Coptic Chart

The Coptic Gales of the Eastern Mediterranan

The ancient weather lore of Arabia listed a series of gales which occur regularly in the Eastern Mediterranean area...  They general set in from the South West and veer to the West and North West...  The average duration is three days and their occurrence rarely deviates more than forty eight hours from the dates shown below...  Those marked with an * are stronger than the rest...

DATE                     ARABIC NAME                        TRANSLATION
27 September        El Saleeb Winds                       Cross Winds
21 October             El Saleebish                             Broom Gale
26 November         El Mickness                              Gale*
  6 December         Kassim                                     Gale
20 December         El Fedra El Saggira                  Small Feeder Gale
11 January             Un-named                                Gale*
19 January             El Fedra El Kebira                    Large Feeder Gale
28 January             Un-named                                Gale
  9 February            Haboob                                    Dust Storm Gale
18 February            El Shams El Seghira               Small Sun Gale
10 March                El Hossoom                             Equinox Gale
20 March                El Shames El Kebira                Big Sun Gale
25 March                Hawa                                        Wind Gale
29 April                   Khamseen Winds                     Sand Laden Wind

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