to do anything.  11th - hot during the day but windy and cooler in the evening.  12th overcast muggy and looking like rain, windy and cold this evening! 13th and 14th sunny but fresher than it has been thanks to the weather last night.  15th we were woken at around 4.00am by rain!!!! cool and fresh today - let's hope it clears before Saturday. 16th back to the weather we would expect this time of the year - full moon and lunar eclipse tonight.  17th fresher and very windy but warm.  Rain forecast later this evening.  18th windy and cooler with some spots of rain!  19th - our anniversary - back to being hot.  20th hot hot hot.  21st hot hot hot although reading the news the UK is not far behind.  22nd super hot still.  23rd still scorchio! 24th ditto and 25th ditto, 26th and 27th the same. 28th - hot but with more of a breeze.  Hazel was supposed to return home yesterday but she rang this morning still here having been put up overnight at the Azia - we went down to see her of course! 29th and 30th no let up in the heatwave. 31st more breeze today thankfully but still hot.

June 2019
The weather is now much more what we would expect - on 8th it was hot hot hot.  9th thunder around and apparently quite heavy rain down in Latchi at one point - hot and humid here.  10th - strange start to the day but ended up being very hot.  11th, 12th, 13th - hot but unsettled - some thunder rolling around and evenings clouding up and cool.  14th hot and sticky and thunder again in paphos.  15th - very hot morning cloud and thunder in the early afternoon - no rain here but a right old storm in Latchi. 16th started out bright and then it was like a monsoon with rain, wind, hail, thunder and lightning followed by full sunshine. 17th and 18th grey rolling mist starts, sunshine during the day and rain at night. 19th/20th/21st much brighter but quite windy and with grey starts.  22nd hot and sticky.  23rd scorchio and 24th even more scorchio! 25th - super scorchio!  26th gripped by the heatwave. 27th and 28th hot hot hot, 29th and 30th the heatwave continues.

May 2019
1st - it RAINED!!! 2nd - a lovely day. 3rd - changeable and we had some RAIN!  4th a warm and sunny day - chilly in the evening.  5th warm and windy.  6th a rather indifferent day. 7th breezy but warm. 8th still not settled - bright but not overly warm.  9th strange weather - pouring with rain in Argaka - bright and breezy in Latchi, no rain in Droushia!! 10th - a warm day.  11th - so-so day but rolling mists at night.  12th - a lovely day.  13th fabulous day - Summer is here!! 14th glorious. 15th another beautiful day - hotter even than yesterday. 16th glorious, 17th muggier and cloudier.  18th looked like rain in the morning but improved. 19th - a much better day. 20th scorchio!! 21st lovely day.

April 2019
1st - heavy rain overnight but a bright start but still cold - we had a fire as Di and Rob were coming around.  2nd dry during the day then rain later still chilly and indoors very cool.  3rd heavy storms all day. 4th bright morning then clouded over - nice sunshine down at Paphos. 5th - bright down on the coast.  Chilly in the evening.  6th very bright start and then rain in the afternoon and heavy rain during the night. 7th - a nice fine day all day. 8th Glorious!!!  9th not such a nice day. 10th started well then heavy showers. 11th - a bright and fine and warm day.  12th a nice warm day.  13th a hazy warm day and a muggy warm and windy night.  14th lovely day but very windy - a warm one though. 15th grey damp miserable, rolling mists WE LIT A FIRE!!!  16th - stormy in the morning and then bright sunny and warm.  17th warm and bright I SWAM IN THE POOL!!  18th another nice warm day. 19th - came through rain in Kathikas en route to Coral Bay but then the sun shone and it was lovely.  20th - MASSIVE HAIL STORM in the morning followed by dry bright and warm day although wind is a bit keen. 21st same as yesterday MASSIVE HAIL STORM in the morning followed by dry bright and warm day although wind is a bit keen.  22nd - a lovely day but a cool wind.  23rd - another lovely day. 24th a glorious day but some sand in the atmosphere later on.  25th a lovely day.  26th - sand in the atmosphere so muggy and warm - thick fog tonight.  27th - rain first thing and then a glorious day.  28th another lovely day.  29th - glorious again.  30th - THE DUVET COMES OFF.

March 2019
A dry day - bright but with a cold wind.  2nd - bright start before it deteriorated. 3rd sunshine and showers - mainly showers.  4th - heavy morning rain gave way to bright spells.  5th a glorious day. 6th a beautiful day.  7th - another nice day. 8th the sunshine continues. 9th another bright day.  10th grey start but turned out nice again!  11th another nice day. 12th warm but with a sort of dust haze. 13th rain forecast but a dry fine and bright day until early evening and then thunder and no electricity! 14th - a glorious day.  15th storms all around and terrible rain, hail, thunder and lightning tonight.  16th a bright start, storms in the afternoon although bright sunny and warm down in Polis. 17th dry and bright but with a real nip to the wind.  18th - sunny but again the wind was very cold. 19th a better day down on the coast at least.  20th lovely day in part.  21st glorious.  22nd another lovely day.  23rd a lovely day. 24th bright start and then awful storms including snow and hail.  25th dry and bright but with a cold wind.  26th - bright start, clouded over and get chilly lunchtime and then brightened up again but cold at night.  27th hail and thunder to start bright breezy and cold thereafter.  28th - bright and breezy but no rain.  29th dry during the day but stormy at night. 30th - on the day that the clocks change we had a dry morning but it deteriorated into more cold wet damp misty shite!  31st - British Summer Time - no shit - it is still cold wet and miserable.

February 2019
1st Dry today and some bright spells so hopefully this augurs well for the rest of the month.  2nd a much brighter day than of late, warm in the sun but chilly when not.  3rd super start, lots of sunshine and some cloud but on balance a good day.  4th a lovely day. 5th glorious but a warm wind and some dust.  6th lovely day but a wild and windy night and more dust.  7th dry some bright spells but chilly in the wind.  8th changeable but enough sun for hot water.  9th changeable start and then deteriorated to stormy.  10th much brighter and sunnier.  11th bright but cold.  12th grey and cold in Droushia, warm and sunny in Paphos.  13th hot in Paphos, bright and cool in Droushia, heavy rain overnight.  14th - stormy.  15th brighter.  16th grim - rolling mists grey and wet. 17th slightly warmer.  18th glorious. 19th bright at times and cloudy - chilly at night.  20th a glorious day.  21st - good start then deteriorated fast.  22nd a warm day in Paphos then thunder storms.  23rd we are blighted by bright starts and then storms at the moment.  24th bright start but deteriorated badly - hail storms and driving rain.  25th a lovely day albeit a bit windy.  26th back to being shitty with thunderstorms and rolling mists. 27th freezing in Droushia at 9 degrees but warm down in Paphos at 21 degrees.  28th some bright spells but still really cold.

January 2019
We start a new year with thunder and lightning and torrential rain followed by some sunshine. 2nd - no other way to describe it but shite from start to finish.  3rd - a brief bright start then stormy and then just grey.  4th grey and wet and miserable in Droushia - some bright spells in Paphos.  5th bright start but deteriorated and was chilly - washing in and out like a fiddler's elbow😕.  6th woke to a heavy hail storm, high winds and thunder.  The weather is taking its toll on the house and on us. 7th is another fiddler's elbow day or is it whore's drawers?  whatever it is bloody freezing.  8th - heavy storms overnight including a powercut and more bitterly cold and wet weather.  9th - we had SNOW overnight but a bright day although bitterly cold.  10th - bright start but clouded over by lunch time - washing out and back in once again.  11th - the second nice day in a row.  12th - another fine and bright day although not so nice as yesterday.  13th woke to thunder storms and heavy rain, rollings mists, reduced visibility and flooding on our way to Emba. 14th - foul and got worse as the day went on by the time we went to bed gale force winds, driving rain and rolling mists.  15th absolutely appalling - words fail me.  16th stormy overnight and this morning, dryer this afternoon but very chilly.  17th a glorious day of wall to wall sunshine - although chilly once the sun went down.  18th another bright day although not as bright as yesterday.  19th bright start but deteriorated to rain.  20th - bright start, indifferent afternoon but no rain.  21st a lovely bright day unexpectedly.  22nd bright start, some rain and then clouded over, 23rd a bright day and very warm down in Paphos.  24th very very windy and bitterly cold.  25th the island is now gripped by a sandstorm.  26th the sandstorm means it is slightly warmer although not much so.  27th - terrible storms overnight, hail like ball bearings hitting the shutters and then thunder and heavy rain - cleared to a bright day.  28th - like yesterday rain overnight but fine and dry during the day.  29th - cold and grey.  30th stormy start - settled later but very cold.  31st grey and miserable again.

December 2018
After a couple of stormy days December 1st was a lovely day - we had enough hot water to shower late morning and for me to wash up after our evening meal.  2nd a warm start but then drizzly rain in the afternoon.  3rd dry bright and breezy. 4th shitty horrible grey and stormy.  5th storms continue and we light the woodburner.  6th shitty and horrible.  7th a much brighter day all round. 8th bright spells but also some rain.  9th brighter than expected - rain in Paphos this evening. 10th - overnight storms and power outages - high winds, rain and more outages later.  11th - more power outages and storms with some sunshine thrown in.  12th - bright start - abysmal end. 13th a glorious day.  14th shitty start but better finish.  15th absolutely glorious, 16th another nice day although not quite so warm as yesterday and quite windy from about lunchtime onwards. 17th - weather warnings issued today - not bloody surprised as it rained torrents today.  18th bright and warm until late afternoon then it deteriorated badly.  19th - absolutely foul all night - stormy today with some dry spells but not many. 20th and 21st warm and sunny.  22nd another bright day but cold night so the 4.5 togger went on the bed!  23rd lovely and Christmas Eve absolutely stunning. Christmas Day bright but cooler and then in the evening the wind got up and the rain came and it was horrible.  26th calm and dry today.  27th - bright start until about 11.00 then it deteriorated badly and I mean badly.  28th bloody freezing overnight and I mean that literally as the temperature at 8.00am this morning was only 5 degrees.  A bright sunny day - warm in Paphos.  29th ok day - nothing special.  30th we had everything chucked at us.  31st - New Years Eve a bright and sunny day.

November 2018
1st absolutely glorious. 2nd glorious. 3rd - a glorious day in Droushia but on going to the coast it was swathed in a sand storm and wild, warm and windy.  4th - overcast (due to a fire I think) and windy.  5th lovely. 6th another lovely day.  7th yet another lovely day.  8th - bright start - then RAIN.  9th some rain in Emba and 10th quite bright.  11th bright and reasonably warm.  12th a lovely day but didn't really notice as we were bringing Charlie home and keeping him in.  13th a bright start to the day and then heavy rain this afternoon.  14th back to being bright and quite warm.  15th another bright day but very windy overnight.  16th and 17th bright but cool in the house in the afternoon so gas fire lit to keep Charlie warm.  18th another bright day.  19th a really warm day but chilly evening.  20th down in Paphos where it was lovely and warm.  21st overcast and some rain today in Droushia.  22nd not sure as in the community office weaving but thunder and lightning for a short while tonight.  23rd stormy.  24th - lovely day today although the wind is keen - I am in shorts and a short sleeved top - I think maybe my hormones are helping!!! 25th sunny but getting cooler.  26th - warm enough to eat outside in Latchi!  27th warm and sunny.  28th sunny and warm again.  29th cooler but still not bad - rumblings of thunder and dark clouds but no rain - well that was the situation when I posted but as the evening went on the weather deteriorated and we had a right old thunder storm with torrents of rain. 30th - one word for this the last day of November - STORMY!!!!

October 2018
1st A cooler start after last night's rain but turned into a lovely day
2nd glorious day once again but chilly this evening.  3rd glorious.  4th glorious.  5th glorious. 6th glorious.  7th another lovely day.
8th RAIN and bucket loads!!!!  9th very indifferent, 10th rather grey in Droushia, some rain and some thunder - 11th much the same - really poor for October.  12th more settled. 13th bright day but thunder rumbling around - avoided the rain.  14th - lovely day.  15th good start - thunder and rain around lunchtime - cool.  16th - ok but some threatening clouds around lunchtime - no rain thank goodness - warm down in Emba - Joyce and David return to the UK.  17th indifferent and some rain!  18th - woke to a half light as we have a sandstorm - sultry and warm then some thunder in the afternoon.  19th warm and sunny.  20th bright start then thunder and lightning and heavy rain.  21st - changeable, breezy sometimes sunny sometimes threatening rain!  22nd sun and cloud.  23rd warn and sunny.  24th bright breezy and changeable - apparently there is a huge storm brewing tonight.  25th - the storm came last night - twice - short and sharp but quite devastating.  Today has been bright and very breezy.  26th cold start - only 10 degrees outside first thing!  Bright day - weather improving after Storm Oriste passes through thick throw put on bed today. 
27th a beautiful bright day.  28th glorious day but with the clock change it all gets cooler earlier and darker - this is for the last time though as the clock change is being dispensed with.
29th - absolutely glorious and 30th the same and conservatory 20 degrees when we went to bed! 31st glorious.  A much better end to October than the middle!

