Sunday, 25 September 2011

Goodbye's and Golf...

Yesterday we went down to Emba to catch up with Mum and Dad and to take the opportunity to say goodbye to Aunty Joyce and Uncle David and Kaye and Richard as it was the penultimate day of their respective holidays.

John took Vix and Trev down to the harbour for a look round and up to the market in Paphos old town for a bit of shopping whilst Kaye, Richard, Mum and I went off in search of a pot - the reason being that Kaye and Richard wanted to buy us something as a house warming present and as we had purchased a weeping fig tree with the money that Aunty Joyce and Uncle David had given us we wanted a nice pot to put it in.

We went down to the Lemba Bazaar (or whatever it is called now) and got the one that you can see on the right.  I want to get some pebbles to put around the top just to finish it off but it is looking great - thanks Thomas Family and Miles Family for the gift(s).

We had arranged to meet everyone for lunch at the Garden in Paphos old town.  It is a favourite venue of ours - the food is simple - basically filled pittas - but you sit outside in a walled garden under the dappled shade of an ancient vine.

It was exceptionally hot down in Paphos yesterday (the precursor to thunderstorms today) so the shade was very welcome.

We enjoyed the food and the company - in fact Trev thought it was one of the best meals he had had (are you going to try and recreate it when you get back home?).

We are getting better at trying to embrace the long leisurely meals that the Cypriots seem to enjoy - only trouble is I dont like cold food but they dont seem to mind!

We said our goodbye's and the four of us headed off down to the Crazy Golf near the tourist beach in Paphos.  It was unbelievably hot and we were all more dressed for the cooler temperatures of Droushia so we struggled a bit.

Having completed our game we went down to the beachbar at Ricco's to count up the scorecards over a well-earned drink.  Needless to say we two girls ended up as Drag Ass Charlies!!

We completed our trip to Paphos with a trip to Paps for some shopping and a quick mooch round Carrefour's - we all decided we were too tired and too full from lunchtime to go for a meze - in fact Vix retired to bed with a thumping headache (too much sun on the golf course we think) - she put in an appearance later in time for us to watch X Factor, eat cheese toasties and then call it a day.

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