September  2018
1st scorchio
2nd - Kaye's birthday - another beautiful day
3rd even hotter - over 40 degrees down on the coast. 4th blooming scorchio!  5th another glorious day.
6th cloudy cooler but still muggy
7th cool cloudy and threatening rain - 8th rumbles of thunder and a few spots of rain on way back from Polis.
9th - rain today - a bright start and a bright finish but a thunder storm in between.
10th - bright start then changeable - 11th the same and 12th.
13th - bright and breezy
14th cool and changeable
15th warmer and more settled.
16th cool start then glorious. 17th scorchio.  18th scorchio too.  19th even hotter.  20th as yesterday 21st phew!  22nd even hotter - temps above 30 - 23rd hot still - 24th the same and 25th and 26th.
27th somewhat overcast around lunchtime and it felt damp in the air - glorious by the time we got to Paphos.
28th sweltering.  29th sweltering
30th overcast cooler and rain in the evening.

August 2018
Rolling mist start, unsettled and looked like rain at times - WEIRD
2nd back to being scorchio as was 3rd and 4th
5th warm and windy.
6th a grim grey start to the day and then warm but again very windy.
7th and 8th same strange start to the day but then warm with cool evenings.
9th scorchio and 10th and 11th and 12th and 13th annd 14th and 15th and 16th
17th and 18th very cool starts, very hot days, cool ends. 19th the same and 20th
21st really hot and sticky 22nd the same and 23rd - 24th lovely day but very cool in the evening and lots of condensation.  25th warm days and cool nights. 26th and 27th rain forecast but never came although the clouds threatened.  28th - spent most of it at Paphos A&E so not entirely sure but it felt warm in there!
29th overcast and indifferent in Droushia, sticky and muggy down in Paphos.  30th cool and overcast but 31st glorious.

July 2018
1st is changeable - the weather is bonkers - all the sunshine is in the UK!  2nd the weather much more like we would expect.  3rd blooomin' hot ditto on 4th - 5th and 6th are scorchio! 7th and 8th even more scorchio! 9th and 10th hot weather continues. 11th and 12th hot but more windy. 13th and 14th super hot - 40 degrees in the shade! 15th more of the same.  Temperatures soaring so 16th over 44 degrees in the shade! 17th and 18th still scorchio.  19th and 20th grey and misty starts - hot and windy during the day. 21st and 22nd glorious. 23rd and 24th warm and windy.  25th and 26th - very cloudy starts, warm days and balmy evenings. 27th-29th - chilly mornings and evenings - looking like rain but then nice in the day. 30th - grey start, warm day but still windy.  31st same as yesterday -unsettled.

June 2018
June is most definitely not flaming - the first two days have been stormy and wet.  3rd - warmer and dry but windy.  4th - snow in the Troodos!!!  5th absolutely glorious. 6th scorchio!!! 7th fabulous. 8/9 glorious - 10th cloudy start and finish but hot in between.  11th - stormy - hot and muggy - heavy rain this evening.  Storms overnight then 12th was cloudy and unsettled but warm and muggy.  13th - 15th very hot again.  16th - cloudy and changeable with a few spots of rain and some strong winds. 17th - unsettled and some rain. 18th - some heavy rain overnight and very unsettled and stormy again today - this is most unlike June. 19th - 23rd June very unsettled.  24th still unsettled - need a storm to clear things. 25th-27th back to what we would expect for this time of year - scorchio!  28th a grey start and unsettled today - warmer down on the coast but up in Droushia this evening it looked like rain. 29th-30th changeable and even a few spots of rain!

May 2018
Weather absolutely scorchio.  2nd another glorious day - clouds bubbling up over the hills. 3rd hot and beautiful, 4th rather more unsettled - very hot and sticky - need a storm. 5th strange weather, cooler cloudy and rolling mists.  6th - a grey and damp start and windy - then brightened up to a nice day and we had our lunch outside - grey again this evening. 7th - overcast day and then heavy rain tonight.  8th - last night we had the worst storm we have ever had over here with hail, rain, thunder, lightning the works today started cool, improved and now tonight it is grey and cool again. 9th - more storms last night but not anything like the night before - a grey start to the day but improved.  10th brighter today. 24th absolutely beautiful.  25th-27th a little unsettled but warm.

April 2018
1st - glorious.  2nd a lovely day but cloudy and cool in Droushia this evening. 3rd a beautiful day. 4th lovely and 5th lovely.  6th another glorious day.  7th wall to wall sunshine 8th - Easter Sunday, cool and changeable. 9th Easter Monday chilly.  10th bright but cool.  11th - a much nicer day today but clouded over this afternoon and looked like rain. 12th muggy and warm.  13th a clear bright and beautiful day.  14th Glorious.  15th and 16th super hot.  17th and 18th still super hot. 19th hot and muggy but a definite change.  20th overcast cool and very windy - possible rain. 21st bright and breezy, 22nd warmer, 23rd glorious.  24th absolutely lovely.  25th muggy and warm. 26th 27th and 28th all glorious. 29th - temperatures more like mid summer and tonight the pool was 24 degrees! 30th another stunning day.

March 2018
Sorry that the weather has been missing for the last few weeks.  So far March has been a pretty good month - the last couple of days 19/20 we have had a coptic so warm winds and some sand in the air.  21st - a very hot day.  24th after lovely weather for days today was stormy and cool.  25th the most horrendous stand storm. 26th a lot of the sand seems to have gone but by lunchtime you could no longer see the mountains or the sea.  27th, hot and still sand about. 28th, a bit miserable and rain this afternoon.  29th absolutely appalling - storms and gales in the night and storms and gales and rain and hail today.  30th a brighter warmer and more spring-like day.  31st glorious

February 2018
A lovely day for the first of the month.  2nd - another beautiful day - a bit of cloud lunchtime but other than that wall to wall sunshine. 3rd another lovely day.  4th - a slow start for the sun to burn off the cloud but warm, clear and dry.  5th - a grey and overcast start made way for a lovely day.  6th a truly glorious day up in Droushia - cloudier down towards Emba.  7th very warm but the island is somewhat blanketed by a sandstorm which we get this time of year so visibility is not good.  8th smelly Thursday rain overnight  and overcast and damp trip to flamingos in Limassol.  9th a brighter start and a brighter dry day today.  10th warm but overcast - still dust around.  11th rolling mists, windy rain overnight - coptic storm!  12th the haboob continues - due to clear by Wednesday, cool and overcast. 13th grey and cold in Droushia, warm and sunny in Emba.  14th bright start but soon cooled and was grey overcast and chilly.  15th another bright start but cold and chilly later.  16th - YUK sand in the atmosphere again so very heavy and oppressive but not that cold. 17th super stormy today. 18th - glorious - wall to wall sunshine all day. 19th bright start but got cool and cloudy later.  20th chilly and some showers. 21st bright and warm start then thunder storms and hail!!  22nd glorious down in Paphos. 23rd nice in Paphos, storms in Droushia, thunder lightning and hail.  24th village clean glorious weather.

January 2018
1st, bright start, clouded over mid morning then bright and sunny again.  2nd, sunshine and cloud. 3rd rain, sun then rain again.  4th stormy.  5th stormy wet and miserable.  6th sunny and warm - a beautiful day. 7th a glorious day.  8th a bright start but clouded over lunchtime and quite cold this evening.  9th fairly warm and sunny.  10th bright and sunny on the coast, cloudy and cool in Droushia. 11th another fine and dry day - washing dried on line.  12th warm dry and bright in Emba today.  13th - rain forecast but none came - quite a nice dry and sunny day - even got washing dried! Spoke too soon - massive thunderstorm and short power outage this evening.  14th - the storm rumbled in and out all night and was with us first thing but then it cleared and was reasonably bright but cold.  15th although dry and bright it is considerably nippy.  16th Some rain and some sun - not overly warm.  17th storms in the night and sunshine and showers through the day.  18th - foul, wet windy and rolling mists all day.  19th - glorious compared to yesterday.  20th another glorious day.  21st another nice day - not as clear bright and warm as yesterday.  22nd - cool start then deteriorated to wet and windy. 23rd terrible storms overnight then brighter - nice down in Latchi but rain and mists in Droushia.  24th grey and miserable.  25th - monsoon conditions - trip to Limassol postponed - flooding in Paphos then sunshine but raining again now in Droushia. 26th - a much brighter day all round - such a shame that it wasn't like this yesterday.  27th - really wet first thing so cancelled the clean, brighter later but unsettled and cool, sunny down in Polis!  28th dry and bright.  29th very dry and bright but cold at night. 30th - a glorious day.  31st - started bright and then clouded over - no chance to see the eclipse and probably no chance of seeing the special moon tonight.

1st - lovely bright day, 2nd another bright day - washing out and dried on the line and enough hot water for a good shower.  3rd - another bright day - the calm before the storm that is forecast for later in the week. 4th - warm and sunny during the day - chilly in the evening.  5th a bright start - I was too warmly dressed for our Xmas shopping at the Mall - weather deteriorated as the day went on - cool and very windy this evening. 6th Coptic storm = cold and snow on Troodos.  7th beautiful bright day but cold.  8th another lovely bright day. 9th another good day.  10th overcast but reasonably warm for December. 11th back to sunny day and cool night.  11th another bright day - lovely hot water this afternoon for showers after pickleball. 12th another glorious day.13th lovely. 14th changeable rain overnight.  15th bright in Emba - dry in Droushia but cool.  16th fairly warm for December - dry and cloudy.  17th rain this morning but only a little then brighter.  18th mild and warm.  19th more overcast and grey today.  20th - a bright and warm day today.  21st absolutely glorious.  22nd overcast, muggy, warm and windy. 23rd - weird, sandstorm, windy, muggy then storms and pouring rain in the evening.  24th - very changeable and stormy later.  25th glorious sun but chilly wind.  26th - glorious and HOT.  27th another beautiful day.  28th rain first thing then bright and breezy.  29th cool damp start, warm sunny finish.  30th stormy.  31st stormy.

A brighter day but there is still a chill in the air.  2nd - bright day but that means chilly when the sun sets.  3rd fairly bright but clouded over lunchtime - not sure about the afternoon as down in Emba.  4th - poured with rain in the night - so much so it woke us but day bright spells, some cloud, more rain forecast. 5th Terrible storms in the night - windy and cool today with heavy showers and some sunshine -  Gas fire lit as mum and dad coming for lunch, large throw on the bed on top of the 4.5 togger.  Changeable - no rain at least!  7th - bright and breezy, 8th same as yesterday 9th and 10th glorious - I lied - it is blooming raining tonight! 11th bright day after last night's rain.  12th another lovely day. 13th very warm and windy - sandstorm from Sahara forecast.  14th rain this morning but then a nice day. 15th still hazy but a reasonable day - ate lunch outside with Dip and Karen. 16th glorious.  17th another glorious day.  18th - the calm before the storm apparently - fabulous day for visitors Amanda and Jay. 19th cooler day.  20th stormy, rain and thunderstorms.  21st Dreadful storms overnight and much cooler temperatures. 22nd - early morning temperature was in single figures but it was a lovely bright day.  23rd Droushia day out - in shorts down at the zoo.  24th - cold start, bright day, cold finish.  25th quite grey and chilly.  26th a much brighter and warmer day. 27th bright start cool finish - looked like rain and became windy.  28th - blooming horrible, wet, stormy and cold.  29th Chilly - rained in the night and some spots during the day.  30th - brighter but we were due to be out and ended up in so we lit the fire today for the first time.

1st nice day, 2nd another nice day with the family here and everyone in the pool.   3rd a little bit warmer than yesterday. 4th warm day but rather more cloudy than yesterday. 5th - similar to yesterday. 6th fine, 7th cool and cloudy in Droushia but nice on the coast, 8th RAIN AND THUNDER.  9th Cloudy day but not too bad. 10th cloudy in Droushia but warm and sunny down in Emba.  11th sunshine and clouds. 12th bright and sunny day means cool clear night.  Same as yesterday! 14th - a really beautiful day.  15th - glorious morning and then clouded over mid afternoon.  16th Glorious day.  17th another glorious day.  18th yet another glorious day.  19th another glorious day... and again on 20th.  21st another lovely day although a bit more cloudy than yesterday.  22nd cloudier today - hot in the sun but this afternoon some dark clouds made it cooler and look like there was rain around. 23rd mmmmm looks like the forecasters might be right - rain is on the way.  24th - the weather is changing - rain tonight!!!! 25th torrents of rain and thunder and lightning, 26th wet start but warmed up and a lovely evening but then we were down in Paphos!   27th not so nice.  28th rain nearly all day - clean up cancelled.  29th Monsoon conditions. 30th brighter - sunshine and cloud - chilly.  31st brighter but unsettled but enough hot water for us to shower after sport today.

1st - much warmer again today - no humidity or condensation in the evening. 2nd another hot day. 3rd still very hot. 4th lovely day. 5th hot but got cold and windy in the evening. 6th - cool and cloudy then very windy and chilly this evening - tea indoors. 7th back to being hot.  8th lovely again. 9th lovely again. 10th the heatwave continues.  11th the heatwave goes on.  12th - the heatwave continues, 13th still bloomin' hot. 14th more of the same but cool with lots of condensation this evening. 15th hot.  16th a cooler start and cloudier - much nicer for celebrating John's 50th.  17th strange overcast and humid and hot.  18th still odd, very claggy - grateful for the cool of Droushia! 19th and 20th more of the same - muggy and cloudy.  21st very hot again and windy (not good for the fire that raged just below Di and Rob but now thankfully under control ).  22nd cooler and windy and quite stormy looking this evening.  23rd looked like rain this morning - very windy all day until this evening when it has calmed down - sun came through about lunchtime and then it was hot.  24th - bright start and then clouded over at lunchtime. 25th ok day but cool evening.  26th warmer again. 27th cool start but lovely day then cool evening, 28th same as yesterday. 29th another warm day - cooler starts and ends. 30th the same as yesterday.

1st and 2nd hot as you would expect.  3rd very hot on our day out but when we returned to Paphos it was cloudy and looked like rain!  4th - grey start but sun burned off the clouds.  5th stormy and humid.  6th RAIN - 7th muggy and some spots of rain this afternoon.  8th muggy.  9th back to normal for August - Hot! 10th hot - 11th hot and windy.  12th Cloudy start and cloudy end. 13th same as yesterday.  14th ditto 15th as yesterday 16th as before but lovely cool evenings now.   17th very windy today and very cool tonight.  18th looked for all the world like it might rain this morning but it cleared - very very heavy condensation this morning.  19th still unsettled - rain in Paphos this morning.  20th sticky and muggy.  21st overcast start but warm day. 22nd - still unsettled. 23rd more like it should be for this time of the year. 24th - a lovely day with a fabulous warm and balmy evening.  25th SCORCHIO.  26th more of the same.  27th very hot. 28th and 29th warm days but cool evenings again. 30th and 31st - hot days and cool nights - feeling autumnal in the mornings.

JULY 2017
1st July too hot, 2nd July temperatures hitting 42 degrees at lunchtime in Drouseia.  Cyprus is officially the hottest place in the Med and on 3rd July it didn't look like changing - temps in 40s again.  4th - very hot once again. 5th misty start and cooler today much more bearable.  6th hot again for our Drouseian Day Out.  7th hot and muggy down in Emba.  8th still very hot. 9th another very hot day.  10th continuing hot.  11th still hot.  12th the heatwave returns.  13th heatwave continues.  14th still very hot.  15th still hot hot hot.  16th hot hot hot.  17th hot, sticky and overcast in the afternoon.  18th hot and sticky and then cooler and windy this evening.  19th - our 26th anniversary - slightly cooler and windier - actually cold at the Hotel!!  20th Warm again. 21st hot and sticky and muggy.  22nd same as yesterday. 23rd and 24th - hot and sticky.  25th the heatwave is back with increased temperatures.  26th - very hot - 27th hot and windy - not good for the fire in Giolou.  28th generally cooler and a bit more cloud here in Droushia.  29th hot and 30th hot.  31st - the end of July - hot!

JUNE 2017
1st warm and sunny but still quite windy. 2nd glorious. 3rd and 4th lovely. 5th lovely. 6th lovely. 7th scorchio.  8th more scorchio. 9th hot and muggy, windy tonight in Drouseia.  10th sandstorm start hot and muggy clearer later. 11th a lovely day for Abi and Jordan.  12th another lovely day.  13th lovely.  14th storms forecast did not materialise and we spent the day on Pomos beach.  15th glorious. 16th glorious.  17th - we are having a heatwave.  18th Father's Day - warm and windy.  19th strange weather, overcast, windy, muggy, looked like rain at times.  20th - looked like rain this morning but cleared and was hot and sticky.  21st IT RAINED but then cleared and was lovely. 22nd and a lovely day.  23rd glorious.  24th very hot. 25th absolutely scorchio.  26th even more scorchio.  27th hot hot hot.  28th hot hot hot again.  29th v v v v hot. 30th even John's Peugeot balked in the heat today giving a warning that the engine was too hot after I had driven back from Pickleball.

MAY 2017
3rd - lovely day, 4th lovely day - even swam in the pool where Steve and Kim are staying in Polis. 5th - thundery hot and sticky - 6th fine and bright - rolling mists tonight.  7th a bit stormy - unsettled. 8th getting warmer. 9th very hot and very humid - in the 30s even here.  10th lovely, 11th misty and windy start but lovely afternoon. 12th lovely day still sitting outside with Mike at 10.00pm.  13th Needed the fan last night!  Warm and sticky.  14th hot and sticky and blowing a gale tonight - no duvet now.  15th unusually hot for this time of year. 16th very hot and sticky.  17th more overcast and sticky today.  Wet and windy for mums birthday.  Wild and stormy.  Cold wet and windy. 21st brighter and dry and sunny.  22nd back to cold and wet and windy - clearing this evening.  23rd misty start and brighter day.  24th back to normal for this time of year.  25th Hazy but warm on our mystery day out. 26th - a lovely day. 27th glorious day. 28th another lovely day.  29th still not settled.  30th warm and sunny. 31st still not settled some sun and some clouds and twice it looked like it was going to rain.

APRIL 2017
1st probably grey and miserable in Droushia but we chased the sun and got burnt down at Latchi!  2nd, A warm day down in Emba - we went to Sonny's for Mum and Dad's 62nd anniversary and we are down to a 4togger duvet tonight. 3rd bright and dry but wind still cool.  8th April - freezing, cold and grey. 10th - much brighter and warmer, 11th warmer still.13th - grim start then warm day followed by grim end. 14th chilly and stormy. 15th glorious. 16th a nice day but a very foggy evening. 17th another nice day. 18th changeable. 19th lovely day - cool night.  20th glorious.  21st very windy and warm.  22nd scorchio. 23rd blowing a gale and much cooler than yesterday - the pool was covered in bugs. 24th back to being beautiful. 25th glorious. 26th lovely.  Not there for a few days.

MARCH 2017
1st Heavyish rain in the night, fine and bright day, very windy on coast, sand laden haze.  2nd some sun, lots of cloud, chilly wind then rain this evening. Had to light the fire tonight! . Massive storm in the night - knocked the trip on the PV panels which we didn't realise until we got home from PB - cool cloudy start to the day then brighter this afternoon. 4th glorious, 5th glorious and we actually generated more electricity than we would normally consume! 6th glorious, 7th glorious, 8th - bright start, cloudy afternoon and then rolling mists late afternoon.  9th coptic winds - sand in the atmosphere and some rain for my birthday.  March 10th sandstorms.  March 11th Foul. 12th even worse. 13th still cold and unsettled.  14th No rain but cool and the wind is a bit sharp.  15th brighter but still changeable - a spot of rain this morning but then sunshine. 16th changeable again and cold out of the sun.  17th - still cold but no rain today. 18th grey start but then glorious day.  19th glorious day but chilly evening. 20th glorious but cold in the evening.  21st same as yesterday.  22nd overcast grey and cool.  23rd glorious for our Drouseian Day Out. 24th even more glorious.  25th Fabulous. 26th Mother's Day just lovely. 27th much cooler today although there was some sun this afternoon it kept feeling like it was going to rain. 28th - strange almost like there was a dust storm - brighter this afternoon. 29th sunny but cold wind. 30th - a little rain this morning, followed by warmer weather about lunchtime and then cloudy again this afternoon.  31st - stormy - thunder lightning and rain this evening.

1st was a dry day, sunny with a cold evening -2nd and 3rd the same. 4th much cooler and cloudier. 6th rain in early morning and then fine and bright all day, 7th wall to wall sunshine, 8th stormy start and then fabulous. 9th great start then clouded over lunchtime then clear again.  10th - rain... 11th - strange weather - sand in the air it would seem.  12th - glorious!  13th - some overnight rain - bright start but cloudy at times.  14th bright but very cold. 15th - very cold start but bright day, 16th bright but cold and exceptionally windy.  17th as yesterday.  18th not so nice - started out brightly enough but clouded over early afternoon. 19th as yesterday. 20th as yesterday 21st a ditto day, 22nd another ditto day - 23rd a perfect perfect day to visit the Troodos, 24th another lovely day, 25th the same!  Thinking about stopping lighting the fire now... 26th another glorious day.  27th CLEAN MONDAY - grey start and then lovely. 28th warm muggy overcast and a few spots of rain this evening.

Rain up till 14th when Jane and John returned then lovely until snow on 27th then fine days and cold nights.

22nd December
16mm of rain forecast - woke to thunder - day cleared for a while - thunder to finish

21st December
back to wet, grey and cold

20th December
brighter day

19th December

18th December
much brighter and therefore much colder at night

17th December
Wet all day

16th December
Damp day for the jingle

15th December
a brighter day all round

14th December
wet start, brighter later

13th December
wet wet wet for us in Droushia

12th December
rain this morning early, sunshine and clouds

11th December
standard sunshine and cloud - warm in the sun, cold out of it

10th December
clouds and sunshine

9th December
just a normal winters day sunshine and clouds

8th December
torrential rain this morning - no idea about the rest of the day as was in the Mall

7th December
another bright day - Christmas Ladies Lunch at the Hotel

6th December
Lovely bright day - cold night!

5th December
Thunderstorm this morning, bright but cool then black as your hat this evening

4th December
cold start, bright day, cold finish

3rd December
Bright sunny but cold

2nd December
Eventually the rain has stopped but cool and windy

1st December
wet and horrid

30th November
absolutely horrible, storms, thunder and lightning and hail

29th November
cold, wet and windy

28th November
chilly start, warm day, chilly finish

27th November
cold start, lovely day, chilly finish

26th November
unbelievably warm

25th November
yet another glorious day

24th November
another glorious day

23rd November
another lovely day

22nd November
not quite so bright - muggy and overcast

21st November
another beautiful day

20th November
yet another lovely day

19th November
just glorious

18th November
just lovely for this time of year - no fire tonight

17th November
brighter and warmer today - lit the fire as we were home early and having a boxset bingefest!

16th November
a little rain this morning - much cooler

15th November - happy birthday Janice
another lovely day

14th November
another lovely day

13th November
Cooler and cloudier -fire lit for visitors

12th November
warm day cool evening

11th November
cloudier and cooler than it has been but lovely in Latchi until about 3.00 when it clouded over

10th November
looked like rain lunchtime but it didn't come - warm day and warm evening - particularly as we were in Larnaca

9th November
lovely warm day - breezy warm wind tonight

8th November
as yesterday

7th November
as yesterday

6th November
bright day and cool night like yesterday

5th November
bright day, cool night

4th November
A bright day and I got washing dried on the line

3rd November
Brighter and warmer but evening temperature drops so panel heaters on

2nd November
Bright but cold - conservatory heater on and gas fire on to take chill off of the house

1st November
OMG what a storm in the night

31st October
cold and grey

30th October
The clocks have changed and so has the weather, windy cool, rolling mist start - warm during the day much cooler at night - dark by 6.00

29th October - CLOCKS CHANGE
another fabulous day

28th October
another glorious day

27th October

26th October
a lovely lovely day down in Latchi

25th October
hot and sticky in Paphos

24th October
rolling mists to start, sunshine and cloud - thunder down in Paphos

23rd October
as yesterday

22nd October
another lovely day

21st October
glorious day

20th October
A lovely day to be celebrating Di and Rob's wedding anniversary

19th October
started well but looked like rain and then much cooler at night

18th October
Nice day but getting cooler

17th October
slightly cooler but still mid 20s in Tala this afternoon

16th October
the weather was lovely for this time of year - the rest of the day not quite so good.

15th October
glorious day

14th October
as yesterday

13th October
cooler today but still lovely - balmy evening

12th October
Greyish start but glorious thereafter - weird sand laden sunset

11th October
Lovely day

10th October
Once again a nice start but clouded over

9th October
Nice start, clouded over around lunchtime - cooler

8th October
Beautiful day

7th October
Lovely day - cooler

6th October
good start but clouded over this evening

5th October

4th October
Another fabulous day

3rd October
Just fabulous

2nd October
Glorious again

1st October
Absolutely scorchio

30th September

29th September
A day at the beach

28th September
Lovely day - John went in the pool!

27th September
Bright day, cool evening

26th September
No Water AGAIN - changeable but when the sun was out it was lovely

25th September
Cooler at night so had a throw on the bed but lovely day - I went for a swim!

24th September
Cool start but glorious day

23rd September
very black start but turned into a lovely day

22nd September
Cool and overcast in Droushia

21st September
rain overnight cooler and fresher

20th September
Glorious for the boat trip - looked like rain in Droushia on our return but nothing happened.

19th September
another glorious day

18th September
a glorious day - lunch outside with Mum and Dad, Klaus and Sheila

17th September
A lovely day and the football season starts with a loss for ENAD

16th September - Happy birthday Dad, John and Uncle David
A hot and sticky day and a very warm and balmy evening even here in Droushia

15th September
Warm and a bit windy but the most beautiful evening

14th September
Cooler and cloudy but still no rain - water back on

13th September
Sticky and threatening rain

12th September
no water since last night - warm but cloudy tonight - rain forecast

11th September
Hot again

10th September
Hot again

9th September
Hotter again

8th September
Bright but breezy

7th September
Warm and Windy

6th September
As yesterday

5th September
Generally cooler but still sticky

4th September

3rd September
Happy birthday Eva - cool in Droushia this evening

2nd September
Happy birthday Kaye - it is a hot day here today

1st September
hotter then yesterday

31st August
Breezy at Last Castle otherwise warm

30th August
Much cooler

29th August
Definitely cooler - no fan required last night

28th August
looked like rain this morning but turned into a nice day

27th August
bright and breezy

26th August
murky looking down to the coast - warm and very sticky

25th August
as yesterday

24th August
as yesterday

23rd August
Hot and sticky

22nd August
more of the same

21st August
more of the same

20th August
Hot and clear again

19th August
Hot and Clear

18th August
very hot and very clear today

17th August
almost looked like rain again this morning but warm and breezy

16th August
same as yesterday - much cooler and damper in the evenings now

15th August
Hot sticky and some cloud

14th August
Hot start, wind picked up, cloudy finish

13th August
as yesterday

12th August
more of the same sunshine and a lovely balmy evening

11th August
Hot but windy

10th August
Hot but very cloudy tonight

9th August
Hot and sticky!

8th August
Hot and sticky

7th August

6th August
Hot and sticky and then cloudy and close this evening

5th August
as yesterday

4th August
As yesterday

3rd August
Hot and sticky

2nd August
Hot and sticky

1st August
Hot and sticky

31st July
Hot hot hot

30th July

29th July

28th July

27th July

26th July
hot and sticky

25th July
hot hot hot

24th July
hot hot hot

23rd July
back to hot hot hot

22nd July

21st July
Windy and cloudy - a few spots of rain!

20th July
overcast and muggy - very different to yesterday

19th July  our 25th
a beautiful day  in all respects - a surprise visit from John's mum and stepdad

18th July
Cloudy and rolling mists this morning

17th July
a stronger breeze today and NO WATER

16th July
same as yesterday

15th July
same as yesterday

14th July
Hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt - get the picture!!

13th July

12th July

11th July
Hot Hot Hot Hot

10th July
Hot Hot Hot

9th July - Happy Birthday Diana
Hot Hot

8th July

7th July

6th July

5th July
more of the same - very humid in Paphos

 4th July
hot hot hot

3rd July
bloomin' 'ot

2nd July
more of the same!!

1st July
The temperature ramps up

30th June
Hot hot hot

29th June

28th June

27th June
A bit more cloud and cooler

26th June
Glorious day - cooler evening

25th June
hot hot hot

24th June
the heatwave continues

23rd June
super scorchio

22nd June

21st June
Extreme hot weather continues

20th June - Kataclysmos
Very hot - day at beach

19th June
Stinking Hot - Louise and Martyn's wedding

18th June
Very very very hot - terrible fire this afternoon Argaka way

17th June
The heatwave begins

16th June

15th June
Strange - rain threatened all day

14th June
Hot and sticky again - very humid in Emba

13th June
More of the same - HOT

12th June

11th June

10th June
Very humid and stormy tonight

9th June
Cool start but nice day - a bit of wind and a bit of cloud

8th June
Lovely day but cool windy and cloudy this evening

7th June

6th June
Warm and Windy but cold this evening at the School play

5th June
Warm and Windy

4th June
Hot but not so sticky

3rd June
Hot sticky and muggy

2nd June
Even more scorchio

1st June

31st May
Very warm

30th May

29th May
Warm and sunny - cool in the evening

28th May
Stormy this morning and lovely this afternoon

27th May
Sticky and warm with thunder around

26th May
Warm and windy

25th May
Cooler and windy

24th May

23rd May
Cool, windy, rain

22nd May
Muggy, windy, hot and about two spots of rain this morning

21st May
Warm but windy

20th May
Bassam's 50th - lovely day but chilly evening

19th May
Slow start but a warm end

18th May
windy overcast unsettled

17th May
Unsettled, sticky

16th May
Less muggy, warm

15th May
Full on Saharan Sand Storm - sticky

14th May
Very hot, sand laden skies, muggy

13th May
Hot sticky muggy

12th May
Hot but windy

11th May
Sunny and Warm - clouded over later

10th May
A lovely day

9th May
Brighter but chased the sun to Latchi

8th May
Brighter but the wind still fresh

7th May
Brighter than expected

6th May
Slight improvement

5th May
one word - SHITE

4th May
A genuinely foul day

3rd May
Overcast windy and a bit miserable with some sun at times

2nd May
Warm muggy overcast sunny and a splattering of rain

1st May
Warm and sunny for the beginning of our 6th year!

30th April
Back to being a bit unsettled and windy

29th April

28th April
Back to another lovely day - just need the wind to die down

27th April
Windy and changeable

26th April
Very windy - sand storm and hot

25th April
Wind cold today and some clouds this evening - quite chilly

24th April
Cloudy start but brighter later

23rd April
Another lovely day

22nd April
Another bright and warm day - fabulous sunset tonight

21st April
Cloudy start, sun took time to burn off cloud, fresher today

20th April
more of the same

19th April

18th April
Absolutely fabulous

17th April

16th April
Hot today

15th April
Bright but very windy

14th April
Back to normal

13th April
Much warmer than yesterday

12th April
Heavy storms in the night, changable today

11th April
Cool cloudy, some rain

10th April
A bit unsettled

9th April
Coptic storm here early, overcast and close

8th April
Very hot, very close, very humid

7th April
Beautiful day but cloudier this evening

6th April
it's a beautiful day-ay-ay it's a beautiful day!

5th April
just another fabulous day

4th April
Even more glorious!!!

3rd April
Glorious AGAIN

2nd April
Happy 61st Anniversary Mum and Dad - glorious day

1st April

31st March

30th March
Bright sun, cold wind

29th March
Cold Start and warm finish

28th March
Sunny but with a really cold wind

27th March
Brighter but the wind is still cold

26th March
not brilliant for a bank holiday

25th March
Muggy and still not clear

24th March
Sandstorm, warm, windy, muggy.

23rd March
Cool start, hot middle, cool end! WINDY

22nd March

21st March
Again bright but with a cold wind

20th March
Bright but cold wind

19th March
Rather overcast but warm

18th March
A beautiful bright and warm day

17th March
Much brighter than expected

16th March
Brighter, dry but cold wind

15th March

14th March Green/Clean Monday
Wet and wild

13th March
A beautiful day - the lull before the storm apparently

12th March
Lovely Day

11th March
Bright and breezy

10th March
Blustery but bright

9th March
Beautiful day for my birthday

8th March
Another beautiful day

7th March
A lovely day

6th March
Mother's Day - back to beautiful sunshine

5th March
Torrents of rain in the night and this morning - bright and very breezy this afternoon

4th March
Monsoon conditions for Jane's birthday sadly

3rd March
NOOOOOOO it rained heavily during the night - a cool day of cloud, rain and some sun

2nd March
Very windy, dry but with a heavy sky - dust again

1st March
Another glorious day

29th February
2016 is a leap year - today was bright and sunny

28th February
Not so warm today - hazy cloud

27th February
More Scorchio

26th February

25th February
Bright and Sunny I think - spent most of it in Elena's kitchen!!

24th February
Brilliant sunshine - wind a bit nippy - glorious in Pissouri

23rd February

22nd February
Bright and Breezy

21st February
As forecast stormy and wet

20th February

19th February
Started out beautifully then deteriorated so rolling fog and apparently sand in the atmosphere

18th February
warm and muggy

17th February
Lovely day again - a little more thin cloud than yesterday

16th February
Spring is here

15th February

14th February - Valentine's Day at Mum and Dads
Warm and sunny

13th February
Sunny and Bright

12th February
Bright and breezy

11th February
Grey and miserable

10th February
Dry and bright but still not very warm

9th February
Bright and a good day for electricity generation

8th February
Started bright, clouded over, ended bright but chilly

7th February
Bright and sunny but with cold wind

6th February
Cold, wet, windy, hail, sun the lot - village clean-up cancelled

5th February
Bright and breezy but deteriorating and storms due tomorrow

4th February
Bright all day

3rd February
Ladies Lunch - bright and much warmer

2nd February
Much brighter and warmer

1st February
If it is Monday then it must be horrible and it is!

31st January
Hot in Larnaca 25 degrees - cold and raining in Droushia 12 degrees

30th January
Started out great then clouded over, lovely in Polis and evening temperature warmer than of late

29th January
Much warmer

28th January
Not quite so bright today - still cold

27th January
Gloriously bright but bitterly cold

26th January
Freezing overnight, sunshine this morning followed by snow!!

25th January

24th January
Distinct cooling in the weather - snow or hail sitting on our guttering from overnight

23rd January
Started out fine but deteriorated - nice down in Polis - 15 togger installed in anticipation of cold weather

22nd January
Unsettled and cold weather and snow forecast for next week

21st January
Wet morning brighter afternoon

20th January
Bright but cold

19th January
Wet and wild

18th January
one word - FOUL
massive storms in the night, hail, thunder lightning
raining nearly all day

17th January
Bright but this evening very cool and windy

16th January
bright but cold

15th January
Trip to Larnaca/Pissouri - glorious

14th January
Bright but really cold wind

13th January
Sunny cloudy windy

12th January
Much better day today

11th January
Pouring with rain this morning - a bit more settled this afternoon

10th January
A beautiful day

9th January
A bright and beautiful day

8th January
Still very windy and periodic storms

7th January
Wild and Windy

6th January - Epiphany
Lovely sunshine

5th January
Wet and foggy

4th January
Just FOUL - wet and windy to the extreme

3rd January
Glorious sunshine but bitterly cold in the wind.  We succumbed to the electric blanket tonight!

2nd January
Very cold but dry

1st January 2016

31st December
Unsettled but got washing dried which was a bonus

30th December

29th December
Another glorious day

28th December
Yet another glorious day

27th December
Another glorious glorious day

26th December
A slow start but eventually a lovely day - able to walk down by the King Evelthon

25th December
Blue skies and sunshine - not quite as warm as yesterday.  Full moon on Christmas Day

24th December
Even more glorious

23rd December
Another glorious day

22nd December
Down in Paphos all day where it was glorious

21st December
Another beautiful day

20th December
Bright and Sunny this morning - gathering clouds as the day went on

19th December
The jingle and weather much better than we expected

18th December
Brighter than we thought it would be

17th December
Grey and miserable all day - Sean and Sharon have definitely arrived and the weather has changed!!

15th December
Overcast and rain forecast - Sharon and Sean must be coming!!

14th December
Another really glorious day

13th December
Back to bright clear skies

12th December
Thunderstorm in the night - heavy rain and cold

11th December
Glorious for this late in the year

9th December
Not such a settled day - this evening it looked like rain.

8th December
Bright and sunny again - cool evening - 9kw generated again

7th December
Warm and sunny again today 9.1kw generated

6th December
Not quite so cold this morning the wind direction has changed and much warmer all round - fine and sunny down in Emba for lunch.

5th December
This morning it was only 6 degrees outside at 7.00am and at 5.00pm it was only 6 degrees outside - bloody freezing - weather from the north.  Sunshine throughout the remainder of the day - sheets washed, dried and back on bed and 9kw generated by the panels.

4th December
with night - time temperatures tipped to dip to around  5 degrees we have lit the wood burner!!!

2nd December
We have succumbed to the 9.5 togger tonight!

1st December
Wall to wall sunshine!!

28th November
cool but some sunshine and no rain

27th November
The rains have come

26th November
Coptic Storm - high winds, cloudy and threat of rain but we didn't get any - quite cool at night.

12th November
Very bright and warm during the day but very chilly at night - heating of some sort required

4th November
RAIN - gas fire on tonight to warm the lounge

30th October
although warm during the day the nights are cool - 4.5 togger on tonight!

26th October
rain in the night but dry all day

25th October

24th October
grey and dreary with some heavy showers - clocks change tonight

23rd October
muggy and warm - none of the forecast rain until about 6.00pm for a short while

22nd October
woke up with a thunder storm and got home from Fitos to a mega storm - flooded front garden the lot

21st October
A few spots of rain this morning and much cooler.

midway through October and early morning mists herald bright days.

8th October
temp tonight only 15 degrees!!

6th/7th October
Thunder storm in the night and some quite heavy rain.  Woke to a grey and damp morning which developed into quite a nice day but the temperatures are dropping at night now

Tuesday October 6th
Rain in Kathikas and spots in Drouseia

Friday 25th September
weather more like it should be - hot days and cooler nights

September continues to be unsettled...

Monday 21st September 2015
Much cooler, cloudy and unsettled

Sunday 20th September 2015
Massive thunderstorm this afternoon with rain like hail and thunder that just never stopped.  Lasted about 30 minutes - now warm and sticky

Wednesday 9th September 2015
Less dust today thank goodness - run to Paphos Airport - everything running smoothly

Tuesday 8th September 2015
Major sandstorm - horrendous conditions - worse in East of Island but by yesterday afternoon no visibility here in Droushia.  Flights diverted from Larnaca to Paphos.  Deaths in the Middle East as a result of the storms.

Currently wall to wall sunshine!

Sunday 16th August
Pam and George arrive and it is absolutely what you would expect from August!

Saturday 15th August

Friday 14th August
A hot and sticky day today

Thursday 13th August 2015
Hot day today - windy down at the beach this evening

Friday June 21st
Another hot day - will leave weather posts now until there is a change

Thursday June 20th
Hot hot hot hot hot

Wednesday June 19th

Tuesday June 18th
An stunning day with a sunset to die for

Monday June 17th
A glorious day from start to finish

Sunday June 16th - Father's Day
Quite a grim start to the day but it developed into a fine and dry one - barbeque outside for Father's day

Saturday June 15th
A grey and miserable start to the morning (at 7.00am) but it improved and we went on Mark and Jane's boat and had a wonderful wonderful day.  Both John and I are glowing!

Friday June 14th
Blinking hot and sticky in Limassol!

Thursday June 13th
A strange day - threatened rain - quite cool

Wednesday June 12th
A mixed bag- hot and sticky one minute then cloudy and thundery

Tuesday June 11th
The same as yesterday!

Monday June 10th
Hot and sticky

Sunday June 9th
Carbon copy of yesterday

Saturday June 8th
Warm with a nice breeze

Friday June 7th
Hot again but quite humid down in Polis - we are sat outside doing what we can to finish a carton of Lidl Rose

Thursday June 6th
Another lovely day but with a nice breeze

Wednesday June 5th
Lovely day - glorious for the Ladies Lunch at the hotel

Tuesday June 4th
Rumbles of thunder this morning, heavy skies to begin with, hot and muggy, more cloud tonight

Monday June 3rd
Fresher today - clear and sunny

Sunday June 2nd
Hot, humid and stormy - we need a thunderstorm

Saturday June 1st
Hot but with a strong wind

Friday 31st May
Another hot day although down at Oniros the sea was very rough and the spray hanging in the air.

Thursday 30th May
Another glorious day

Wednesday 29th May
Overcast, muggy and humid

Tuesday 28th May
Lovely day - view of the Turkish mountains the best we have ever had this evening

Monday May 27th
Glorious day but blew up very windy at about 8.00pm

Sunday May 26th - Happy Birthday Helen
Lovely day but cool wind in the evening - sat out until late at Helen's

Saturday May 25th
Unsettled over the hills - cloudy and overcast - sun broke through and when we were down on the coast beach cleaning it was pretty warm

Friday May 24th
Hot and humid today and then some rain this evening - just a smattering

Thursday May 23rd
Slightly hazy today but still a hot one.

Wednesday May 22nd
Another glorious day

Tuesday May 21st - Happy Birthday Vicki
Absolutely fabulous day

Monday May 20th

Sunday May 19th - Welcome Home Elena
Cloudy and muggy all day.

Saturday May 18th - Mum's Birthday - Elaine and Paul's Wedding
Windy this morning which was a nightmare on the Gazebo front
Beautiful from lunchtime onwards

Friday May 17th
Lovely Day

Thursday May 16th - Paul's stag do
Warm sunshine - clouded over later on - reasonably warm though.

Wednesday May 15th - Happy 30th Birthday Matthew
Much improved - sunshine all day

Tuesday May 14th - Sharon and Sean arrive - Elaine's hen do
It has bucketed down most of the day

Monday May 13th
Not settled - we had hail this afternoon - temperatures cool

Sunday May 12th
A mixed bag with some sun and some heavy showers

Saturday May 11th
Gloomy, grey, rainy - yuk

Friday May 10th
Rain!!!  Hot and sticky this morning then rain

Thursday May 9th - Happy Birthday Ellie
Sultry and overcast - almost wish there would be a thunderstorm to clear the air!

Wednesday May 8th
Hot and sultry until 8.00pm when we had rain and rolling mists

Tuesday May 7th
Hot hot hot

Monday May 6th - Easter Monday
Yet another scorching day

Sunday Mary 5th
Another glorious day - no sign of it getting cooler just yet!

Saturday May 4th
Another glorious day although the forecast is for cooler next week

Friday May 3rd
Maybe nt quite so warm as yesterday but lovely nevertheless

Thursday May 2nd
Another glorious day

Wednesday May 1st - our second anniversary
More of the same - hot hot hot

Tuesday April 30th
Weather more like we expect in July!

Monday April 29th
Replica of yesterday - hot hot hot

Sunday April 28th
Hot Hot Hot

Saturday April 27th
Even hotter than yesterday

Friday April 26th

Thursday April 25th
Another glorious day

Wednesday April 24th
Glorious, just glorious

Tuesday April 23rd
Bright breezy but no rain - settled enough for our BBQ - didn't realise it was St George's day so had to decline the invitation to Trev and Vix - bet they had a good party!

Monday April 22nd
Brighter and more settled today but the wind is still a little keen - no rain

Sunday April 21st
OK ish but around lunchtime we had rolling mists and rain but we were down in Latchi where the sun was shining

Saturday April 20th
Started brightly - I put washing out and it started to bucket down.  Cleared eventually for a dry and bright afternoon but not really very warm.  Poor weather yesterday and overnight in Paphos meant John and crew could not go tree felling.

Friday April 19th
Fairly non-descript day followed by a very chilly evening

Thursday April 18th
A reasonable start to the day but as I left for Pickleball it was as black as your hat our way.  No rain down in Emba but on our way home it was dreadful with roads around Kathikas awash with rain water.

Wednesday April 17th
Cool in the shade but some lovely sunshine today

Tuesday April 16th
A wild night with thunder, lightning, hail, rain and wind.  Carried on until the early morning and then the day improved no end.

Monday April 15th
Greyish day and we are now sat in a thunder storm!

Sunday April 14th
Another glorious day all day

Saturday April 13th
A glorious day all day

Friday April 12th
A bright start, clouded over and threatened rain then brightened up again

Thursday April 11th
Much the same as yesterday - a poor start resulted in a fine warm day

Wednesday April 10th
Cold wet morning turned into a bright and warm day

Tuesday April 9th
Miserable, cold, windy and grey

Monday April 8th
Winter has returned - cold and windy with some heavy showers
Happy Birthday Laura xx

Sunday April 7th
Warm but windier than yesterday. Our first barbeque of the year!

Saturday April 6th
Stunningly beautiful and warm day

No posts for a week as the internet has been down - a mixed bag of weather this week.

Sunday March 31st
Overcast and warm again today

Saturday March 30th - the clocks change
Overcast but warm

Friday March 29th (Good Friday in the UK)
Glorious here in Droushia but down on the coast it didn't look to have been clear all day

Thursday March 28th
Lovely fine warm day.

Wednesday March 27th
Grey start with rolling mists - bit of sunshine but generally overcast and cool.  Short powercut at 8.30 for about 30 minutes.

Tuesday March 26th
A bit of all sorts, overcast but warm wind, sunshine, overcast but cool wind then about tea time the wind picked up and it was stormy with rolling mists

Monday March 25th
A warm bright and sunny day.  A bail-out deal finally signed - but hard times to follow

Sunday March 24th
A glorious settled sunny and warm day

Saturday March 23rd
Wet start, lovely morning, cool afternoon - short powercut - still no bailout sorted

Friday March 22nd
Very windy last night and this morning.  Warm in the early afternoon .  Sand laden skies turned nasty - stormy and wet - power off

Thursday March 21st
Overcast but warm - banks still closed, all transactions required in cash - the government has to sort something today

Wednesday March 20th
Beautiful and warm day all day - still no resolution

Tuesday March 19th
A lovely day - no resolution to the bail out - we await a vote on the levy

Monday March 18th - Happy Birthday Mrs Allan
A beautiful warm and sunny day for Green Monday - Black Monday if you are a Cyprus Bank Depositor

Sunday March 17th
Windy but relatively dry and fairly warm - much better than forecast

Saturday March 16th
Bright and breezy - wind quite keen.  A bit of rain at 5.00pm-ish - everyone reeling from the bailout news and the depositors haircut

Friday March 15th
Very windy last night and this morning, calmed down later.  Warm.  Sand laden skies.

Thursday March 14th
Glorious warm day - strong winds tonight

Wednesday March 13th
Warm bright and a lovely day!

Tuesday March 12th
Coptic storm, laden skies, windy, warm, a few spots of rain

Monday March 11th
Bright but very breezy - the end of the coptic storm?

Sunday March 10th - Happy Mother's Day
Indifferent and much less pleasant than yesterday.  A bit of sun, a lot of cloud and a bit of rain.

Saturday March 9th - Happy Birthday to me!
Beautiful bright and sunny - two loads of washing done out and dried, no immersion needed - spring on its way most definitely

Friday March 8th
It rained in the night and there were some showers early this morning.  Overcast for most of the day but warmer down on the coast - a respectable 18 degrees in Argaka

Thursday March 7th
Not such a nice day today - warm enough down in Paphos but overcast in Droushia and single figures outside tonight

Wednesday March 6th
Another glorious day

Tuesday March 5th
A glorious day today - shorts and flip flops weather even here in Droushia - chilly this evening - clear skies = low temperatures at night

Monday March 4th
Cool, rained in the night, not much sun today.

Sunday March 3rd
A sandstorm today, warmer in than out

Saturday March 2nd
Another lovely day but the wind is keen.  Clouded over a bit lunchtime but fine again later.

Friday March 1st
Back to glorious sunshine although it clouded over around 4.00pm

Thursday 28th February
Very windy, cool and unsettled.

Wednesday 27th February
Another lovely day but clouds came in tonight apparently rain forecast

Tuesday 26th February
Glorious, just glorious all day

Monday 25th February
Not sure as I spent most of the day in bed but I couldn't hear rain or wind and John managed to ride the bike back from the garage

Sunday 24th February
Did I say no two days are the same?????  Glorious sunshine down on the Paphos coast, warm and pleasant, murky driving back up here - rolling mists all around but Droushia in sunshine - a good 5 degrees cooler though than on the coast.

Saturday 23rd February
Did I say no two days are the same?????  Rolling mists and heavy rain this morning.  Grey this afternoon but not cold.

Friday 22nd February
Strange overcast windy and warm during the day and then mid afternoon grey and cold - coptic storm?

Thursday 21st February
Warm, bright and sunny - no two days are the same!

Wednesday 20th February
Miserable - grey and very very windy - a few spits of rain.

Tuesday 19th February
Bright but cool.

Monday 18th February
Started fine then rained and turned out fine again later.

Sunday 17th February
Dry fine and bright, rapid drop in afternoon temperature - only 10 degrees at 4.00pm

Saturday 16th February
A better day today with fast moving clouds, some late afternoon sunshine, strong cold wind.  Good enough to dry the washing though!!

Friday 15th February
Bliddy Bliddy Bliddy horrible.  Rain, high winds, hail, thunder and lightning - power cut which lasted six hours - typical February

Thursday 14th February
Valentines Day saw the start of the latest coptic storm with strong warm winds.

Wednesday 13th February
Glorious day but with a bite to the wind.

Tuesday 12th February
A much better day today - warm and mild down on the coast when we went to Argaka

Monday 11th February
Stormy and cold

Sunday 10th February
Fairly dull all day - wind a bit keen up in Droushia - no rain

Saturday 9th February
Hail like ball bearings early doors - turned into a fine warm day

Friday 8th February
Can only tell you that it was glorious in Limassol today!

Thursday 7th February
Back to glorious weather

Wednesday 6th February
Piddled down most of the day, rolling mists coming and going - cleared early evening.

Tuesday 5th February
Another beautiful day with an impromptu trip to Paphos so Dad could see the Doctor.

Monday 4th February
An absolutely glorious day.  I showered this morning and John this afternoon with water heated solely by the sun - RESULT - quite cool this evening but fire lit at 7.00pm as Dad was here.

Sunday 3rd February
A bright and sunny day - dark cloud over Droushia when we returned from the coast.  A free night with the wood burner

Saturday 2nd February
Bright start but a cool wind - no rain

Friday 1st February
A much brighter day today - no rain!!!  Cold tonight

Thursday 31st January
Cool start to the day - brightened later - max temp somewhere around 12 degrees.

Wednesday 30th January
Rolling Mist, sun, rain, sun, more rain and more rolling mist - cold tonight

Tuesday 29th January
Grey and miserable all day with a biting wind.

Monday 28th January
We woke to rain this morning - proper rain - enough to have to find some towels just in case!  It has been a fairly grey day all day and we are sat around the log burner burning 'free' logs picked up from the beach.

Sunday 27th January
We woke to rain this morning - not much and it did brighten up afterwards.  One small shower again about lunchtime otherwise cloudy with some bright spells.

Saturday 26th January
Bright but a very cold wind - temperatures considerably lower today.

Friday 25th January
Yet another nice day!

Thursday 24th January
Another warm and fine day

Wednesday 23rd January
Not such a nice day today but no sign of the rain that was forecast.

Tuesday 22nd January
Very windy overnight and this morning but glorious day - washing washed, dried and back on the bed.  No immersion required - Mum and Dad coming this evening and fire lit at 7.00pm

Monday 21st January
Glorious day - no immersion required for hot water - clear cool night so wood burner lit at 6.00pm

Sunday 20th January
Cool start, bright, rain, bright, fog, rain - we had it all!

Saturday 19th January
Vix and Trev arrive today from a not quite so snowbound UK - had it been yesterday they would have had no chance.  Cold here today with a strong cold wind.  Rain and rolling mists came in about 6.00pm

Friday 18th January
Cool start then hazy sunshine, warmer here than in Paphos apparently!

Thursday 17th January
Started by looking like it was going to rain but as we went down to Paphos it got warmer and warmer.  The fire has been lit tonight but it is on a slow burn.

Wednesday 16th January
Glorious Day - still cool in the evening so fire needed at 6.00pm.  If having a late shower sun enough to heat the water - spring most definitely feels like it has arrived - let's hope so!

Tuesday 15th January
Another lovely day with warm sunshine for most of the day.

Monday 14th January
A glorious and warm day with temperatures up in the 20s around lunchtime.  It generally felt much warmer outside and in today but a clear sky means the temperature is dropping now.

Sunday 13th January
Grey and Windy start but some sunshine and a little rain and more sunshine today - really quite pleasant.

Saturday 12th January
Bright - chilly in the wind but lovely down at Argaka where it was about 17 degrees.  House nowhere near as cold today and it is 8 degrees out tonight at 11.30pm

Friday 11th January
Brighter but cold in Droushia.  Much warmer down in Prodromi by the sea.  No electricity for four hours thanks to the telegraph poles being put up next door.

Thursday 10th January
Bright but bitterly cold.  Much warmer down in Paphos where John and Dad sat outside this afternoon.  Tonight at 8.00pm it is 1 degree outside and the snow is hanging around

Wednesday 9th January
We woke to white-over today and this time it was definitely snow and not hail - temperature struggled to just above freezing today and we look like we are in for a very cold night

Tuesday 8th January
Dry and very cold for most of the day - temperatures never making double figures!!!  Have had snow/hail this evening and at 7.00pm it is only 1.3 degrees = COLD  Fire lit early and ELECTRIC BLANKET ON TONIGHT!!!!

Monday 7th January
Cold, miserable, piddling down and only 5 degrees outside tonight

Sunday 6th January
Changeable today and not overly warm - some heavy rain about 4.00pm - last year a dry bright and sunny day

Saturday 5th January
It has all started to get that little bit colder up here.  Dry but grey - no rain today but it is only 7 degrees tonight

Friday 4th January
Bright in Droushia when we left for Peyia.  Pouring with rain in Paphos but not so bad in Droushia.  Did not light the fire until 6.00pm tonight

Thursday 3rd January
A fine bright day in Droushia - went to Emba for pickleball and drove home through driving rain -  none here though.

Wednesday 2nd January
Not such a nice day.  Bright this morning but grey and raining this afternoon.

Tuesday 1st January 2013 NEW YEAR'S DAY
Bright but cloudy and windy - dry in Droushia but rain in Argaka this afternoon

Monday 31st December NEW YEAR'S EVE
Another lovely sunny day

Sunday 30th December
Absolutely glorious day all day

Saturday 29th December
Beautiful start, breakfast outside, sunshine in Latchi, torrents of rain in Droushia!!

Friday 28th December
A bright start but the weather soon cooled and when we left Jane and Mark's it was raining.

Thursday 27th December
Bright but cool

Wednesday 26th December - BOXING DAY
A bright start, cloud, sunshine for our walk then more cloud

Tuesday 25th December - CHRISTMAS DAY
Glorious - just glorious

Monday 24th December - CHRISTMAS EVE
Fine bright sunny and warm - who would have believed it???

Sunday 23rd December
Bright but grey - carols at Faros and Ribs at Steni - a good day all round

Saturday 22nd December
Some sunshine today - managed to get washing dried and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no rain as yet (7.00pm)

Friday 21st December
I built a snowman today - although it was more like an iceman.  Grey and miserable today but we managed to get out and have a walk down on the coast.

Thursday 20th December
The weather today was the worst I have ever known anywhere.  Torrential rain, hail and snow has left this part of the island flooded - this has happened so much earlier than it did last year - everyone seems to be suffering with water damage.

Wednesday 19th December
A wet start to the morning as a result of the heavy rains last night.  Bright and sunny until early afternoon when monsoon conditions returned.  Currently sitting with a thunderstorm raging overhead.  John getting ready to pump out the pool for the third time this week.

Tuesday 18th December
Monsoon conditions

Monday 17th December
A right old miserable Monday which started with rolling mists and didn't really improve

Sunday 16th December
Bright but chilly.  Warmer down in Paphos.

Saturday 15th December
Another fine bright day - temperature falling rapidly from 4.00pm

Friday 14th December
A lovely day again although the wind had a bit of a bite.  Cold tonight - it is 5.00pm and only 8 degrees outside!!

Thursday 13th December
The world did not end yesterday (12/12/12) and we woke to brilliant sunshine.  A fine bright day with a clear cold night

Wednesday 12th December
Started out brightly enough and I put washing out but it deteriorated quickly so became wet and miserable.  Apparently the first snow was on the Troodos yesterday.  Gas fire only again tonight.

Tuesday 11th December
Fine and bright - quite cool but dry.  Making do with the gas fire today as John wants to empty the gas bottle.  It's ok but not as cosy as the wood burner.

Monday 10th December
Very wet and windy with thunder, lightning and hail thrown in!

Sunday December 9th
A much better day than forecast - dry and warm.  Fire lit this evening as it cools significantly by 5.00pm.

Saturday December 8th
Glorious day - coffee outside with the Rogers clan then John off to Argaka with Running John for Footie then John and Susan chez nous for scran - perfick!

Friday December 7th
Wet Windy and Miserable - fire lit and hatches battened down.

Thursday December 6th
A much much brighter day today with prolonged spells of sunshine.  Fire lit tonight because we have Craft Jane and Olive Mark for supper.

Wednesday December 5th
Warm enough to have morning coffee outside in Emba but then it clouded over and got very grey.  JOHN LIT THE WOODBURNER TONIGHT!!!

Tuesday December 4th
Two words - bloody horrible.  Wet and windy and cold - nuff said!

Monday December 3rd
Oh how the weather can change - blowing a hooley today and raining sporadically - a warm wind though and at 7.30pm we still don't have any heat on.

Sunday December 2nd
Another beautiful day - very hot down in Emba.

Saturday December 1st
Our lie-in day but it was just too beautiful this morning!!!  Hot water from the solar panels, no heating at 7.00pm - what more could you want???

Friday November 30th
The last day of November and a glorious one at that!  no immersion required and fire only lit at 7.30pm when we returned from Fitos Taverna after a lovely tea out.

Thursday November 29th
A very much more pleasant day than we were anticipating and we all got very hot working in the Orexi garden.  We ate lunch outside in the garden!!  Just enough sun to heat the water (although I like it hotter!!).  Fire lit at 5.00pm for an hour.

Wednesday November 28th
Indifferent day in Droushia but lovely at Neo Chorio at craft.  Gas fire lit at 5.30pm.

Tuesday November 27th
Glorious day spent on the beach and swimming in the sea although cool in the house tonight so gas fire on at 4.30 to warm us up!

Monday November 26th
Only 10 degrees outside at 7.30am.  Dry and bright day but temperature had dropped considerably.  Cold at 4.00pm in the house today so fire on!!

Sunday November 25th
Another glorious day.  A day in the garden.  No immersion needed.  Fire on at 5.45 to take the chill off.

Saturday November 24th
Glorious and so warm down on the coast where we were cleaning up.  No fire on yet at home. Lit for half an hour whilst we had tea.

Friday November 23rd
A cool start to the day but pleasant in Limassol where Mum and I were Christmas shopping.  Even here in Droushia at 8.30pm we haven't got the fire on!

Thursday November 22nd
Happy Birthday Richard!!!  Stormy and cool today - most of day spent in Paphos

Wednesday November 21st
The weather this morning was awful - rain and a rolling mist so that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.  Fortunately it improved and we all caught the sun whilst outside olive picking.  Cold when the sun went in but it is mid November after all!!

Tuesday November 20th
A beautiful day in Peristerona where we were olive picking all day!!  Rain tonight and a powercut - deep joy!

Monday November 19th
A fine bright day - nice enough to walk to Sheila's for Art - no heating required tonight.

Sunday November 18th
Started out warm and fine but deteriorated and we had thunder storms which cleared but left it feeling cool.  Chilly in the house from about 4.00pm so we are grateful for the gas fire.

Saturday November 17th
A beautiful day in all respects!

Friday November 16th
A lovely day with a warm wind - just right for lunch at Oniros

Thursday November 15th
Happy Birthday JANICE!!!  The day started well but this evening there was rain.  The cloud has meant that the evening temperatures are higher so it is pleasant in the house having returned from Emba.

Wednesday November 14th
Another bright day - no immersion and no heating tonight - BONUS!!!!

Tuesday November 13th
Another glorious day spent down in Paphos Christmas Shopping!!!!  Bizarre experience in 26 degrees and the staff in Carrefour wearing santa hats!!

Monday November 12th
A glorious day - so lovely that we were able to eat outside at Oniros lunchtime.  Clear skies mean cold nights though! Gas Fire required for an hour tonight to take the chill off the lounge.

Sunday November 11th
A warmer and brighter day today with some warmish sunshine.  The temperature has plummeted tonight and at 6.00pm it is a chilly 12 degrees outside.  We have needed the gas fire on this evening for an hour or so to take the chill off of the lounge - not sure about how much hot water there is going to be and as we both want a shower I have put the immersion on for 30 minutes.

Saturday November 10th
Drier today but cold wet and windy.  Tonight the storm clouds are gathering.  No chance of any solar powered hot water today.

Friday November 9th
Absolutely bloody awful - rain and wind - some water coming into the conservatory.  Immersion heater most definitely required.

Thursday November 8th
Promising start - deteriorated quickly into thunderstorms and torrents of rain.  Pickleball cancelled.

Wednesday November 7th
A lovely day - perfect for the Races in Nicosia followed by a very pleasant evening in Pissouri

Tuesday November 6th
Another glorious day

Monday November 5th
Another glorious day - at 6.00pm it is 24 degrees in and 18 degrees out

Sunday November 4th
Another glorious day

Saturday November 3rd
A beautiful day compared to yesterday with sunshine all the way.

Friday November 2nd
We woke to very indifferent weather - a bracing shower ensued!  Down in Polis it was overcast but muggy - remained like that all day.  At 10.00pm it is still a respectable 22 degrees in and 19 degrees out.

Thursday November 1st
Yet another glorious day.  No rain to stop play at Pickleball this week - in fact it was almost too hot!

Wednesday 31st October
A really lovely day followed by a warm evening and then the Droushia rolling mist tonight although it is not cold but it is Hallowe'en

Tuesday 30th October
Absolutely glorious today

Monday 29th October
A bright start to the morning.  Warm outside but it can feel chilly indoors during the day.  Tonight it is 22 degrees indoors but 16 outside.

Sunday 28th October
Bright but much cooler up here today.  Full Moon.

Saturday 27th October
Fine, clear and warm today.  CLOCKS GO BACK TONIGHT

Friday 26th October
Weather appalling last night as we were bailing out at 4.00am the rain was sooooo hard.  Today was calm and clear thank goodness.

Thursday 25th October
Two months until Christmas Day!!!  Pretty miserable and for the first time we needed the immersion on for a half hour to ensure we had hot showers - bloody winter is on its way!

Wednesday 24th October
A better day today - mainly sunshine but temperatures only around the mid 20s.  Enough sunshine for an early shower before going to craft.

Tuesday 23rd October
Stormy today - heavy rains and thunder and lightning but still enough sunshine for hot water.  Cool this evening only 14 degrees outside.

Monday 22nd October
Much much cooler start to the day - thought the immersion might be required but water ok.  Lightning all round this evening and a chillier 16 degrees outside at 9.00pm

Sunday 21st October
Not such a nice day here today - started rightly enough but by lunchtime the clouds had bubbled up and it became windy and chilly - perhaps that rain Angela talked about is on the way after all.

Saturday 20th October
Scorchio - temperatures well into the 30s and warm evenings - very acceptable in October!

Friday 19th October
A glorious day - the sea at Latchi flat calm until mid-day when the wind picked up!

Thursday 18th October
The weather is mad - it was over 34 degrees today and at 9.30pm it is still 27 degrees in the house.

Wednesday 17th October
It was an unusually warm night for October here in Droushia with temperatures in the 20s all night.  Today has been exceptionall warm - well over 30 degrees and this evening we are sat with all the doors open as it is still 24 degrees at 6.45pm

Tuesday 16th October
Another corker of a day - beautiful weather and a warm evening

Monday 15th October
Even warmer today - good news as Hilary is coming to stay for a couple of days.

Sunday 14th October
Another bright and warm day.  Evening temperatures now dropping sharply.  We have just returned from a barbeque and it is only 16 degrees outside at 11.00pm

Saturday 13th October
A bright and warm day

Friday 12th October
Blustery but bright - a good day for getting washing dried
We have put the 4tog duvet on the bed for tonight so autumn is officially here!!

Thursday 11th October
Droushia Ladies Lunch Day and not such a bad day as we had anticipated.  Sufficient sun to heat the water by 11.00am and bright but cloudy with rain threatening but never came.  Swimming Pool temperature plunged to 68 degrees - it is officially too cold to swim in it now!!!

Wednesday 10th October
A bright start but it deteriorated into a right miserable afternoon and evening - thunder, lightning and more and more rain - at 6.00pm it was a chilly 15 degrees outside.

Tuesday 9th October
No rain today - cloudy and cool but we managed to work outside and there was more than enough hot water for a shower.

Monday 8th October
We awoke to overcast skies and rolling thunder - electricity going on and off with a major cut for an hour lunchtime - also reduced water pressure.  Swimming pool temperature steady at 72 degrees unbelievably!

Sunday 7th October
Bright start to the day but it descended into carnage as we had flash flooding and thunder and lightning - realised that the drain on the flat roof was blocked and the roof was about eight inches deep in standing water - deep joy!

Saturday 6th October
The thunderstorm of all thunderstorms today.  Waterbutt went from empty to full in a very short time - a reminder of what we have to come in winter!

Friday 5th October
A completely different day to yesterday - a fine bright start and sunshine all day.

Thursday 4th October
A grey start to the day with rolling mists at 7.00am and we finished the day with grey skies and rolling mists - Autumn is most definitely here!!

Wednesday 3rd October
A lovely day today less cloud than yesterday

Tuesday 2nd October
Hot day which clouded over quickly and tonight is grey and indifferent - still not cold though - 22 degrees outside at 8.00pm

Monday 1st October
Hot and sticky today- could almost do with a thunderstorm to clear the air - very heavy condensation

Sunday 30th September
Hot during the day but another night of rolling mists

Saturday 29th September
Warm today but we needed fleeces to walk back from the village!  Full Moon

Friday 28th September
Coptic storm due anytime now and we experienced strange winds this afternoon and rolling mists this evening.

Thursday 27th September
Another clear warm and pleasant day.  It is 7.30pm and still 22 degrees outside

Wednesday 26th September
Settled with clear skies - we say goodbye to George and Pam today.

Tuesday 25th September
A really beautiful day today with clear skies and warm winds.

Monday 24th September
Very hot and very bright today but with the diggers in the field next door windows and doors had to remain shut unfortunately.

Sunday 23rd September
A good day for drying washing.  Probably hotter down on the coast!  only 18 degrees at 10.00pm tonight - where's the duvet???

Saturday 22nd September
Lovely day - spent at Latchi

Friday 21st September
A rolling mist with cool and cloudy start until the sun burned it off and we had a lovely day.

Thursday 20th September
We had rain last night and today was bright but breezy - definite cooling down and pool temperature only 74!! have managed not to put on immersion.

Wednesday 19th September
Overcast, windy and cooler in Droushia - the coptic storm scheduled for next week might be early!

Monday 17th September
A lovely warm and clear day although cooler this year than it was this time last year.

Sunday 16th September
Hot start to the day but then heavy black clouds and the threat of rain.

Wednesday 12th September
Very windy today - autumn is coming! 8.30pm and only 20 degrees outside!

Wednesday 5th September
Midday temperatures up in the 40s again after the cooler week last week.  Much warmer at night again.

Tuesday 4th September
Its getting hotter again - fingers crossed that Vix and Trev will have a lovely week x

Monday 3rd September
I wore long trousers today!!!  Lovely and cool in Sheila's for art but warm down in Prodromi for Greek.  Tonight it is 25 degrees out and 30 degrees in at 9.15pm.

Sunday 2nd September
It is clear and bright but definitely cooler - sleeping at night no longer a problem.  Pool down to 78 degrees this morning. 
Very windy
Friday 31st August
Very breezy up here in Droushia and definitely cooler than this time last year - the pool has dropped to just about 80 degrees and that is with the cover on.  Fan not required all night - hope it isn't a long winter!!

Thursday 30th August
A calmer day today.

Wednesday 29th August
The weather has definitely been on the change windy and much cooler with heavy condensation at night so it is verging on chilly up here!

Monday 27th August
Our weather station tonight is showing rain - it could be right as it is blowing hard and there is some heavy cloud shooting across from Lara - still 25 degrees outside at 7.00pm

Weather settled again at the moment so will post again if anything changes.

Monday August 6th
Hot hot hot again

Sunday August 5th
A beautiful day - hot and sunny with warm breeze

Saturday August 4th
Cloudy this morning - almost looked like rain but it didn't so left us with a great day to have a barbeque as it wasnt too hot.

Friday August 3rd
Hot with a warm wind but cool at night so easier for sleeping

Thursday August 2nd
After a period of normal hot weather the humidity has returned and with overcast and heavy skies it looks a bit like rain and there is moisture in the air.  It is only 26 degrees outside at 6.00pm but 32 degrees indoors with high humidity.  If we are going to have iffy weather then sobeit - get it over and done with now before Hazel arrives.

Thursday July 26th
The odd humid weather continues - everything is soaking wet and we have resorted to putting the dehumidifier on again.

Wednesday July 25th
Hot Sticky and Overcast - weather more akin to Paphos than Droushia - it is making sleep rather difficult - I may take a leaf out of Crafty Jane's book and sleep under the gazebo!

Tuesday July 24th
Hot and sticky yet again

Monday July 23rd
Hot sticky and thundery - apparently we avoided torrential rain yesterday.  Rumour has it that it is about to get very very much hotter - DAMN

Sunday July 22nd
Much cooler today - abut 10 degrees so we have temps around 31 which is more pleasant, overcast with a warm wind but muggy - humidity around 57% and, I hate to say it, it looks like rain over the mountains!  UPDATE at 3.00pm - we have moisture in the air and it is beginning to spit!

Wednesday June 27th
HOT HOT HOT again - will not update unless the weather changes

Tuesday June 26th
Possibly the hottest day of the year so far and poor John helping to build a BBQ for our friends!!

Monday June 25th
Back to being very hot again.  Let's hope it is a good week next week when Debra is here.

Sunday June 24th
Hot and sultry with rumblings of thunder over the Trodos - realise how pleasant it is in Droushia having been down to Latchi - at 4.00pm it was stifling at the harbour.

Saturday June 23rd
Bright and breezy - cooler at night - lovely

Friday June 22nd
More settled and slightly cooler so really rather pleasant

Thursday June 21st
Still stormy and during the night it was extremely windy and we had to lash things down!

Wednesday June 20th
Hot and Sultry = Thunder and a smattering of rain today

Tuesday June 12th
I will probably stop posting now for a while because it is wall to wall sunshine even here in Droushia - it is midnight and the temperature is 28.2 degrees!

Monday June 11th
Getting hotter everyday now.  It is 7.30pm and still 30 degrees in the house!

Sunday June 10th
The most beautiful day for visitors - summer us most definitely here!

Saturday June 9th

Friday June 8th
A corking day - in our house at 6.30pm it is 27 degrees in and 24 degrees out - fan required for the first time tonight!

Thursday June 7th
Bright and breezy - cloudy on way down to Pickleball, cooler on the coast.

Wednesday June 6th
A beautiful start to the day but down on the Paphos side it clouded over and got thundery - not so in Droushia.

Tuesday June 5th
Hot, hot, hot - fan required tonight in the lounge and our pool has hit 80!

Monday June 4th
A beautiful day but a little windy - in fact very windy in Kathikas this evening when eating at the Villa with Kaye and Co

Sunday June 3rd

Saturday June 2nd
Beautiful day.  At 11.35pm it is still 25 degrees indoors.

Friday June 1st
Another beautiful day with a bit of a breeze.  Rolling mists tonight when we walked back from Marian's

Thursday May 31st
Fantastic day all day - too hot for playing pickleball really.

Wednesday May 30th
A lovely day - cloudy to start but settled later.  My sister and family and friends arrive today

Tuesday May 29th
Glorious all Day - the weather must know that Kaye is due to be on holiday - it never lets her down

Monday May 28th
We woke to thunder and lightening - better later

Sunday May 27th
Glorious all day - still cool at night

Saturday May 26th
Bright and Breezy - lemon squeezy!!! A lovely day and a lovely clear evening - expect it will be chilly later as we are out to the wee hours at a 'gig' in Pomos

Friday May 25th
A poor start to the day - to be expected as we were having a barbeque.  Vastly improved by 2.00pm and turned out to be a lovely afternoon.

Thursday May 24th
A mixed bag today -  hot and muggy but with rain threatening - it came to nothing - probably better in the UK today!

Wednesday May 23rd
Hot and muggy again today - both John and I caught the sun working in the garden.  Very blowy this evening and cool.

Tuesday May 22nd
Hot and muggy today. Our duvet has been consigned to the loft.

Monday May 21st
Still not settled, we woke to rain and grey skies and windy - then it cleared and the sun came out.

Sunday May 20th
Bright and Breezy!

Saturday May 19th
A mixed bag - the weather in Limassol when we left infinitely better than Droushia where we even got a bit of rain.  Perked up in the afternoon and a pleasant evening.

Friday May 18th
Mum's 77th birthday - glorious sunshine in Souni if not a bit windy!

Thursday May 17th
Glorious all day - typical that it had to rain yesterday!

Wednesday May 16th
Rain bloody rain and grey and miserable and the day when the Woolmingtons were coming for a barbeque.  The afternoon improved a little and the evening was lovely - typical.

Tuesday May 15th
Warm but very windy today.

Monday May 14th
It had rained in the night and we woke to grey and wet - it has been murky and quite windy all day but still relatively warm and it is still 24 degrees inside at 7.30pm

Sunday May 13th
The weather cooled this afternoon with clouds this evening and mists over Droushia.

Thursday May 10th
Settled again now and very hot so will leave posts until there is something different to say.

Wednesday May 9th
Wall to Wall sunshine!

Tuesday May 8th
Hot hot hot - hot enough for John to take his first dip in the pool!

Monday May 7th
The most glorious day  - so glorious that I had my first swim at 72 degrees it was a nice when you get used to it experience.

Sunday May 6th
Glorious day today.  Super Moon tonight

Saturday May 5th
No snow on the Troodos today.  It has been exceptionally warm today but we benefited from a warm wind so quite pleasant here.

Friday May 4th
The tail end of the coptic storm we think as it started brightly but is cloudy and windy now

Thursday May 3rd
Muggy Muggy Muggy and thick fog on the way home from Emba!

Wednesday May 2nd
It looks like England out there today - wet and windy!!

Tuesday May 1st
Thunder all around and some smattering of rain but hot and sultry today.  We have been here one whole year!

Monday April 30th
Hot and sticky and overcast - we anticipate a storm but at 8.30pm it hasn't arrived yet - Coptic Storm due today - a sandstorm

Wednesday April 25th
Another beautiful day.

Tuesday April 24th
Beautiful day.

Monday April 23rd
Lovely day, clouded over early afternoon but clear again this evening

Sunday April 22nd
Bright and sunny - first day out on the bike!  Still a smattering of snow on the Troodos.

Saturday April 21st
Lovely day xx

Friday April 20th
Fairly bright and warm today - temperatures tailing off this evening.

Thursday April 19th
Day two of the storm, grey and rolling mists - brighter in Emba

Wednesday April 18th
Blowing an absolute hooley today - warm wind but quite unpleasant - could be the next coptic storm here early.

Tuesday April 17th
Wall to Wall sunshine all day

Monday April 16th - Easter Monday
Bright but a cool wind this morning.  Brightened and warmed considerably this afternoon.

Sunday April 15th
Wet start - rain and cloud.  Burned off by lunchtime and then hot hot hot.  Unlike Pissouri where there was rain.

Saturday April 14th
Muggy and overcast until it started to rain this evening.

Friday April 13th - Good Friday in Cyprus
Hot today - rolling mists this afternoon but a lovely day all round.

Thursday April 12th
Quite a grey start to the day but it improved as it went on.  Had to have the immersion on as we were showering before going down to Paphos to meet up with Wendy and Bill

Wednesday April 11th - Wendy and Bill fly over
Woken up by thunder storms - unsettled all day.  Fire lit, hopefully for the last time, but Mum and Dad were coming and we didn't want them to be cold.

Tuesday April 10th
Bloody Rain!!!!!! Stormy nearly all day and cold.  Didn't set foot outside the door.

Monday April 9th
Black as your hat when we woke but the clouds were fast moving and soon blew over and the sun came out.  Lovely all day.

Sunday April 8th - Easter Sunday in the UK
Gloriously hot today - warmer in today - at 6.15pm it is still 24 degrees.  The pool was 65 when we covered it - still a way to go before we might brave it!

Saturday April 7th
Very warm and muggy

Friday April 6th - Good Friday in the UK but not here, it's next week
Fabulous Day.  Summer weight duvet on bed and topper removed.  No fire lit for three days - Spring most definitely here.

Thursday April 5th
Our trip to the clinic in Limassol for Dad's cataract operation saw the temperature hit 31 degrees - it was a warm journey!  Currently not a cloud in the sky here in Emba and it is 4.00pm

Wednesday April 4th
Glorious - Just Glorious - temperature tonight in Emba is 20 degrees outside at 7.30pm!

Tuesday April 3rd
Another glorious day.  The temperature in the conservatory well over 30 degrees.  No immersion required and at 7.00pm no fire lit although temperature indoors dropping away.

Monday April 2nd
Glorious day today - all the 'snow' from yesterday has gone!!!  No immersion required and no fire as we are down in Emba at the moment celebrating Mum and Dad's 57th Wedding Anniversary.

Sunday April 1st
Cool overcast and grey.  No sun today so immersion required - nice hot shower this afternoon to warm us up - we were going to try without the fire from today but I think we were being optimistic!

Saturday 31st March
The coolest of all the days since Laura arrived but we managed to find some sun down on the coast.  No fire tonight as we have to go to the airport and say goodbye to Laura.

Friday 30th March
Cooler today and windy this afternoon.  No problems if you are snoozing in the conservatory!!  Fire lit at 7.00pm

Thursday 29th March
Beautiful day for walking along the beach at Latchi!  Crafting outside late afternoon.  Temperature dropped sharply tonight - fire lit at 7.00pm

Wednesday 28th March
Lovely morning.  Windy down at Paphos Harbour.  Clouded over late afternoon - beautiful evening - sat in Conservatory at 6.00pm.

Tuesday 27th March
Glorious Day everywhere except Limassol which is where Laura and I went shopping today!  Fire lit after we returned from Yiannis at 8.30pm

Monday 26th March
More cloud today but still warm and sunny.  Just enough sun for the showers and fire not lit until 7.00pm

Sunday 25th March
Laura brought early morning cloud with her but once it burned off then it was another glorious day.

Saturday 24th March
Hottest day to date reaching 30 degrees!!! Beautiful blue skies.

Friday 23rd March
Ditto everything for the previous week - the weather has been beautiful.

Thursday 22nd March
Droushia is bathed in sunshine and the birds are singing this morning with the temp reaching 23.6 at 11am.  It is SO nice that the rain has gone away!!!

Wednesday 21st March
Another glorious day.  Bouncing hot water at 10.00am courtesy of the sun - let's hope it remains like this for next week.

Tuesday 20th March
Another glorious day - I even caught the sun!  Fire lit at 7.00pm but gas fire on whilst we had tea.

Monday 19th March
Another glorious day but chilly still at night so fire lit at 5.30pm

Sunday 18th March
Glorious Day - beautiful sunshine all day.  Early shower did not require immersion.  Pool temperature dropped to 46 degrees again - we are thinking we should cover it after a nice day to conserve the heat otherwise it will never be warm enough to swim in!

Saturday 17th March
Bright Sunshine all day but biting Northerly wind.  Had to shower early as going walking but otherwise the sun would have done enough - temperature outside dropped quickly so fire lit at 3ish for the visitors

Friday 16th March
Morning cold and grey, sunshine this afternoon and a little snow later - very cold tonight.  Fire lit at 4.30pm - when will Spring arrive????

Thursday 15th March
Marginally better - at least dry but chilly.  Powercut for an hour this morning.  Immersion needed for shower, fire lit at 11.30pm when we returned from Quiz!

Wednesday 14th March
Absolutely diabolical - rain and hail - localised flooding.  Everything required!  Fire lit at 3.30pm

Tuesday 13th March
Promising start - deteriorated quickly.  Torrents of rain and hail from about 1.30pm.  Immersion required for showers but no fire lit as we were down in Emba.  No humidifier needed either.

Monday 12th March
Coptic Storm.  Sand laden skies - high winds.  Not too much sun so immersion required for showers at lunchtime.  Fire lit at 6.00pm.

Sunday 11th March
Muggy and Warm.  Sun took while to break through.  No immersion required.  Fire lit at 6.00pm - although 16.5 in - how we would have loved that a couple of weeks ago!!!

Saturday 10th March
Beautiful day and warm evening.  No need for immersion or dehumidifier.  No fire as staying at Emba.  Pool temperature a heady 52 degrees - not sure what that is in real money! Duvet reduced to 9.5 tog

Friday 9th March - My Birthday
The most beautiful day.  No immersion required for a shower at 10.00am and we have still to light the fire at 6.00pm  Spring is most definitely on its way!!

Thursday 8th March
Lovely warm day.  Fire lit at 8.30pm when we returned from Mum and Dad's.

Wednesday 7th March
Brighter today early, clouding over lunchtime but warmer outside.  Immersion required as I was out lunching and wanted to go clean!  Fire lit at 5.00pm

Tuesday 6th March
Cold wet and miserable.  Didn't set foot outside the door.  Immersion required for an hour but hot shower was very welcome.  Fire lit at 5.00pm

Monday 5th March
Another lovely day which was not forecast.  Wind a bit keen.  No immersion needed and fire lit when we returned from Latchi with Mum and Dad at 3.00pm.

Sunday 4th March
Glorious day but wind still has a keen edge to it.  The pool is a balmy 46 degrees F or 8 degrees C - take your pick bloody freezing either way!  No immersion needed again today and no fire as we are out tonight celebrating Jane's birthday.

Saturday 3rd March
Beautiful day all day.  No immersion needed for our showers after working in the garden.  Fire lit at 5.30pm on our return from shopping.

Friday 2nd March
More snow during the night but fine and bright all day.  Temperature dropped quickly in the afternoon.  Fire lit at 4.00pm.  Warm and dry enough to dry the washing.  Immersion for half an hour as we wanted to ensure a hot shower as we had got cold - all doors open as workmen have started conservatory.

Thursday 1st March
Bright but bitterly cold in the wind.  Immersion on as early showers required.  No fire today as we were off to Paphos.

Wednesday 29th February
Even colder than yesterday if that is possible.  Fire lit at 2.30pm - immersion on for hour this morning for early showers - electric blanket needed tonight.

Tuesday 28th February
two words - BLOODY AWFUL
Freezing cold, windy, rain and hail

Monday 27th February - Green Monday
Horrible day, cold wet and windy.  Immersion needed for an hour as no sun to warm the water.  Fire lit at 4.30pm because I made John wait!

Sunday 26th February
Bright start to the day but the wind was really keen.  Early shower as Mum and Dad coming for coffee but enough heated by the sun not to require the immersion.  Expecting Jane, John and co in the afternoon so fire lit early 1.30pm.

Saturday 25th February
Cracking Day Gromit but cold in the shade.  No immersion required - fire lit at 5.00pm because the rugby was on and we had guests. Outside temperature fell to 6 degrees by the time we went to bed.

Friday 24th February
Sunshine again today but more cloud around than yesterday.  Very pleasant - forgot it could be chilly later - so dressed in short sleeves to go out!  No immersion heater needed today and no fire as we were staying in Emba

Thursday 23rd February
The sun took quite some time to burn through the cloud today but when it did it was scorching - weather station showing 27 degrees at one point. Temperatures have fallen tonight but house seems warm - fire lit at 6.15pm when we returned from Emba but feeling very pleasant.

Wednesday 22nd February
Warm but sun didn't breakthrough the clouds all day - could be leftover of coptic storm that was due on 18th February.  Cold again tonight and fire lit at 5.15pm.  Have not put immersion on today as had wash rather than shower.

Tuesday 21st February
Clear blue skies nearly all day except for standard Droushia cloud around lunchtime.  High of about 21 degrees - falling away to 4 degrees at 7.30pm.  Fire lit at 5.30pm.  Late shower - immersion on for 30 minutes gave us piping hot water for showers and enough hot water throughout evening to do washing up.